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DISCLAIMER : Most of the following points are meant to be objective. I am by no mean a professional League of Legends player. I solely have experience (over 10 000 games played), and the desire to make this game better in all aspects.

Feel free to comment about my propositions, and bring your owns if you'd like to. Thanks for reading entirely.It took (and still takes) a bunch of time to do this.

Be strict, righteous, and respectful


  • Reduce Dark Flight's Health Cost to 5% from 10%.
  • Fix Blades of Torment's particle so we can better see the actual damage pathway (better readability)
  • Increase Blades of Torment's collision "size" a bit.

Explanations :

1) The spell has everything for it to be an initiation spell (gap closer + CC). However, the cost is so high that you don't really want to lose minimum 200 HP in the later game for a meager chance to actually knock up more than 1 person. It will also slow down the filling of Blood Well, which is also intended because I feel it's too easy to fill it up and yet still has unconvincingly low results.

2-3) QoL

  • Foxfire will now shoot consecutively and not simultaneously.
    1. Foxfire will attempt to target additional enemies if the initial target dies (much like Lucian's Passive)

Explanations :

1-2) Foxfire is a little bit frustrating in the cases when (most of the time) you're trying to farm minions/monsters and you will lose a good portion of your damage because all the orbs went on a single minion.


  • Allow Mark of the Assassin to restore half the energy cost when dealing the killing blow.
  • Twilight Shroud's opacity is reduced as the duration goes.
  • Twilight Shroud reorientation :
    1. Twilight Shroud slow asset removed.
    2. Twilight Shroud now grants 12/15/18/21/24 Movement Speed.
    3. Remove Armor/MR assets
    4. Twilight Shroud increases Akali's damage and Healing (from all sources) by 10/15/20/25/30% when she's in it. Lasts 1 second.
  • Increase Crescent Slash's range to 350 from 325
  • Reduce Shadow Dance's range to 750 from 800.

Explanations :

1) Akali's main problem currently is her heavy weakness to zoning. One could easily shut her down almost entirely by cutting her the way to minions at early levels (especially mid lane), without being exposed at heavy risks in exchange -- regardless of the junglers. To deny that fact, Akali players will often have heavy Energy management problem as they'll want to, at the same time, remove the zoning threat, and farm.

2) QoL

3) I think enemies should have better opportunities to finish off an Akali albeit with some risks. On the other hands, Akali should also have more ways to create interesting plays and also use momentums effectively. Twilight Shroud isn't used much for what it should be used for.

4) Not that easy to hit, a lot of people disregard the fact that it procs the Q mark due to its low range and just use it as some bonus damage.

5) She has quite a long initiating potential, and usually can catch anyone who is fleeing by doing a first instance on a minion then the 2nd and 3rd to finish the poor guy. She snowballs extremely hard, so such mobility implies that her opponents have very few affordable counterplay against her at a point.


Pending for tests / Possible big update inc
  • Triumphant Roar rework :
    1. Will now give 12/14/16/18/20 % Movement Speed and 20/24/28/32/36 % Attack speed boosts lasting 2 seconds instead of an heal. Half these amounts are given to allies.
  • Trample now deals True Damage instead of Magic Damage.

Explanations :

1) The design of this spell doesn't fit the theme at all. Alistar is a big angry Minotaur, the spell is named Triumphant Roar, and somehow that thing HEALS. I don't know, when I'm thinking of war cries, it's not an heal that comes to my mind first. Past that issue, we have the fact that the heal is boring, doing too good a job to repair mistakes in lane while not having much impact later on. It doesn't even feel like it is a cohesive part of the kit. What I propose would allow Jungle Alistar back, would open more build paths, would feel more right, and would help engaging without having to have ToA 100% of the games.

2) The passive is somewhat good for jungling, but it doesn't really have that much impact against Champions due to it dealing only 72 magic damage (over 3 seconds) at max level. True damage would allow Alistar to have impact even if his WQ are down, which he doesn't right now.

  • Update the particle on Tantrum so it's easier to see who got hit by it.
  • Fix the damn hitbox on Bandage Toss.
  • Rework Cursed Touch: On spell or basic hit, the enemy loses 6/8/10 Armor and Magic Resistance for 1 second, half amount for minions and monsters. Doesn't stack.

Explanations :

1) Simply showing better to the Amumu player (and other people) that his emo rage has results .

2) You can seem to miss it but it still hits, need better visuals, or a better hitbox.

3)Amumu isn't the kind of Champion that will Autoattack enemies and then go in, he's a long range initiator. It means that his passive is going to waste a lot of times.

  • Clarify that Crystallize draws turret aggro.
  • Fix the bug where units could still go through Crystallize.
  • Add the possibility to re-cast Crystallize to remove the wall, after a second.
  • Reduce Crystallize's duration to 4 seconds from 5.
  • Crystallize now adds the Chilled effect on anyone who touches it.

Explanations :

1) It isn't clear, not written anywhere obvious, and it's not something you think of as it doesn't deal damage...until you learn it the rough way.

2) Says it all.

3) You can do it on Jarvan's Cataclysm, why not on Anivia's Crystallize? Trapping an ally in a wall for 5 seconds isn't fun for him, you, and the game's result. Could open a window for additional plays.

