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Games with leavers are no fun

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So i was just in a game with a nunu who left because i took one neutral monster camp and he was jungling, then to make things worse our miss fortune got angry because she died so much and left THEN our sivir left because of the leavers so all me and the other guy could do was sit around for 10 minutes untill the other team finally got to destroying our nexus and that is no fun for anyone.

I would like for Riot to put in some sort of way to not have to deal with that, my thoughts would be if 2 or more players have left or if 1 player has left for more than 10 minutes either you can early vote out of it or it instantly ends and both sides get an equal amount of XP/IP that is the average of a loss and a win.

The mark that says you have left a game isn't going to discourage someone from leaving if they already have it on them.