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The Blawnzed Elf:
Her W gives her a massive attack speed boost.
build ad/as

Her Q does that :P lol.
But more importantly there is a point in that Tristana doesn't interact very well with many items.. She's not really a champion as much as she is an Infinity Edge. I think she could definitely be played as a hybrid after a few tweaks, but where in competitive play would she find herself now? I find her fun to play, but it sucks that is all she really is now - lackluster.

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Just in case you wanna check a noobs idea out


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? is a new champion that when unlocked an ability, it copies the ability of another champion.
For example, on level one, you unlocked your e ability, you go into the field of battle then you select a champion to take their e as your own. They still have their e, but you can use the same ability as them. You can only do this on the first time you cast your unlocked ability on any champion, so for example you take Anivia’s r ability, then you can’t change or take someone else’s r.

This champion is secret and can only be unlocked when you get a Penta kill as any level 1 to 30. When you press the random choice on champion select after you got Penta kill from any past game, you unlock the new champion.

Ad, and Ap carry. 200 holy power
Basic attacks, whatever type of ability she used recently, ranged ability, ranged arrow, or melee ability, melee sword.
Has 2 ranged abilities, Q and R, R is magic
Has 2 melee abilities, W and E, E is magic
Beautiful young woman with light golden armor or only cloth. She carries a golden bow and a golden thin sword.
Stunning song that has both excitement and a peaceful feeling.
Lore: She fought off a hundred corrupt people from a sacred temple. She was successful until a powerful wizard lifted up the temple with her on the steps, and left it flying hidden in the clouds if in return, she goes through the portal to League of Legends. (Add more to the story)
Q- She shoots a light arrow that stuns opponents for 2 seconds and applies a bright spark mark
35 holy power cost
W- Can reactivate this ability upon a kill. She becomes untargetable and slashes selected enemy four times. 60 holy power cost
E- Wide half circle slash, which deals damage to a group, and applies a bright spark mark (Does magic damage over five seconds) 45 holy power
R- Shoots a wide circle volley of arrows anywhere on the map (No limit where) Lasts 7 seconds dealing high damage over each second with a cost of 100 holy power if all 7 seconds are used.
Anything killed with a bright spark mark will restore 15 holy power.

Passive: Holy Blessing, 5 minute cool down, upon 15 percent health, a holy shield protects her from all damage and debuffs like slows for five seconds.

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Hello riot! i have a great champion idea you may like.

Heres my Idea...

Eingana-"The mother of nature"

Ranged-Ability power/Attack damage. Basic attack is ranged-throwing leaves.

Passive: When one of Einganas abilities (other than Sight of nature) is a
blow it may be recasted immediately twice with no cool down and no mana cost.

Q:Tree barrage: Eingana casts up a tree dealing damage in a small circle,
and slowing
enemy's for 1.5 seconds.

W:Storm: Eingana cast a raining cloud in a small circle dealing both attack
damage and
ability power.

E:Gust: Eingana cast a gust of wind in a line dealing both physical and
magic damage,
and knocking back enemy's.

R:Sight of nature: Eingana cast her ultimate choosing between wolf, eagle,
and snake
for 10 seconds. This may be chosen by clicking her ultimate again when the
animal of
your choice appears.

Wolf: Eingana transforms into a wolf gaining massive attack damage and
movementspeed-AD Eingana.

Snake-Eingana transforms into asnake and is hidden untill she attacks or
after 7
seconds. During snake Einganas basic attacks and abilities do damage over
time as
well as there normal damage.AP/AD

Eagle-Eingana transforms into an eagle gaining ability power, movement
speed, and
gaining 1000 sight. While in eagle form Eingana may fly over walls.AP

I havent thought of what she may look like yet tho

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Champion Concept
Female energy champ

Passive: Adaptable Fighter- When hit with a magic damage Saige gains MR buff, After taking Physical Damage Saige gains an armor buff. Saige alternates between the two buffs. (Cooldown 2 sec)

Quick Jab: On her next auto attack Saige exacutes an alarmingly quick punch dealing physical damage + bonus damage.
- If Saige has the MR buff the target is scilenced for a short time
- If Saige has the Armor buff the target has there attack speed slowed
-Ult Activated: Both debuffs are applied for an increased time

Focus: Saige forces her passive buff to change, (putting the passive on cooldown)
- When changing to MR buff she gains tenacity
- When changing to Armor buff she gains attack speed
-Ult Activated: Both buffs are granted and breaks snares and stuns

Sliding Kick: (dash skill shot) Saige slides through minions dealing damage to all enimies hit. (Able to slide through walls)
- If Saige has the MR buff she slides through enemy champions as well as minions (dealing damage to all)
- If Saige has Armor buff she knocks back the first champion that she hits. Enemies hit by knocked back opponent take damage.
-Ult activated Saige past opponents knocking them to the sides.

Ultimate- To The LImit
Saige forces herself to overcome her physical boundries. Granting her both passive abilities and increased bonuses to her abilities. To The Limit also decreases cooldowns on all abilities and increases her base movement speed. Saige also gets increased energy regeneration for an extended amount of time.

Edit: Could be trained by lee sin or something... I picture her as a monk

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hi riot here is my Champion Concept still doing updates but this is what i got so far

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This will probably be my last idea I am posting unless these ideas have helped people or the game.


Description: A cool creature that is not scary, but peaceful.

Music: Has running water, chimes and other things that make it feel mystical.

Lore Idea:
A sea Manaphy that is almost extinct. The last colony of the Manaphy was destroyed by an enormous, unknown sea creature.

Manachira is a champion with high ability power and medium life. Her spells look much more realistic in the river section.

PASSIVE: When in the river, Manachira becomes invisible (Even when moving) to the opposing team until the use of an ability or auto attack. Manachira stays invisible when attacked and becomes invisible again in only one second after revealed.

Q SPELL: Very large range, ability that shoots up a gush of water from the floor which pushes up the opposing champions and minions into the air and slows them for two seconds (Also dealing an amount of magic damage) , however, the width of the water gusher will be a small circle. (Little bigger than Kog’Maw’s ultimate.)

W SPELL: A wave comes up from the floor, dealing magic damage and pushes ALL champions and minions caught in it towards the direction it is cast. (The can help allies have a short boost of speed to secure a kill, or to save allies from approaching enemies.)

E SPELL: Two long lashes of water come from the ground and strikes enemy target selected two times each lash. Level 1 = 1 lash Level 2 = improvement on lash Level 3 = two lashes Level 4 = improvement on the two lashes Level four = three lashes

R SPELL: A wide vortex of water appears from the ground and spirals to the center, pulling all opposing champions and minions to the center and keeps them there stunned, for two seconds dealing high magic damage. (This has a short range but large width, so it would be wise to cast in the river while stealthed.)

Combo that can help secure kills, R spell in the river while hidden to pull all the enemy champions together and stunning them. Q spells on the center of the vortex to slow them after the push into the air. W spell pointed in the direction of your team to push the enemy champions towards your allies to finish, if you are not powerful enough to kill with the combo.

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Lotus of Redemption

When she kills a minion she will get a movement speed buff and when she kills a champion a 2% ability power buff

Blooming lotus
Waral summons a lotus from the ground and in 4 second the lotus blooms healing the champion and if an enemy
Were to land on the lotus he would be snared for 0.75 sec.
The q is like a heal/snare
If hit on to the enemy, it snares the champion
And if hit on allies it heals the champion
The base damage: 60/90/140/200/260(and the scale for ability power is 0.4) only for healing.
The range is 600 and the radius is (I don’t know how to say it, but it is like the radius of Sandra’s q)
The snare can be percentage or it can be a specific amount of snare.
The time for the blooming flower can be decreased or be left alone.
The cool down will be 20/17/15/14/13

Waral picks the enemy champion of the ground for 0.5 sec and smashes the champion on the ground, if successful she will
Gain a bonus shield which gives one permanent ability power for every use and bonus health for 5 sec, and the enemy will be stun for 1 sec
The base damage 60/100/140/190/230 (the ability power ration is 0.5).
The shield 40/80/100/120/130 (there is no ability power/ad ratio on the shield)
The range is 400
And also the cool down will be 15/13/12.5/11.2/10

Lotus Shield

Waral e is a defensive skill, where she creates a shield that sends back the attack that is launched at her. This skill is an activated spell
The bonus shield: 40/60/75/80/100
The damage given back will be 15% of the damage taken when she is hit.
The cool down is 20/15/12/10/8

Levitating Smash

Waral r is geyser affect, where she picks a spot in a limited radius, the person in the middle will get levitated/smashes to the ground and people around the
Area will get slowed/magic damage.
The base damage: 250/460/680
The cool down are 180/160/120

this character is support/mage
Comment and give feed back plz and ty

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I have a new idea on a pet champion, the champion could control the minions...
Q-become stationary, but take over one of your own minion, and you can move it and attack with it, but it has no abilities, and if it goes out of a certain range, it automatically dies
W-absorb an enemy minion, get all of its stats(not including attack speed and movement speed...was thinking of including those, but it would be OP)and you also gain its health
E-you choose any 3 of you minions in a group(click and drag to highlight them, first three are it)and they burst at lvl 1 doing 75 magic damage instantly (the minions only lose as much health as you did damage from each one ex,,, you have 100 ap, and so you do around 1130-150 damage at lvl 1, each one that you choose loses 130-150 health, however much they each did alone)
R-Take over a whole are of enemy minions,(an area about as big around as darius Q)and they are now your's, they turn around and join your army !

thanks for reading this XD

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you do around 130-150 hahaha 1130 will kill any normal minion XD