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Slayer Kast

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Not dead yet!

After a while of inactivity, I'm back on the forums and have updated a few of my older champions with some tweaks and number changes.

You can find my compilation of champions here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2278916). The most recent change was a newer kit for Dradyn!

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This place needs to be updated. Wuffle's list of champs has been shut down because he is making bigger, better lists

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I was thinking about how Diana only has one skin, if anyone who is good with editing and creating skins could do this I'd be more than happy to give you my input.
But I always thought that Diana sort of looks like a Jedi. If Diana could have a Chosen Diana skin like Chosen Master Yi I think it would look so cool. I took a bunch of pictures from the internet and I was hoping someone who could edit them to make a Chosen Diana Skin.

Also, I thought about how her moves could change, if anyone has a better idea I would be more than happy to oblige.
Passive Moonsilver Blade - Every Third Strike could match the color of her lightsaber
For (Q) Crescent Strike - Her Lightsaber could be thrown
For (W) Pale Cascade - The aura and orbiting spheres could change colors, or have that force lightning look
For (E) Moonfall - This could easily look like force pull, pulling in the enemies
For (R) Lunar Rush - This looks like Burst of Speed, change the color of the 2nd dash, and then alter the color of her Lightsaber>

It may be a weird idea, but i always thought it could work, if anyone is willing to make the skin art I would be very glad, and maybe other fans might be as well.

Following Pictures include, skin arts of Diana, Darth Traya, Twi'lek

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Fear the Vyr

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Got an idea for a skin, not sure if anyone here's already posted it... but...;

Carpenter Olaf! Redneck-y lookin' Olaf wearing a trucker hat with some sort of southern slogan on it, overalls, maybe one of the suspenders undone, and big ass work boots! Weapons would be hammers. Like... nail hammers. Only bigger. Maybe give him some new voice acting, but probably isn't needed. Had the idea at my friend's house when I was playing with his tools and thought I'd post it here!

Here's to hoping!

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Overrun FTW

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Hey guys! This is my first time posting, and also my first champ idea, but I've tried working out all the small details, and am ready for some criticism. Be honest, and I don't mind negative criticism.

Nova, the Fallen Sun:

Auto attack: a small meteorite with a range of 650.

Gravitational Pull (Passive) : Whenever a Champion performs an melee attack or ability on Nova, that Champion is slowed 20% for two seconds.

Meteor (Q) (30 MC) (Range 900): Nova calls down a large meteor upon target enemy, dealing them magic damage (60, 85, 100, 120, 150 +.5 AP) and damaging nearby enemy units by (40, 50, 60, 70, 80). (6 second CD)

Orbit (W) (50, 60, 70, 80, 90 MC) (Hit Radius 100): Nova summons miniature planet to circle around her lasting 10 seconds, stunning the first enemy champion that comes within range for 3 seconds, dealing magic damage (40, 60, 80, 100, 120 +.3 AP) and consuming the planet. (Number of increases to two at lvl 3, and to three at lvl 5.) (15 second CD)

Fission (E) (50 MC) (Wave Radius 200): Nova performs fission, emitting a wave of energy that heals herself (50, 80, 100, 120, 150 +.6 AP) and nearby allies (20, 40, 60, 80, 100 +.4 AP). (18 second CD)

Black Hole (R) (120 MC) (Radius 300): Nova creates a black hole, drawing all enemy champions into target area in range of 200 in front of Nova. Enemies effected move through units when being pulled. Enemy champions take (150, 200, 250 +.3 AP) once reaching the center, and are slowed 50% for 2 seconds. Nova gains 50% movement speed at the activation of this ability (100 second CD)


"The sun shines only for those who welcome it." -Nova

For the goddess of the sun, the petty squabbles of the mortals were hardly a matter to consider. She cherished the Solari's worship, and even granted one of their children with the gift of the sun. However, after her sister, Soraka, had descended to the mortal world, she became aware of the extent of the suffering and pain that wracked their existence.
As her sister lost her divinity, Nova wept, and it was then that she heard the cry of the Solari, echoing from her very temple.

The call was a plea from a dying Solari elder, begging for her mercy. In her sorrow, she was moved to pity, and she descended from the core of the Sun to answer the Solari's prayer. She appeared to the elder in a flash of brilliant light, who was on the ground among a dozen others, breathing his final breaths. She asked him the cause of the massacre, and he could only offer one word: Diana. From then on, Nova wandered the mortal world, searching fervently for any trace of this 'Diana'. Though she traversed land after land, she found nothing.

One day, as Nova was passing through a town, she heard commotion on the streets. She found her way through the crowd, which was parted far around the figure of a golden clad warrior, with the sun emblazoned on her shield. She immediately recognized the woman as the child she had blessed, and broke from the crowd and asked to speak with her. The assembly gasped, but Nova's fiery eyes and deep red battle garb intrigued the woman, and she agreed to talk. After only a short exchange in private, the woman known as Leona agreed wholeheartedly to take her to the League. Together they embarked for the Fields of Justice, and though Nova did not know fully what lie ahead, one thing was certain: Diana would pay for what she did to her people.

