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Embracing the Faithful, Protecting the Heretic. Diana x Leona

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Ark Angel HFB

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Embracing the Faithful, Protecting the Heretic.

Chapter 12 is up http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8410238/1/Embracing_the_Faithful_Protecting_the_Heretic

^^^--- EDITED... The version on FF.net has had the grammar gone over and improved greatly... If grammer problems bug you... please read this version...

Summery: The story of Diana's persecution, discovery, emergence to power, and the role Leona played in it all.

A/N: If you read please review... it makes me smile and means you are a decent person for doing so.


Chapter 1: Elder's Judgment

“We where just watching the stars and moon, is that really so bad.”

“Enough Diana! I've tried to guide you away from this absurdity. Breaking curfew three or four times a month, slacking in your daily training and devotion to the Sun, Now you would tell those you train that there is also power to be found in the Moon! Have you lost your whole mind High Acolyte!” The elder yelled at the woman before her.

Diana stood at attention, her hands at her side and her head down. “Aurora hear me out, I never slack my training and...”

“You do when exhausted from being up all night. Look it is only the morning and you look ready to fall a sleep.” The elder cut her off. “What did you tell those you were training?”

Diana stared at the elder who glared back, before Diana diverted her gaze. “ I simply told them that the night is not something to be feared. That the moon can guide as the Sun does and that in some ways it can be more useful than the sun. The Moon can also be a great ally and...” Diana trailed off as the Elder in front of her began shaking her head.

Aurora stared at the woman in front of her as if she wised her gaze could set the High Acolyte ablaze. Reaching out grabbing the slightly shorter Diana by the arm she pulled her behind as she walked out of the shade of the training ground and across the court yard, ignoring the questioning gazes of the Solari who continued training.

Diana didn't resist as she was pulled into a long hall. She kept her head down trying to justify the harshness that she was being dealt with. 'She is just misunderstanding, she doesn't know the pull I feel at night, if she did she would understand. They all would...' Diana felt Aurora stop walking and turn on her.

“Sit! The other Elders are already considering what punishment we will enforce.” Aurora said in a firm voice.

“For simply telling them to look for options if the situation calls for it!” Diana yelled back. “If I am to train them I must have them ready for anything. We are still warriors, battles may come at night. Why am I being considered for punishment for trying to prepare my trainees!?”

“Breaking curfew, unproved night training, and being a poor example to those you are responsible over. Pulling the chosen one into your foolishness was your biggest mistake. This is serious and you may be punished for them. It isn't the first time you have done these foolish things. I've lost count of the times you have been out at ludicrous hours of the night.” Aurora yelled back before sighing and placing a hand on the woman's shoulder. “I am your biggest advocate Diana. Have I ever not made an attempt to side with you? Have I ever not soften a punishment for you?”

“No... You're never side with me.” Diana said turning her head, not wanting to let the elder see her fight tears of frustration.

“Is that so... then this time I will not be on your side.” Aurora used the hand on Diana's shoulder to push her back and down onto a cold stone bench.

Diana sat watching the Elder of the Solari walk to large bright yellow painted stone doors.

“Sit there and wait our decision.” With that Aurora waved a hand and the guards at the door opened them for the woman to enter.

“Yes elder.” Diana murmured as she lowered her head, and clinched her fist. 'great another punishment... another time I'm punished for nothing. They will have me cleaning the bunks, and cleaning up after meals again... sweeping the floors... how I hate sweeping the floors.'

Diana lifted her head as foot steps walked next to her. Her eyes meet a face framed by long flowing red hair. “Leona...”

“It would seem our star gazing was not looked upon well.” Leona said as she adjusted her gantlets and removing her helmet. “I am due back at The League*in a few days, but the elders wish to speak to me about staying out late while I was here, as always they wish for me to be in full gear while here. An example for the the other.”

Diana scoffed as she rested her palms on her knees. “They won't listen to me on anything... I talk to Aurora about the Moon, but she told me I was being foolish.”

