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(Champion Concpet) Judge, That Hand of Fate

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1 Week Ago

Health: 410 (+86 Per level)
Health Regen: 5 (+0.5 Per Level)
Mana: 210 (+40 Per Level)
Mana Regen: 7(+0.5 Per Level)
Attack: 48 (+3 Per Level)
Armor: 18 (+3.5 Per Level)
Attack Speed: 0.670 (+3% Per Level)
Magic Resist: 30 (+0 Per Level)
Movement Speed: 330
Range: 125 (melee)

Passive- Kill Confirmed: Judge relishes in a job well done. Upon killing an enemy champion, reduces all CD’s by 12.5% Minion kills reduce CD’s by 1.25%

(Abilities Q,W, and E have a 5 second before being able to be swapped. Mana Cost 12.5 across all levels)

Q- Judgment’s Reach: (Judge draws his Two-Handed Sword with greater reach and damage at the expense of attack speed) Increase range by 50, and increases attack damage by 2/5/10/25/40. Reduces AS by 15% across all levels

W- Relentless Death: (Judge draws his Dual Swords for enhanced attack speed at the expense of damage) Increase AS by 10/12/15/25/40% Reduces AD by 6/8/10/15/25%

E- Guilt Streak: (Judge draws his Anti-Material Rifle for long range combat with moderate attack speed and damage) Increases range by 475. Auto Attacks now deal Base AD+ 5/10/20/50/100 as True damage

R- Final Verdict: (Empowers an ability to cast Judge’s Final Verdict on the defendant) CD 60/40/20 seconds Mana Cost 60/100/150

Q- Judge propels himself forward by the force of his sword being thrust in front of him. Damaging all units in cone area, dealing 50/100/200 Damage 50% of total AD and slowing any champions hit by the force, by 7.5% that decays over 3 second.

W- Judge relishes in the thrill of running down a victim and becomes temporarily unaffected by slows, stuns, and snares. Lasts 2/5/8 Seconds

E- Judge fires a long range skill shot in one direction dealing 60/120/250 True Damage 75% of total AD. Max range 1000

“There will be. No tomorrow!”

“Judgment is coming.”
“The Final Verdict…WILL…be executed.”

“I…will end you!”
“Do you feel…Guilt?”
“For Zaun!”

Using Judgments Reach
“Judgment…shall be cast…”
“Face…your Judgment…”

Using Relentless Death
“Quick and easy…”
“Your death…will be a quick one.”

Using Guilt Streak
“You cannot outrun…GUILT!”
“Guilty as tried!”

Using Final Verdict!
“And the verdict is!? (Q) Execution! (W) Death! (E) Guilty!”

“For you…there is no tomorrow…”
“Any last words…before your judgment?”
“You’ve been sentenced…to death!”

Taunting Jayce
“Tomorrow…Is the day that will never come…”

Taunting Caitlyn
“Outlaw! Face your crimes!”

Taunting Ezreal
“You…belong in a coffin…And I’m going to put you there.”

Taunting Twisted Fate
“Fate…Rests in my hands…”

Taunting Jax
“Master of arms…I’ll be the Judge of that.”

“Guilty…not guilty…I’ll end you either way.”
“You have the right to a fair trial. Who am I kidding, I’m Judge, jury, and executioner!”

After serving in the Noxian army, Judge became a mercenary for hire. A hired gun that went to the highest bidder. After countless kills confirmed he began to feel an emptiness with-in himself. It seemed no one could stand against him. There was no equal to his marksmanship. So he threw away his rifle and picked up a pair of swords. After finding no one that could best his swordsmanship, he found a bigger sword. He thought maybe if he hindered himself that he might find a worthy opponent. But to his dismay he still bested every mark that he was sent to kill. Knowing now that he could best any foe with any weapon, he renamed himself the One Man Army for hire. He carried with him a large, heavy, and lengthy two handed sword that was taller than he; a pair of sleek curved blades that didn’t look like they could do much harm but could slice through air faster than an automatic weapon; and finally he carried a new, hefty, anti-material rifle that looked like it could put a cannon round through a 6 foot thick wall. And it could. With his array of weapons Judge stood tall and daring the world to take him on. But he was still unsatisfied with his ability of killing. He wanted more. As fate would have it, that night the highest bidder would be a man out for revenge. A man out for blood. Except as Judge approached the individual, he came to realize that he was not completely a man. But a man, and a machine. That night Victor hired Judge to finally seek his revenge upon Jayce and all of Piltover for the destruction of his lab. As the two left for Zaun, Judge began asking him questions about becoming like him. Part machine. And if it would make him more deadly than he already was. Victor had already made plans for converting Judge, but this was just going to make it even easier. But before Victor waged his private war against Piltover, he wanted to test his new allies abilities. He found a way to get him into the Fields of Justice and into the League of Legends. Now Judge looks to make his new found alliance proud, and win the approval of Victor, as to earn himself a new life. Judge wants more than anything to become the greatest weapon of death the fields of justice have ever seen. And with Victors conversions…he feels he will become just that.

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1 Week Ago

It is supposed to be "The Hand of Fate" I don't know how it became "That" Sorry