General Build Order Question

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Is it more beneficial to rush a build item or to start buying other item components?
Example- I'm playing top lane Jax.

Assuming i'm vs an AD lane, i'd start

  • Cloth armor
  • 5 Hp Pots
Then start building towards Tabi and Gunblade

So sticking with the example-

Would it be more beneficial to grab Bilgewater and a Sheen for my start towards Triforce, or to rush the complete gunblade? I understand that rushing an item really depends on how well you're doing in lane and how the stats will affect the match-up. My thought was that if you're doing well enough to afford completing the item, go ahead. But if you can't afford to complete the item without holding onto a substantial amount of gold heading back into lane, maybe spend it on a component for another core item- for the additional stats heading back into lane.

Thoughts? Tips?

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Take advise as you want but imo it is on a game to game decision. If you don't b much and can afford big items when you b go for it. If you feel like you need that little edge and you are forced to b then buy a smaller part. Think what is going to help out more in the next couple fights. Do you need that extra right now? or will you be farming so saving up wont hurt? Some games I will work on my main big items but will buy a smaller part of a different item just for that little extra.

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Since I main Jax I could give a few points on him. I'm a bronzie though so you don't really have to listen if you don't want to but what I do works well for me. If you lolking me you won't see much; I've been on a smurf. With that said..

I usually start with Cloth armor and 3 hp pots, 2 mp pots. If lane is going slow, not getting kills and only csing, I'd get boots first. If I'm ahead, I'd get a sword or two to get more ahead.

Let's say it's a mirror lane, or like vs a Jayce, Elise, etc. Just anything top but malphite or garen and a couple others. I would start with a sword + 2 hp pots because as Jax I find that being aggressive early on gives you an advantage and gets me first bloods. With first blood and a few cs you'll usually have enough for a bilgewater for the slow + lifesteal and if not, just get another sword + some pots and a ward if jungler presence is heavy, or just get a ward for escapes.

My build doesn't include gunblade so I'd either rush a botrk or a triforce.