“You still so attached to the night.” Leona stared at Diana for a moment before taking a seat beside her. “You are making things hard on yourself, but if that is how you feel maybe more information can be found in the library. As for me, I think they just want me to tell them of my time in the Institute of War.”

Diana looked up at the arched ceiling, following the outline of the symbol of the Solari that was painted above the door. “Want to hear a joke?”

'Have mercy...' Leona sighed.

“Why was the broom late for work? It over swept because it was sweepy.” Diana smiled, looking to Leona who had placed her palm on her face. “Get it... because it's a broom... it can't really sleep. Hah.” Diana covered her mouth as she chuckled.

'Her humor is still horrible.' Leona muttered. “Good one... but you know, you staying out late all the time people are starting to say you look like an owl.”

“Who? Who!? Who was it! Tell me!” Diana demanded concerned.

Leona was already chuckling, leaving Diana to stare blankly not understanding.

The doors opened and a guard walked to stand in front of Diana. “Come, the Elders have passed judgment.”

“Feh.” Diana stood with a scoff. “Tell me later... When you get done talking with the Elders. I'll probably be stuck sweeping the barracks for a month for us being out last night.” Diana took long steps behind the guard. “The curfew is stupid for someone our age.”

Leona watched them enter the room and the doors closed. 'We were only out watching stars... Well I was, Diana only has eyes for the moon at night. The Elders have always been so fearful of the night... why?'

(this is what I use to indicate scene change in some way)

Diana walked into the center of the large room. The Elders sat on stone chairs that held the symbol of the Solari above them. Without thinking about it Diana lowered herself to a knee, placing one hand on the ground, in a bow to the five Elder in front of her.

“Diana, High Acolyte.You have broken the curfew, but now you risk others by not only teaching them absurdities about the moon, but you would tarnish our very champion Leona by having her break our rules with you.” The Elder to the far left said.

“This is not your first failing High Acolyte. You position is there to train the younger and be of service to the chosen one.” The Elder to the far right side.

“You have failed both of those.” Aurora said as she shifted in her chair to the left of the middle.

“Your lack of devotion is so disturbing, High Acolyte.” The Elder just to the right of the middle.

Diana rose to her feet keeping her head down. “I understand, I will inform the others that I will assume all cleaning duties in my dorm.”

“No, that will not be your punishment Diana.” The middle Elder, Ravi, said in a cold tone as he stood. “We find that you have a lack of appreciation for the Sun.”

“What?” Diana turned back gaze at the middle Elder.

“Diana, You say that you enjoy Moon gazing... perhaps it is time for you to do some Sun gazing.” Ravi waved his hand and the guards at the door walked towards Diana. “You will spend the rest of today in a Sun Chamber.”

“What!? How is that fair? Aurora please!” Diana yelled as the guards grabbed her by the shoulders pushing her out doors to the side of the room. “Aurora!”

Diana walked, gritting her teeth, as the guards pushed her forward. As they walked across the training grounds she returned the glares a few other Solari gave her. She paused a moment at the ramp that lead upward to a large area. A shove from the guard pushed her forward. At the top of the ramp was a flat area on which stood a large metal structures.

A guard stepped from behind Diana and unlatched the door before the other push her inside and followed after.

Diana grimaced as she glanced up to see the ceiling was capped by a large area of glass, which seems to magnify the bright mid day sun. the was room staggeringly hot.

Sun Chambers were used for both Punishment and Training. The metal walls were slanted so that more light was let into the room. Each of the four walls each held tinted mirrors that reflected the Sun at a different brightness and in the middle was a wooden stock a person could rest against or be restrained with.

Diana was stood straight as the guard pull her arms up and locked her arms into the braces that stood on both sides of her. She had been left facing the dimmest mirror. 'It isn't hard to look at the reflection but... I hate how hot these stupid thing get.' As the door shut, she closed her eyes and let her head drop. She focused on breathing through her nose and keeping her mouth closed as to withstand the heat longer.

