Looking for people to play with!

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Hey guys! I just started playing normal ranked a few days ago with my main (Olaf), and I'm just plain tired of losing because I'm playing with randoms who are too often not very good at the game...I just played a 5v5 where a teemo kept connecting and disconnecting and nobody on our team except me and cassio were working as a team...just because the rest of the people wouldn't listen. Amumu pushed solo to is impending doom, diana afked for quite a while...Anyways, I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else,it's just that I'd like to start playing consistently with more or less the same people. That way, we could have some team synergy, which would make the game a lot more fun than trying to win with people who don't give a **** about team play and just do wtv the *** they want.

Add me if you want!