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[Champion Concept] Kez'Irah Stormbreaker, the Spirit Champion

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As of late I’ve noticed a cry out for two things. First is a female skirmisher type while the second would be an orc. Thinking about it made me remember my days of role-playing in World of Warcraft and made me miss a few of my characters. One of which I decided to covert into a champion for the League of Legends. Lil’itha Stormcaller (later Kez’Irah Stormbreaker) was a shaman turned warrior who believed that in order to adjust to growing conflict she would need to embrace her spiritualistic side but also take her steps down a different road. And thus a Spirit Champion was born….and a spirit champion comes.

Fun Facts

Kez is the fine line between warrior and shaman as she utilizes both aspects in her attacks.
She likes a hearty dinner, moonlit decapitations and killing on the beach.
Her second taunt is a reference to a quote from Robert Jordan’s The Dragon Reborn.
Her ultimate is the same as the Blademaster’s level 6 ability in WC III.

Revealed Version

Kez‘Irah Stormbreaker, the Spirit Champion


Attack: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Health: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Difficulty: [X][X][X][X]
Spells: [X][X][X][X][X]

[X] = 1 point. Max is 10 points.


Bruiser, Hybrid, Melee

Item Recommendations

617354 617355 617356 617357 617358 617359


Blood and Thunder (Passive) -

Kez’Irah can build either ability or attack damage and depending on what she builds one receives bonus damage while the other stat receives a penalty.

Cleave -

In preparing for her next attack Kez’Irah imbues her sword with fire. Dragging the tip along the ground causes the flame to ignite and after charging it up she can unleash it in an arc in front of her. If fully charged the attack leaves behind fire which burns all enemies who walk through it.

War Cry-

The chieftess lets out a boisterous war cry that sends fear into the hearts of champion and minion alike and fills her allies up bloodlust as they receive an attack speed increase. Additionally her presence on the battle field gives armor penetration bonus to allies that surround to her.

Blade Tide -

Using this ability gives Kez’Irah a temporary speed increase and while it’s active she constantly swings her blade in a fluid motion. She also grows immune to unit collision and does damage on each strike with her blade.

Whirlwind -

Like several champs before her….Kez’Irah spins. But she keeps spinning and continues spinning! For 6 seconds Kez’Irah becomes a whirlwind of death and destruction as she does damage every two seconds. During this time she is immune to all crowd control effects and can move freely while spinning.


Upon the frozen tides of western Feljord came a ship filled with strange beings that were foreign to Runeterra. The barbarians that inhabited the coastline did not know what to make of the wayward people with no known origin or destination. It didn’t take them long to settle in, despite the growing hostility between the foreigners and the barbarians. Before long the people known as orcs had settled into a well fortified base that loomed ominously over neighboring villages.

It was Ashe and Tryndamere, the Queen and King of the Freljord barbarians, that first offered to meet with the unknown people. To those two the savagery and power of the newcomers was all too apparent even at a glimpse. Feeling an odd kinship to such hardened folks, the leaders of the Freljord offered them a pact that would let the orcs exist in peace as long as they agreed to take their place with the barbarians. After their acceptance, Ashe and Tryndamere urged them to choose a champion to represent the orcs on the Fields of Justice. Without hesitation and eager to join in a fight, the leader of green skinned orcs stepped forward.

“Even at first sight I felt as if a long lost sibling has returned home. These strangers were born of battle and hardship, not unlike my own. Their chieftess being the very embodiment of who they are…who we are.” - Tryndamere, the Barbarian King

Champion Tips

Playing as Champion

Although Kez’Irah likes to be the one to charge in first she should not be the initiator of a team fight. Instead she should follow close to the one doing that and open up with a charged Cleave first as it is the one ability that opens her up for a counter.
Both ability power and attack damage builds are sufficient on Kez’Irah, just find out which you prefer more.
Whirlwind is best used in the middle of a team fight where it can be most effective by hitting multiple enemies.

Playing Against Champion

When you see her blade drop to the ground quickly back away until she either uses Cleave or lifts the blade up again.
If you see her activate Blade Tide it would be a great time to stun and possibly trap her as more often then not it will likely trap her behind a minion wave and leave her open for attack.
The best way to avoid being struck by Whirlwind is to have your team spread out and hope she doesn’t single out your champion.

Complete Version


(Coming Soon)


League Judgment

(Kez’Irah was recommended to join the League on the words of Ashe and Tryndamere and will not receive a Judgment.)


Upon Selection:
I hear them. The drums of war!

To battle!
I lead, remember that.
In the wind’s course.
Spirits beckon.
In route.
Stop poking me and win this already.
[If clicking around her too many times.]

On the tides of blood!
When I see red, they see death.
Blood and honor!
By my blade they fall.

Kez sticks her sword in the ground before leaning on it, pushing herself up and then falling to the ground.

Bow before my might!
I ride on the winds of the rising storm, run with the sounds of the thunder. I dance among the lightning bolts as I tear your world asunder.

What in the Fel does ‘Zug zug‘ mean?!
Blood for the Blood gah….no, that‘s not it….uh, For the Hor…that‘s wrong as well…GRAAGH! Oh, whatever. I give up. Let‘s just kill something.

