Riot, why do you hate Sunfire Cape so much?

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Originally Posted by Sir Bulldog View Post
Probably Riot doesn't like them since ppl used to stack 6 of them during the beta. Now let's examine the math behind that:

A sunfire cape gives you 450 hp, 45 armor, and 40 constant dps around you.
Multiply everything by 6:

You get 2700 hp (Higher than the Warmog's Armor), 270 armor, and 240 constant effect dps in an area around you. That is pretty cheap. Now imagine stacking that on someone like cho-gath, or sion. The game quickly becomes un-balanced. Those heros' would never die.

And consider that the dps was even higher back then.

What shall ur math say? its not stackable anymore, so...?
Btw i like the idea to make it cheaper and build from cheap items and give slow/latetank junglers a new option in their build.