Only moments had passed before the door swung back open. Diana looked up welcoming the burst of fresh air. “Elder Ravi?”

“Hmmm... looking down already is not what is expected from a High Acolyte. Do you know what this is?” The male said walking forward holding out a small yellow stone.

Diana said nothing as Elder Ravi walked to her placing the small round stone to her forehead.

“This is a training charm. This one has the power to bind eyes open and still. It will also prevent you from moving your head under your own power as well.” Ravi said as he stepped aside letting the dimmest reflection of strike Diana in the face. “No that won't do...” Ravi smiled as he placed one finger under Diana chin and tilted her head upward to face the raw sunlight.

Diana clinched her hands, the light burning into her eyes.

“Worship it Diana, I have always been fond of singing in here, the walls carry sound so well. Do remember your training, draw power from the Sun.” With that Ravi turned walking out of the room, slamming the metal door.

'I can’t do this... I can't take it... its too bright... someone help.... help.' Diana could hear the door latching locked.


A/N: And that is the first chapter... thoughts?

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Ark Angel HFB

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Chapter 2: Shade http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8410238/2/Embracing_the_Faithful_Protecting_the_Heretic
Chapter 3: My Favor and Strength http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8410238/3/Embracing_the_Faithful_Protecting_the_Heretic
Chapter 4: Awakeninghttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/8410238/4/Embracing-the-Faithful-Protecting-the-Heretic

Chapter 2: Shade
A/N: Hope last chapter wasn't too gloomy. This one is just kinda uplifting a bit.

Leona sighed as she answered another question concerning how she was being treated in the League.

"On another topic. Why were you, Diana, and two others caught out so late last night?" Ravi asked.

"We were simply looking at the stars together, we have done so in the past from time to time." Leona shifted in her armor as the Elders turned, murmuring to each other. "The stars are much clearer here then in the cities."

"Has Diana ever spoken to you about the moon?" Ravi asked.

Leona placed her hands at her hips. "She is fond of the moon, I see nothing evil in it. May we bring this to an end Elders? I wish to rest before returning to the League."

"Certainly." Aurora said with a nod.

Leona bowed slightly as looking at the Elders who rose from there seats and began to exit the room. "Aurora, where is Diana. She misunderstood something I said to her and I wish to clear it up before leaving."

The Elders all stopped and stared at Leona. Ravi was the first to speak up. "She will be spending her time in a Sun Chamber."

"What!?" Leona shouted. "For breaking curfew? I was with her, are the others being punished as well?"

"No not for..." Ravi didn't get to finish his statement as the champion turned on her heels and stormed out of the room. "Leona!"


Leona marched up the ramp ignoring the staring Solari that continued their noon day training. "Stand aside." Leona barked at the two guards who stood out side one of the Sun Chambers.

The guards exchanged glances before bowing slightly and stepping aside.

'I will not break' Diana's vision had faded into burning white for what seem like an eternity, leaving her fighting tears. The heat in the room was already making her sick and the wooden stock was the only thing keeping her standing. She heard the door unlatching and pulled open, gasping in the fresh air the door let in.

metal boots clanked against the floor sounded as someone walked into the room.

"This was ordered as punishment, we cannot allow her to leave. The door must be closed... Chosen we have-." The Guard with the shaky voice was cut off.

"Then close it! I'm staying." Leona said over her shoulder. "The Elders are more harsh than I remembered."

As the door was closed and latched, Diana felt shade suddenly cover her face and something metal touch her forehead. "Leona? What happened to the Sun?"

"Shh, don't talk. You will get thirsty faster." Leona said as she took slow long breaths.

Minutes passed before vision drifted back to Diana's eyes. As her vision faded back her eyes saw almost nothing but black. It took a few moments for Diana to realize Leona was standing in front of her, shading her eyes from the sun with her hand. "Just take off the charm."

