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1500 Elo LF 3's Team

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Junior Member


Hi, Looking for 3's Team.
Serious teams only
Posistion : AD bruiser top
Mic : Ofc Skype/vent
Elo : 1488
Top elo : 1547

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Senior Member


My bro and I are really getting into 3's. We have some friends we play with but they dont play as often as we would like, Currently we have 2 teams with 2 different friends both teams are at 1300 or so and think we can do much better but dont have the oppertunity to play enough games. For example we went 2 and 1 tongiht then they logged off. We normally play from 6:30 CST to around 1200 CST. We both can jungle or bot dpending on the make up;. I added you to friends in game. Let me know if your interested. We use vent.