Appearance: Long and dark black hair, with glowing ember eyes and radiant red armor, minus a helmet, and no weapon.

Base Stats:

42 Attack Damage (+1.8 per level)
440 Health (+78 per level)
250 Mana (+65 per level)
345 Movement Speed
18 Armor (+2.1 per level)
30 Magic Resist (+0.0 per level)
.575 Attack Speed (+0.4% per level)

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For starters let me just say I purchased Khaz-ix today and i'm very pleased. My Idea is simple. A character that's a mixture of Cho Gath and Khaz-ix. A champion with an ult called "Absorb" or something. If he kills a champion with the ability he gains there ult for a set duration and maybe even his appearance will change slightly depending on who he absorbs. To avoid this being broken Its not permanent. When he dies it goes back to being absorb and the effect itself only last for 2 minutes. Which I believe should be the duration of its cooldown. This would mean even if the player is doing well he still actively has to keep reaquiring ults and kills with Absorb.


-The Ultimate life form-

Passive- Adaption Champion gains 0.5% of enemy stats for every kill or assist.

Move set

Q Stretch

Champion stretches his arms and latches onto an opponent and pulls himself to them stunning them and dealing X amount of damage.

W Body spikes

Champion hardens his body and becomes a spiked mass. Enemy champion hit by this ability takes X amount of damage and suffers bleed damage.

E liquify

Champion becomes flat and enemy champion who walk across him are slowed and take X amount of damage

R Absorb

Champion consumes his target dealing X amount of damage plus X amount of damage over 2 Secs. If Champion kills the target he gains that targets R move for 2 minutes or the next time they are slain.

From the Brilliant minds of Noxxics most sinister scientists. Doctor Mundo,Continuing his research, On the limitations of of the mind and body gathered Some of noxxics most power soldiers and pitted them together in a duel to the death. The winners were experimented on and tortured until he was certain he could create a being without restraints or weakness. On the eve of what would be his greatest success,Shared only by Singed, Doctor Mundo created a host for the genetically constructed "Ultimate Being" The host rejected this creature and instead was consumed by it and the mass of glob like flesh continued to grow and consume the other test subjects and as it did so became more powerful in the process. The project was named Calamity and in Doctor Mundo and his accomplice Singed's eyes,The project,was a raging success. The more their creation absorbs his foes the stronger it becomes. The day where the ultimate being reigns supreme may not be far off after all.

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Lira, Eturnam tune of Seasons

Passive Upbeat:
When a allied champion is under 50% of their maximum health Lira is granted movement speed, and armor. Stacks up to 4.

(Q) Tune of Summer:
Lira play's her violin with a vibrant tune that gives allied champion a protective shield that preventing stun's and silence status effects absorbing damage and restoring Lira's mana each time that champion takes damage.
Lira summons a shield that absorbs damage for 3 seconds prevents stuns and silences until the shield breaks. Each time the unit suffers damage Lira regenerates points of mana.

(W) Dance of Spring: (Skill shot)
Lira dances while she play's her violin energetically toward an enemy champion in a straight line doing magic damage. If successful the target is knocked back.

(E) Voice of Fall:
Lira whisper's a sad tune that slows enemy units for 2 seconds dealing magic damage per second over 3 seconds.
Aura: Enemy champion's armor and magic resistance are reduced by 3% of their maximum value AD and AP.

(R) Seasons Passion:
Lira pours her soul into one final performance to allied champions for 5 seconds. Allied champions in her range receive health instantly and additional of their maximum health as heal over 5 seconds.
Passive: When damaging Lira while she is channeling that enemy get rooted

Want more info? Go visit the thread she resides and for more info (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3189807&highlight=lira)!

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Hi, I've created a concept for a champion called Sryde, the Spellbound Assailant. If you have any interest in him you can check it out here. If you don't feel like checking it out, then don't, no one's forcing you to.


if you enjoyed please leave a post telling me what you think.

