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My first @Riot:

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Your chat client rivals Facebooks in lack of quality. That or the main client. Either way, it keeps taking twenty seconds from typing for it to show up (in that delayed three seconds between character appearing style) in the chat window, in the game lobbies, or even responding to alerts (Summoner X has invited you to a game). It is a severe problem, especially when dealing with champion selection during a ranked game. I haven't been able to play ranked in a week because it takes twenty full seconds to type a short sentence, ten seconds for a change in my masteries (0/3 Sunder... 1/3 Sunder.... 2/3 Sunder........), so unless I get one champion from the start with the exact rune page and masteries built, who fits right into my team, it's game over.
Especially in light of a loss, it is the most frustrating ****ing thing to deal with. This doesn't happen to everybody, but it happens to a lot of us. Either say "our chat client is ****ed, don't bother typing," "your computer is ****ed, don't bother typing," or "This is the problem, we're working on it."