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Building Tanky AP Diana

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It seems like in all the Diana Build threads the Junglers and AP Mids keep getting confused/argue with each other. I'd like to have a discussion between all the people who are planning to build her as Tanky AP and not as an AP Assassin.

I'm having trouble deciding what would be an ideal early build on her. I know this only lists 3 items, but I don't want to get into a Nashor's / DFG argument either. I feel these three items would be core on any Tanky AP. Aside from boots, the other 2 items can be whatever.

It's pretty much coming down between these two options. I'll leave out Abyssal since it would add the same between both:

Option 1: Rod of Ages + Randuin's Omen

Health: 980
Mana: 725
AP: 80
Armor: 75
CDR: 5%

35% Movement Slow (If attacked last 3 sec. If activated lasts 1 sec)
35% Attack Speed Slow (If attacked last 3 sec. If activated lasts 1 sec)

Cost: 6110g


Option 2: Rylai's Crystal Scepter + Frozen Heart

Health: 500
Mana: 500
AP: 80
Armor: 99
CDR: 20%

20% Attack Speed Slow (To everyone around you at all times)
15% - 30% Movement Slow (To anyone damaged by your spells. Only Ult gives full 30% slow. Last 1.5 sec)

Cost: 5880g

I feel Diana can have mana issues. Not so much while in the jungle, but more in how often she can consistently gank. I found after building Catalyst or Glacial Shroud my mana issues went away.

Option 1 has 480 more health, over 1100 gold worth more health. However, you can't ignore the persistent utility that Option 2 brings to you. Rylai's will definitely help with ganking during the laning phase, but will it hold up as well during team fights as Option 1? Will the higher resistances of Option 2 benefit your W shield enough to make up for the 480 health you're missing? I know a lot of people hate how Rod of Ages takes 10 minutes to reach it's full affect, but will getting HoG early and being able to finish the build earlier from GP5 in Option 1 make up for it?

Thoughts? Maybe a completely different build all together?

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I like option two a good deal more. The higherattack speed slow is nice for option 1 and the movement speed, but a team should have enough cc to catch stragglers (I suppose that's situational, but it ought not be) and the mana issues shouldn't be enough that you'd need the 225 more mana. The big thing in option two though, IMO, is the CDR and armor.

Diana's W operates off of AP, and to a large but mostly forgotten extent, armor. In a recent post by a red in another thread, we were reminded that the damage done to a shield effect is reduced by your armor still. I'd have to do a bit more playtesting, but I get the feeling the reduced timer on your shield along with mitigating more damage in general would make up for 480 health difference.

This is, of course, dependent on the opposition not having things like Cho'Gath or Kog'Maw, as armor is meaningless to them. xD If they're in the enemy team (or if the team comp has a decent amount of true damage), I would consider Option 1.

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Irelia Bot



If you really want her tanky with a lot of AP you could do
Crystal scepter
Abyssal scepter

THis would give you
611 AP
57 MR
50 armor
1130 health
725 mana
15% - 30% Movement Slow

Down side is that it is not a utility build, having no cdr and no item actives.

Only get Frozen heart if no one else is getting it though. there are other ways the get the CDR or armor.