30 Minute Hip Hop Dance Workout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJpvv5lwEjw)
02:37-02:50, 06:35-04:42, 12:45-12:55


Health: 450 (+94)
Health Regen: 7.5 (+0.8)
Mana: 215 (+40)
Mana Regen: 6 (+0.45)
Range: 125
Attack Damage: 54.5 (+3.3)
Attack Speed: 0.643 (+3.0%)
Armor: 15.5 (+3.3)
Mag. Resist: 30 (+1.25)
Movement: 320


Bruiser, Hybrid, Melee

Item Recommendations:

Attack Damage

Berserker’s Greaves
Wriggle’s Lantern
Trinity Force
Guinsoo’s Rageblade
Frozen Mallet
Infinity Edge

Ability Power

Boots of Lucidity
Guinsoo’s Rageblade
Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
Void Staff
Rabadon’s Deathcap


Name: Blood and Thunder
Effect: If Kez’Irah stays in combat she receives a 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10% life steal and spell vamp bonus. Additionally, her build has an impact on her stats. If building Attack Damage (Blood) she has a 15% increase to that and a 5% decrease to magic damage (Thunder) and vice verse.

Effect: Kez’Irah prepares her next attack, slowing down while charging the ability. Upon using the ability again Kez’Irah unleashes a blast of fire that does 60/70/80/90/100 (+.4 AD)(+0.3 AP) to any minion or champion in an arc in front of her. If fully charged flames remain for 5 seconds, doing 10/15/20/25/30/35 (+.3 AP) magic damage each second. Cleave resets if not used within 5 seconds of activation.
Animation: Kez’Irah drags the blade through the ground which causes the tip to spark while being dragged. Upon second use she brings the blade around in front of her, unleashing line of fire. Small flames remain behind.
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8/7
Cost: 40/50/60/70/80
Range: 450
Quote: By fire be purged!

War Cry
Effect: Kez’Irah lets out a boisterous roar that stuns surrounding enemies for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and gives allies a 4/6/8/10/12% (.2% AP) attack damage increase.
Passive: Gives a 5/6/7/8/9/10% armor penetration.
Animation: She makes a general roar motion, the floor shatters under her.
Cooldown: 10
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80/85
Range: 350

Blade Tide
Effect: Kez’Irah swings her blades doing 30/50/70/90/110 (+.5 AD)(+0.3 AP) every 2 seconds to surrounding enemies. During this time she ignores unit collision and has a 10% movement speed increase. Lasts 6 seconds.
Animation: She spins her blade in a smooth, fluid figure eight as she runs. When it strikes enemy champions splashes of water appear at the tip of the blade.
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10
Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
Range: 300 radius

Effect: Kez’Irah spins around doing 50/125/200 (+.5 AD)(+.4 AP) physical damage every 2 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds. During this time she cannot be silenced, stunned, slowed, blinded, etc.
Animation: She spins around with a tornado around her. She can move while Whirlwind is active.
Cooldown: 50
Cost: 100/175/250
Range: 0, radius is 300

Overview of Abilities:

Let’s start off with her passive. Kez’Irah’s does mixed damage though her build governs which side has more of an impact. Additionally she has both life steal and spell vamp to keep her sustained while laning. The combined stat increase is to prevent her from needing to constantly go back to heal.

Cleave, [Q], not only her primary damage ability but it’s also a good way to discourage enemies from running certain directions. Especially if building ability power. It will make the ground inadvisable to pass over if unleashed while fully charged as it leaves flames behind. Using it after W is an effective way to give her enough time to prepare and then unleash the attack. Cleave is a skill shot.

[W] is quite stunning! No, really. War Cry is not just a self/group buff, it’s also used for crowd control. That’s really all it’s good for. If your carry is AD then Kez would be their best friend as she gives them damage increase with this ability.

Maybe Kez needs a quick health buff? Or maybe she needs to run down an enemy? Either way, her [E] (Blade Tide) would be the way to go. This is also a good for farming CS as it can be used to damage or last hit minions.

Whirlwind [R], like all champion ultimates, is her defining ability. Whirlwind not only does a decent amount of damage but it also makes her immoveable while on the move! She’s immune to crowd control effects and has a slight speed increase as she moves about. The best time to use this is in the middle of a team fight.

Overall, Kez’Irah could easily take a place in the middle ranks of the league. She’s not meant to be overly powerful, more along the lines of those that can hold their own.


Kez'Irah Stormbreaker, the Spirit Champion (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/KezIrahStormbreakertheSpiritChampion.jpg) This was originally going to be her Chieftess skin but I lost the default picture and am currently to lazy to redraw it. Reference to WC III Blademasters.
Marauder Kez'Irah (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/MarauderKezIrah.jpg) A subtle reference to Warcraft III’s Wolf Riders.
Juggernaut Kez'Irah (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/JuggernautKezIrah.jpg) She’s the Juggernaut, fool!
Vandal Kez'Irah (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/VandalKezIrah.jpg) [Not finished] No female vandals and a female orc that likes kicking heads in….done.


For more champions please visit:
Wulffe's Collection - Champions and Maps and Skins, oh my! (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2215916)

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Added ability art.

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Moby the White

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Lore PQWER review: as always rating out of 30 Lore is based on 5 pts: syntax, theme, league motivation, fluidity, likability. Abilities are based on 5 pts: Utility, Synergy, Theme, Syntax, Effect.

Lore: 4.9/5
Reason: you misspelled one word that i found have fun figuring out which one :P

P: 4/5
Reason: misspelled a word so i docked a partial point, plus i feel that your passive needs a time for it to become active. After so many seconds of being in battle it becomes active hence the other part of the point

Q. 4.9/5
Reason: Excellent job you lost .1 point because i was wishing for an AoE strike that went through at least 3 targets in a cone fashion much like the original cleave.

W. 5/5
Reason: loved it simple effective meets all criterion

E. 5/5
Reason: elegant design and technique wonderful new concept love it

R. 5/5
Reason: perfect title great concept

Total Lore PQWER score: 29.8/30 received a bonus point for warcraft icons

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Updated Kez'Irah with my newest layout. Also tweaked her damage ratios a bit and added it AD scaling where as before it was flat AD.