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Jobs at Riot

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I am currently a student at TriOS college for Video Game Design and Development, and I have an interest in working at Riot after I graduate, specifically in the Champion Creation department. I always have new ideas for different Champion running through my head, and I have the artistic ability to get them down on paper, I just never get around to it, to busy playing the game, haha.

My first question would be, does Riot do payed internships? I currently live up in Canada, and making a move down to California to live there for four months (my required time for internship as per my diploma requirements) would be harsh on me without a good income.

My second question is, what kind of software do you use, specifically, to create the champions and implement them into the game? I had planned on drawing up an entire themed set of new skins for all of the champions, and even creating my own functional champion that could help me land that internship, and even the job afterwards.

So far I have been taught with Flash Professional, C++, Unity, C# for Window Phone, HTML 5 for mobile development, and I am currently in the middle of 2D and 3D Direct X10. The courses I still have to do are 2D and 3D XNA development, Video Game modeling and animation, which was using MilkShape last time I heard, but could be subject to change to Blender or something else by the time I get around to it, Video Game Sound in Audacity, Level design in a platform of our choice, and Advanced Flash and Actionscript, which I believe is with Flash Builder.

I was just wondering what skills I learn here would be easily transferable to Riot Games, and what else I would need to expand my repertoire to help me land, and perform well in this job.

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Why hello there G0dlyN00b,
I too am applying for internships, and would love to share what I know with you.
Riot pays their interns, yes. As for an intern coming from a different country, I cannot say I know the answer to that question. As for the 4 months, most internships last 8-12 weeks, but in special cases longer if Riot really likes you.
As for the other questions, I am afraid I do not know the answer to those as well. But please go check out their LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Inside-Riot-Games-People-Game-3544410?gid=3544410&trk=hb_side_g)group, vladimir and several others check the questions on a regular basis.
I hope what information I could provide was useful in anyway! I hope to meet you in person if we both intern at Riot! Good luck!