"No. I will not go against the Elders, but I will be a shield." Leona whispered. "Four of us were out last night, I will not let you will not be the only one they punished. If this was the punishment for being out, I will bare it with you."

Diana felt tears brimming up as she looked at Leona in her peripheral vision. 'She is in full armor, how can she stand in this heat?' Diana noticed the sweat that ran down Leona's face as the woman stood with her head down and eyes closed. "Thank you..."

Diana watched as Leona raised her face upwards towards the Sun, letting the light bathe her face. Diana couldn't help but be in awe as Leona opened her eyes to stare at the sun. Her eyes seeming to shine and glow like the sun as her breathing relaxed.

'The Elders made her sit in one of these over and over when she first came here. This is just normal training for her. She can draw strength to her from the Sunlight. Still... the heat must be worse on her... in that armor.' Diana thought as her eyes remained shielded by Leona's hand. "Thank you... I can't look into it like you do."

"I said shhh. Stop wasting energy talking." Leona said again with less fatigue in her voice.

"Thank you..." Diana whispered as a few tears rolled down her face before evaporating into the oppressive heat of the Sun Chamber.


A/N: I'm breaking the chapters up here due to (A... I like more reviews.) (B... if I don't, I end up with a kinda massive run on chapter.)

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Very Good.

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"A few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too overloading. I like that you have the two starting off as close friends. Sometimes a former friend can be a devastating enemy. I look forward to more "

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Ark Angel HFB

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"A few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too overloading. I like that you have the two starting off as close friends. Sometimes a former friend can be a devastating enemy. I look forward to more "

Thanks so much. ^_^

A/N: Don't skip the FLASH BACK. It sets everything up.

CHAPTER 3: My Favor and Strength

"Wake up."

"What?" Diana blinked before realizing the Sun Charm was no long on her forehead. "What happened to the charm?" Diana still felt dizzy as she tried to remember if she had just fallen asleep or if she passed out from the heat in the room.

"Those charms only work when the sun is over head. The Sun is almost down now..." Leona said in a voice that sounded breathy and feint.

"Good..." From under Leona's hand, Diana let her gaze shift around to see only faint rays of sunlight lighting the Sun Chamber. Still, the chamber remained bright as the last light of the day bounced around it. The Solari symbols continued to glow on the walls and glass ceiling.

Diana flinched as Leona suddenly shifted closer to her. "What are you doing?" Diana peeked from under Leona's hand to see to her eyes glowing the same as they had earlier.

Leona placed her free left hand on Diana's shoulder as she stepped closer. The light around Leona seemed to warp and bend as the light in her eyes flickered then faded. "The sun is setting..."

Diana's eyes were wide as Leona leaned into her. "Aaah hey, your armor's hot."

Leona felt dizzy as she rested her face against Diana's shoulder. "Sorry... I've never worn armor it in a Sun Chamber before... I just need to lean on something for a bit." Leona kept one hand placed over Diana's eyes, shielding them from the last few rays the setting sun threw into the chamber.

Diana closed her eyes as she felt Leona's breath on her skin and her lips brush her neck as she spoke. "It's just hot... and the heat in here is already so bad..."

'It is my fault she is in here... I have to do something to keep her sure we can make it. These chambers get worse if they break you...' Leona thought as she clung to her fellow Solari. 'If I can make a show of strength and comfort her... I can get her through this.' Leona's mind drifted back to her training as a child before she had come to the Solari.

XXXxxxXXX (Flash Back Warning)

Leona spun kicking the taller opponent knee from under him. She saw him tumble to the ground before she ducked under a wildly swung spear, and then rolling back to block a sword from yet another attacker.

The heat of the day was oppressive and all of the young fighters felt as if they would drop from heat exhaustion and hours of training.

Without hesitation she surged forward using her shield to strike the attacker sending him stumbling away. Leona had just landed a solid strike with her blunted spear when a mace had caught Leona in the shoulder from behind. She was kneeling holding her shoulder when her instructor walked over to her questioning the reason she had stopping fighting. "My shoulder..."

