Miss fortune build

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Alright, I've been playing her a lot. I think I've come up with a pretty viable build for her. It's been doing nothing but great things for me.

My runes ares 25 armor pen, 6.8% attack speed, 6% cooldown and 32 health.

armor pen marks, attk speed seals, and cool down gliffs.

2 armor pen quints, and 1 health quint.

21/0.9 in masteries, and I run exhaust/ghost.

My build.

Start with : Mana crystal + 2 health pots
Then build boots of swiftness
Then Either turn your crystal into a catalyst or buy a bf sword
Get what you didnt get above
BF sword turns into Infinity Edge
Finish catalyst into a Banshee's veil.
Zeal into a phantom dancer
Then build Atmas
Finally ending with black clever.

If give her the survivability that she needs. If the team is dps heavy, build the atmas before you finish the banshee's. this rips apart tanks and ruins carries.