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# of games played for match making?

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i have over 1400 ranked matches... ive been to 1450 and back to 1200 like 4 times... i am tired of being matched up with players who just hit level 30 and players that have like 5 total ranked games... i think its safe to say that generally people with low amounts of ranked matches have less experience with the competitive play. almost everytime i lose a game because of my team not understanding the logistics of the game and i see their ranked wins... its always less than 50... ALWAYS... ive noticed this trend in season 1 and season 2 as well... is there any way to adjust the match making so youre more likely to be matched with people that are around your experience level. experience meaning games played. yes you can play 5000 games and still be bad but the chances are low.... you would have learned a trick or two. i think this is a issue that needs to be addressed. it affects many many many players.