"Well everyone else is still going, why have you stopped?"

"I think it is broken..." Leona held her arm as her instructor knelt and placed a hand on the injured limb. Leona held her breath as the older female placed her other hand on her shoulder.

"This will hurt." With a sharp jerking motion the instructor pulled and twisted Leona's arm before guiding it back into socket. "There now, all better."

"No it isn't." Leona gritted her teeth as she rocked in pain not moving. She wasn't expecting her instructor to grab her by her hair and tilt her head back.

In a quick motion the older female leaned in and place a firm kiss on the younger girls forehead. "There, you have my favor and strength. Now get out there and get that hit back."

Leona had froze for a moment before struggling to her feet and running back into the fray of young fighters training under the noon sun. She knew it was stupid but her arm hurt less, and she felt less winded as she blocked a blow from a dull sword and returned with a strike of her own blunt tipped spear.

XXXxxxXXx (End Flash Back)

'Yeah... That helped me so much.' Leona lifted her head from Diana's shoulder, still feeling faint and weak. 'This armor is so hot... I can barely breath.'

"Leona are you ok?" Diana asked as she watched the other woman sway a bit. 'I can't take this heat... I don't know how she can in that armor...'

"Heat is nothing... we are stronger than that." Leona spoke in a winded voice as she slipped her hand behind Diana neck.

"What?" Diana wasn't expecting Leona to pull on her neck.

Leona had meant to pull Diana towards her, but with the restraints on Diana's arms she hardly budged. Instead Leona manage to pull herself forward, leaving her off balance. When Leona had expected her lips to meet the other woman's forehead she meet only air, and to exhausted and weak to stop her own momentum continued to lean forward.

"Leona what are y-" Diana's eyes shot open wide as she felt Leona's lips meet hers mid sentence. Diana felt Leona lean into her with all her weight, pushing her back against the wooden post that stood behind her.

Time stood still, The two froze as the moment hung on for an eternity while Leona's hand cradled Diana's neck holding her in the kiss. Leona's other hand gripping Diana's shoulder. Leona's eyes were closed as she pulled away just a fraction. "There, you have my favor and strength." Leona whispered in a daze.

Leona opened her eyes and then blinked before jerking away. Her hand coming up to cover her mouth. "I, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I missed, I was just wanted, I only..." Leona rambled in a faint voice as her head swam.

The two were left holding each other gaze as Leona fell silent. Diana wasn't sure if Leona's face was red from the sun and heat or if it was now more of a blush. What she did know was that her own face felt as if it was on fire. "What was that?" Diana's voice came out as more of a whisper than she had intended.

Leona's boots clanked against the metal floor as she took short steps away until her back meet the wall of the chamber. She was the first to break eye contact, as she covered her burning red face with her hand. A moment later she slid down the wall into a sitting position before leaning to her right and falling over.

"Leona! Leona!" Diana yelled and she struggled with her bounds. She could hear the sweet sizzle into seem as it ran off the woman's brow. "Get up! You can't go to sleep on that floor! Get up get up your roast in that armor! Guard! GUARD GET IN HERE!"

There was no answer from the outside and sound of the door unlatching. Diana could only watch as the last light in the room fade leaving the chamber dark. Only the sounds of Leona's and her own bearing filling the space and echoed through the chamber.


A/N: Yeah Yeah I'll get to more plot next chapter... this kiss was hell to write. You have any clue how hard it is to write for two girls... the she did blank and then she did blank, and her her. It gets confusing to fast as to which her I'm talking about and using their names to much starts to read poorly and feel bad. This took way to long to get down the scene I had in my head. XD

Next chapter I'll get to the cool plot ideas... promise.

Btw... plz review if you read this... I don't care if it is short or long review... i reply to all of them and they mean a lot to me... why write if people are not enjoying the story. XD

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Stop being lazy and post already :P

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Ark Angel HFB

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Stop being lazy and post already :P

>_> well played... well played.

