[major] Jayce gets locked out of targeting enemies

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I was playing Jayce in a co-op vs. Intermediate bots when I encountered a bug. I was in the enemy base near the mid inhib dueling with a Trundle bot when I noticed that I was neither attacking him nor using skills, even though they were off cool-down. He was using all his skills (rabid bite, pillar, ult, but did not use contaminate), and I was locked out of almost any action. I backed away, and eventually tested the following:

- In both stances, I could not use summoners or attack enemy champions, creeps, or neutrals. They seemed to be untargetable.
- In Hammer stance, I could not use Q or E, but could use W and R
- In Cannon stance, I could not use Q, but could use W, E, and R

This fixed itself when I suicided to Malphite bot as a friend suggested to.

My items at the time were Merc Treads, Triforce, Aegis, and a null-magic mantle. I was level 18 with all skills maxed.

My OS is Windows 7, I run in full-screen (not windowed), and I was not using LoLReplay or any other third-party software that interacts with LoL's clients.

I'm not sure how to repro this, I've never encountered the problem before (I've played Jayce on TT, Dominion, SR, and Murderbridge). I hope what I've reported will help.

r3d log and dxdiag: