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TNP Gaming, Your Last Stop before the Professional Circuit!

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TNP Kubz

Senior Member


TNP Gaming has recently launched our brand new and innovative League of Legends Arena and are heading into our 2nd Season. Don't miss your chance to join the FIRST and BEST LoL Draft League in the World! Become the Next Great Legend.


TNP Gaming would like to present you with our new and REVOLUTIONARY way to play League of Legends. Over the last few years, League of Legends has become the most popular game in the world and the Professional Circuit has started to become huge in terms of viewership and popularity worldwide. TNP Gaming is an eSports organization that has one goal: To help prepare players to get to the Professional Gaming Circuit. The League of Legends Arena not only features some intense, competitive gameplay from high end players, but also a huge batch of unknown players that can make themselves known to the masses.

What separates us from other League of Legends tournaments is that we are run like a Sports League. What this means in we never cease operation and run yearly. We have 4 seasons a year split between off-seasons where we take new registrations. New sign ups are placed into the rookie draft and scouted during our Scouting Combine Weekend while Veterans (returning players) are place in a bidding war. Teams have a salary cap and a set amount of contract years they can hand out. Whichever team bids the highest earns the player and based on their salary they can be given X amount of years. This is where our RPG kicks in. How you play determines your career. Play well and you could be the hottest commodity in the league and headline all-star weekend. Player poorly and be a bad teammate and you could be released into the Free Agency Pool. Play inconsistently and you could find yourself being traded to another team. Owners in our league have full control of their teams. From trading players to releasing, drafting and bidding owners determine what their team looks like. They set the lines and try to guide their team to victory.

We have a rapid, growing user base with over 300 players signing up on Season 2's registration weekend, after only having 70 summoners in Season 1. We actually have had to cut off some registrations and have a lot of interest for Season 3. Riot Games is aware of what we are doing and we have discuss partnering with them in the near future. They currently provide prizing for Season 2 and hopefully will feature us more prominently in the near future. We have had a few players make the jump to professional gaming teams from Season 1 and we hope to help develop more players for the Professional Circuit.

Here are some player testimonials from Season 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46kYGQznadM

Don't Miss Your Chance to Join the Revolution

We're still taking sign-ups for Season 2! Anyone who wants to get a taste of competitive, high level gameplay should come check us out! We have numerous platinum and gold players as well as the opportunity to get picked up by Professional teams! Come check out the TNP LoL Arena today!

Website: http://www.tnpgaming.com
Tutorial on LoL Arena: http://www.tnpgaming.com/showthread.php?123-How-To-Get-Started-in-LoL-Arena