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Ark Angel HFB:
>_> well played... well played.

*bow* Why thank you, my friend.

Teasing aside, I do hope you find the peace and quiet away from prying eyes to update soon

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Ark Angel HFB

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Chapter 2 is up... Chapter 3 is done and being edited for grammar... mean it will be up tomarrow or later today... and will still have grammar error due me being a moron... >_>

Well i'm off to munch on some cake and think on chapter 4...

_____________________EDIT _Chapter 4__________________________________

A/N: College is nuts... sorry for the wait guys. And I've got this whole INUYASHA, KAGOME! INUYASHA! KAGOME! Thing going on between them where the only thing I can think to have them say is each others name. lol ^_^

Chapter 4: Awakening

"Leona! Leona!" Diana yelled and she struggled with her bounds. She could hear the sweet sizzle into seem as it ran off the woman's brow. "Get up! You can't go to sleep on that floor! Get up, get up your roast in that armor! Guard! GUARD GET IN HERE!"

There was no answer from the outside and sound of the door unlatching. Diana could only watch as the last light in the room fade leaving the chamber dark. Only the sounds of Leona's and her own bearing filling the space and echoed through the chamber.


Diana had given up breaking her bounds as she let them take her weight off her sore and tired legs. Now she simply leaned back resting on the wooden stock.

Clouds that had rolled in late in the twilight of night blocked the stars and moon from giving any light and leaving the room in complete darkness.

Hours seemed slipped by but the heat in the room had barely started to fade, and while the sweat that dripped from Diana's forehead no longer sizzled into vapor as soon as it reached the metal floor, the temperature of the room still stifled every breath drawn.

"Leona?"Diana's mumble, her eyes still aching from staring at the sun and the sweat that ran into them from her forehead. She opened her eyes wincing at the pain as she tried to look through the darkness. She listened to her friend's staggered breathing trying to reassure herself that Leona was strong enough to take the heat in the armor.

Suddenly pale light bathed the room.

Diana looked up to see the clouds parting, allowing the moon's light to burst forth. Diana drew in a deep breath as the walls of the chamber began to glow again. The Solari symbols on the walls shined brightly, but behind them another symbol began to also glow faintly.

Diana stared wide eyed as the Solari symbol flicked out and the new symbol flashed brightly into full view. A silver shining crescent shape facing upwards cradled an orb. The symbols on the wall glowed with a brilliant garyish silver and gave off no heat like the Solari Symbols had.

Diana looked around her seeing the symbols all glowing before looking upwards her gaze being greeted by a full moon. Diana wasn't sure what it was as a flash burst around her. "What is this..." Another burst of of energy surged through her with a flash of light.

Diana didn't even notice as a second pulse of energy left a orb of light around her, a moment later the stock and bounds that held her exploded away from her into a shower of splinters. Her arms dropped to her sides as she stood transfixed by the full moon.

"Morning... Already?" Leona mumbled as she awoke to light shining on her face. Still breathing heavily, she used her hands to push herself to a kneeling position before she lifted her eyes to the center of the room. "Dia... Diana?" Leona's mouth hung open as she stared awestruck at Diana.

Diana stood in the middle of the shattered stock, her eyes shinning like silver and an aura of light flowing around her.

"Diana!?" Leona again called to her friend as she noticed the strange new symbols on the walls. "What is this... What in Valoran is this!?"

The pain and fatigue in Diana's body seemed to ebb away as she reached up with her hand as if she was trying to take hold of the moon. "I can feel it... It's like I can touch it..."

"Diana! Are you alright!" Leona's yelled, her voice echoed through the room as she looked up at the moon. "Is this way the Elders fear the moon... what is it doing to her..." Leona pushed off the wall staggering to her feet and stepping towards Diana.

Diana felt another burst of energy pass through her.

Leona had barely moved towards Diana before a sphere of light struck her in the chest throwing her right back into the wall next to the metal door of the chamber.

