Quar, the Crystal Born

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HELLO XO EVERYONE IN THE LOL COMMUNITY ITS GAMMERTAG21 & I AM BACK. OMG you well not believe how much i missed this, instead of boaring all of you about my family getaway im just gonna post like there's no tommarow. on the 4hr drive back home i've been going over 12 different Champions i came up with on the F.G, the flight & thee hour drive....so im just gonna post the 1st one that i've made so here he is:
Quar, the Crystal Born
P.S: have'nt pick a good LORE for him yet, so that will have to come in later.

Appearance: Quar is a tall rocky humanoid (a bit taller then Darius). the front of his body looks like smoothed glazed rock, but as you go to his back side it gets a jagged & spiky with a large amount of crystals growing out of his entire back, shoulders to the elbows & on the back of the head, these crystals glow with a different array of shifting colors.

Primary: Tank. Secondary: Fighter.
Additional Roles: Player Choice. Home: Noxus. Gen: Supposably Male. Age: Unknown.
Statistics: Attack Power: 4. Defense Power: 9. Ability Power: 8. Difficulty: 5.

Health: 500(+33). Health Regen.: 2.5(+1.5)
Mana: 390 (+34). Mana Regen.: 3(+1.7).
Range: 135(Melee). Attack Damage: 35.1(+3)
Armor: 19(+2.1). Magic Res.: 31(+0)
Attack Speed: 0.628(+5%). Move. Speed: 340.

Passive: Shedding Riches.
every time Quar looses 10% of his Max HP he'll have a large chunk of crystal drop that will emit a strange energy wave with a 250-radius range that will lower all enemies Attack & Movement Speed by 10% as long as they remain in the area. if an allied Champions grabs the crystal then that allied Champion can sell it for 100 Gold.

Q-Ability: Geo Flourish. Range: Self-Cast. Cool Down: 8. Cost: 30/40/50/60/70.
Physical Damage: 23/37/41/55/68(+50% AD). Magic Damage: 56/61/78/82/99(+50% AP).
Passive: every 2nd Basic Attack has Quar grow crystals on his hands that will deal bonus Physical Damage to his next target, if an enemy Champion dies from this Passive then the crystals will fire in a 150-range 60-degree cone that will deal the bonus Physical Damage to all enemies within the cone.
Activate: upon activation Quar will cover both of his entire arms with crystals that emit an energy field, for the next 3 seconds all of Quars Basic Attacks will deal bonus Magic Damage to whatever enemy he attacks. if he kills an enemy Champion while this Ability is active he'll create a small 100-radius energy blast that well deal the bonus Magic Damage to all enemies within the area.

W-Ability: Silicon Plating. Range: Self-Cast. Cool Down: 11. Cost: 50/60/70/80/90.
Damage Reflection: 10%/14%/18%/22%/26%. Damage Reduction: 10%/14%/18%/22%/26%.
Activate: when Quar activates this Ability he'll grow another layer of rock skin that form small sturdy spikes all over himself for the next 4 seconds, while this Ability is active Qaur will have a percentage of Damage Reflection & Damage Reduction but due to the added weight of the armor he'll have 20% Attack & Movement Speed Reduction.

E-Ability: Curved Stone Hammer. Range: Self-Cast. Cool Down: 19/17/15/13/11. Cost: 70/80/90/100/110.
Physical Damage: 110/126/130/146/150(+50% AD).
Activate: upon activation Quar will pull his right arm back then grow out a large amount of rocks creating a slightly curved chunk of spiky stones, then after a 0.5 seconds delay he'll swing that arm with enough force that deals Physical Damage to all enemies within a 90-degree con in front of himself that well also push back all affected enemies back 80 range. if Silicon Plating is active after this Ability is used both his arms will be affected by this Ability for 2 seconds causing all his Basic Attacks to act as this Ability.

R-Ability: Seismic Disturbance. Range: 720. Cool Down: 110/100/90. Cost: 130.
Magic Damage: 116/216/316(+20% AP).
Activate: when Quar uses this Ability he'll slam his arms on the ground after he has picked a 150-radius spot which cause a massive bulk of blue crystals to erupt from the ground Knocking Up all enemies within the area dealing Magic Damage, after the crystal appears it will remain on the Battlefield for 4 seconds which it will create 400-radius range energy wave that will deal Magic Damage with each pulse every second.

i think i got a somewhat good LORE cooking up, basicly Quar is born within the Plague Jungle & has no intellagence, no self awarness just life & pure magical energy. he wondered to the boarder of Noxus looking for something but is not sure what it is, he is descovered by a greedy woman who takes him in only to chip away at him to use the crystals to get everyting she wanted while also tricking him to be her "son".......still tryying to come up how he was intraduced into the League.