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First champion guys i need some feed back please :3

Iziel, The youth of Noxus

he is a melee, Stealth, Assassin that can be played as a top jung or mid and is built best as an off tank
Passive (Brush Stroll): gains stealth after coming out of brush for 1, 1.5, 2 second and gains 35 stamina(must come out of brush, if opponent and him are in brush at the same time he is still seen attacks will remove stealth)/
a kill will grant 80 flat stamina assist 40 flat stamina / he also gains an additional 4 stamina regeneration per seconds for every 75 Additional AD /
also a kill will grant him an additional 4 stamina up to 20
Q Active (Head Hunter): Dashes to a selected direction marking enemies run thru by his kamas with a Sigil and dealing 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 + (.6) Ad
if sigil activated the mark deals 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 damage + .6(ad) in physical damage Sigils last for 4 seconds and can be activated by basic attacks
if a sigil is already placed it will activated it instead of remarking
* this ability can dash thru walls but if you pass thru something like casseopea poison you will still receive the slow and damage same with veigars event horizon you will be stunned
Cost : 60 stamina / cooldown : 14, 12, 10, 8, 6 seconds / Range : 350

W Passive (Vanish): if stealthed next attack deals an additional 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 damage and activates the sigil placed on a enemy and heals him for 5, 7, 9, 11, 13% of damage dealt from the attack
Active : goes into stealth for 1 second increasing movement speed by 12, 18, 24, 30, 36% for 1 , 1.5 , 2 , 2.5 , 3 seconds (has the same visual as kha'zig ult)

Cost : 100, 95, 80, 75, 70 stamina / Cooldown : 16, 14, 13, 12, 10 seconds

E Active (Tendon Tear): Sweeps his kamas forward marking all enemies hit in the cone's radius with a sigil and dealing 40,80, 120, 160, 200 damage and slowing enemies by 10, 15, 20 ,25 ,30% for 2 seconds

Cost : 60 stamina / Cooldown : 13, 11, 9, 7, 5 / Range : 250

R Active (Blood Splatter Cyclone) : Using his kamas he furiously twirls for 2 seconds slowing any enemies caught in the radius dealing 250, 400, 550 and activating any sigilis placed upon them and remarking them he is then healed for 40, 80, 120, 160, 200 + .4(ad) health per sigil activated he then goes into a 1.5 second stealth

Passive : Any kills gained with this ability will grant 5 ad permenantly up to 3 times in a single use and refresh the coldown of the preveously used ability
Cost : 65, 75, 85 stamina / Cooldown : 70, 60, 50 seconds / Range : 350
*Activating another ability during this one cancels the channel

Stats : Damage 62 (+3.5 / per level)
Health 505 (+75 / per level)
Stamina 200 (+0 / per level)
Move Speed 360
Armor 16.5 (+2.5 / per level)
Magic resist 27 (+1.5 / per level)
Health Regen 8.25 (+0.70 / per level)
Stamina Regen 12 (+0 / per level)

Lore : His origins are all unknown, all that is known of this slim child is his his un-matched accuracy with his chained kamas. he appears to be 14 years old or so he says. He lived day to day in the slums doing odd jobs for food and water only, he hardly spoke and often slept where he please no one cared no one asked questions untill one day he was forced to fight for his only possesion his kamas he was thretend by a group of middle aged lower classed men desperate for money they where planning on selling his kamas and thretened his life. No one knowswhat truly happened that day all that was heard was wind slashing and a couple gags but as the dust settled and noxus military came to see the situation all they saw was a small slim child covered in blood nearly blending with the wall behind him the boy sound asleep on the floor like it was natural to him.
After waking up he was put to the test by the military nearly killing half a dozen officers he intrigued some of the the noxus mighty including Darius and katarina. After a full day fighting he was asked to kill his opponent and he refused, when asked why all he said was "Because i am stronger than he therefore mercy is a leasure i have, and unless i must i wont kill"
With this he entered the league only striking those against Noxus under the surname , the Youth of Noxus

"I have the leisure of mercy and you?"

- Iziel
Carefull when you use your Q it has a rather long cooldown
You are vulnerable to high CC choose wisely when joining a team fight
Your ult grants extra Ad per kill and has a slow choose wich is important at wich time
you have high mobility use it to gank from unusual angles

Looks : has messy hair like traditional lee sin
has a scar on his right eye
ripped jeans below the knees
shirt is blood stained
kamas are chained together and on his back or wrapped around his arms when fighting
no shoes
has a slander man figure

Walking :
-Woops i think i over did it
-Im not a reaper but im sure your dead
-its just a flesh wound
-you remind me of urgot

-Woops am i too fast for ya
-im sorry i could hear you over the screams
-sorry i was aiming for your friend
-i cant see you
-Bye bye
-Woops where did i go
-sorry did i make you trip?
-arent you a clutz
- come on its not that bad
-one two three four ... i missed one
-whats with all the blood?
Laugh : he chuckle or laugh like a loonatic
Joke : i think your missing an arm
Thats when i said i think you lost your head
woops i left my blades on your back
- Gentleman
- Mini Darius(kamas look like two of darius axes chained together and has the same clothing)
-Demancia Officer
-Japanese Kimono


I really need as much feedback as possible be straight forward with it, but this is my first champion so i don't know he seems to be lacking in several areas ty for your time

here's a link to my thread ty again http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3254892

Edit 1 : Finally came up with names for the abilities i was stumped on for a bit

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