"Leona!?" Diana blinked as her eyes, still shinning brightly, fell from the moon to her friend who slammed into the wall. "What is going on?" Diana looked at her hands which also seemed to shine slightly. "I didn't mean too... I'm sorry."

Leona felt her legs buckle and she collapsed to the floor, cathing herself with her hands. "I'm so dizzy... I still can't take a full breath... everything is spinning. I'm going to be sick. I should have taken the stupid armor off before coming here." Leona grabbed the collar of her armor pulling it away from her neck as she tried to catch her breath in the heat. She used her other hand to push herself up as she looked up to Diana. "Diana I'm sorry... I can't help you."

"I'm ok, I don't need help. You do." Diana wasn't even sure what she was doing as she walked to the door of the chamber, leaning her forehead against it and placing her open right hand on it.

"Diana? What are you doing?" Leona stared at Diana's eyes that seemed to glow as if they were an extension of the strange symbols that shown on the walls around the two girls.

"Getting you out of this heat" Diana placed her other hand on the door as she straighten up, pulling her right hand back into a fist. She glared at the door as she slammed her hand against the metal door. She pulled her hand back again, blood dripping form her knuckles as she clinched her hand into a tighter fist.

"Don't, you'll break your hand!" Leona said, her eyes growing wide as Diana's second strike connected with the door echoing in the room. Leona watched as the light around Diana seemed to pulse over and over to a steadily beat. "What the..."

Diana pulled her hand back more blood dripping from the knuckles before she again slammed her fist into the door as the pulses surge out around her in a wave ripping both the door and the wall apart like it was paper.

"..." Leona sat silently watching as the cool night air rushed into the room wiping through Diana's hair causing the robe she wore to flow and whip in the moving air of a night breeze.

Diana knelt as she grabbed Leona's wrist, pulling her friend's arm over her should, before walking out of the giant hole in the wall and towards the stairs that lead down into the courtyard.

Leona continued to stare in silence at Diana's glowing eyes that seem vacant and trance-like. As they neared the steps she saw the light in Diana's eye fade away, leaving her eyes an odd light gray color. "Are you ok?"

Diana didn't respond as her eyes rolled back in her head and she feinted to the ground.

"Hey!" Leona called as she collapsed to the ground with her. She managed to land on her hands and knees next to Diana who lay on the ground motionless.

"WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE!" Came voices accompanied by the sound of rushing feet on the stairway.

Leona looked up as several guards crested the stairway to glare down at the two girls laying on the ground and the massive hole that was ripped through the wall of the Sun chamber.

"What the hell happened." One guard asked as he walked over kneeling beside Leona to help in what ever way he could.

"It got a little too hot. I needed out of there and there wasn't someone outside the door and..." Leona paused as she looked at Diana who was breathing softly beside her.

"The Elders are going to be furious, you know how 'old' and 'irreplaceable' these relics are." Anther guard asked as he walked past them looking at the damage done to the Sun chamber. "You wanted out so you blew apart the whole wall!?" The guard asked pointing with a spear in his hand.

"No... She..." Leona glanced at Diana, then back at the Sun Chamber, and finally turned back to look up at the guard from her knees. "Yes... I did. Problem?"

"Err, no... Chosen One." The guards all looked at one another exchanging shrugs.

"Get her to the infirmary... I'm going to rest here for a bit." Leona said as she leaned back into a sitting position. "I feel like I'm going to throw up."

"Chosen, would... Would you like to be helped there as well." a third guard asked.

Leona looked at the guard for a second before nodding. "Yes. Thank you."



EDIT: Ok I'm back and OMG the grammar problem in this chapter... I've fixed a lot of them now so sorry if that messed up anyone reading enjoyment. if you find any more plz let me know. as always please review more and I will try and post more... I like long discussion style reviews and if I can get a few more reviews I'll post the next chapter really fast.

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Thank you so far and respect to those that enjoy good cake