4) Blocking enemies' movement for 5 seconds is a bit high, same goes for blocking allies.

5) QoL in order for better chaining.

  • Decrease Disintegrate's Mana Cost to 50/55/60/65/70 from 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Activating Molten Shield will also give it to Tibbers.
  • Tibbers will attempt to hit the closest target when summoned.
  • Tibbers has an active life timer.
  • Reduce Tibbers' Health to 1200/1850/2500 from 1200/2100/3000.
  • Banner of Command will increase Tibbers' basic attacks' damage.

Explanations :

1) Since she now has the possibility to halve its Cooldown, Disintegrate becomes an excessively easy farm tool and yet not so much of an harass tool for that purpose.

2) Could create more plays, and deny opponents' Health when they wanna hit Tibbers.

3) Tibbers is a bit unresponsive when summoned, and you're not always up to prompt him about what to do when you summon him.

4) Quality of Life.

5) Tibbers offers an excessively easy way to tank Turrets or Dragon, it couples with my Molten Shield on Tibbers proposal.

6) QoL

  • Rework Focus :
    1. Current passive removed
    2. New effect : The further the target is slowed, the more Damage Ashe will deal to it through basic attacks and Volleys. Ratio of 1% damage per 1% slow. Stacks multiplicatively with Crits.
  • Increase Enchanted Crystal Arrow's Slow effect to 50/62.5/75% from 50%.

Explanations :

Focus Rework : First, I'll explain why the current passive DOESN'T mesh well with who Ashe is : as a Marksman, your main focus is shredding people through Auto-Attacks, which is highlighted by passives like Caitlyn's, Twitch's, or even Kayle's. On the other side, you have Ashe's passive which promotes the exact opposite ideal. Of course, the current version gives her a really good early game edge for invades and the likes, but as you buy more and more Critical Chance, the effect vanishes and you're left with not much.

Now, why is what I propose a better deal ? It promotes her identity of Frost Archer, interacts with the rest of her kit pretty well, creates good and bad lane match-ups (she's gonna be better with Thresh, Nami, Lulu, etc. and less optimal with Leona, Blitzcrank, etc.) it creates a team wide interaction that is fun to play with (see Yasuo's Ult and how many people try to promote its use).

ECA slow buff : Will promote a better potential use for teamfights, rather than try to always keep it to snipe lone key targets.

  • Increase Blitzcrank's Power Fist range to 150 from 125.
  • Static Field's passive reorientation :
    1. Static Field will go every second from each 2.5.
    2. Static Field will ONLY go if OVERDRIVE (W) is activated AND IF Static Field isn't on Cooldown.
    3. Static Field's damage reduced to 40/60/80 (+0.05 AP) from 100/200/300 (+0.2 AP)

Explanations :

1) I feel like Blitzcrank's level 1 is a bit clumsy. By that I mean that Power Fist could alternatively be a good level up option for the first level, but you won't likely reach your target. Now for Rocket Grab, you have to wait level 2 so you'll have Power Fist, otherwise it's nigh useless to attempt a grab (exceptions).

2) I took inspiration from Sivir's bonus AS through Ricochet when her Ult is activated. Not only will this allow you to control WHEN you want the lightnings to go (so no more Baron/Dragon accidental proc) but also increase Blitzcrank's DPS to a level where he's gonna actually do more in extended fights. We might see AP bruiser Bliztcrank make a resurgence with this.

  • Reduce Blaze damage to 1% of the enemy's maximum HP, from 2%.
  • Add a 0,5 % per 100 AP ratio on Blaze.
  • Reduce the casting animation on Conflagration.
  • Bug Fix : Sometimes Pyroclasm won't prioritize ablazed targets first.

Explanations :

1-2) While Brand is an slright champion early game, he tends to fall off heavily. Now what makes him great early, and decent at most late ? First there is the fact that if the enemy team doesn't stack up, Brand's damage potency is greatly reduced; main reason why he's not seen often. Secondly, in my opinion, his passive enters here to justify : it is fearsome early game, and lackluster late game. With the presented changes, it is less scary early, and scarier late game.

3) Especially when it comes in the mid-late game and thus teamfights, this spell's animation puts Brand behind because he relies on it to set as much targets aBlazed as possible to successfully increase his effectiveness.

4) QoL.

  • Added : There's a 0.25 second buffer between each Concussive Blows stacks you can apply.
  • Activating Unbreakable doesn't give bonus Movement Speed anymore.

Explanations :

1) This will nerf the Lucian/Braum lane without really nerfing the other possible matchups.

2) Unbreakable is an extremely potent spell that counters most key abilities that Champions could possible put on against it. The increased movement speed only allows him to further counters these Champions which he should have some troubles to commit to.

  • Add icons for Y.S.T.'s on the map.
  • Add an active life timer on Yordle Snap Traps.
  • Increase Headshot stacks needed to 9/7/5 from 7/6/5

Explanations :

1) Let's say that on your team, you have a Teemo, an Heimerdinger, a Nidalee, a Shaco, and a Caitlyn with wards everywhere. How do ya find your little Yordle Snap Traps?

2) Quality of Life.

3) Caitlyn's laning phase is incredibly powerful, and she doesn't even have to use the bushes to increase her optimal damage, since her power is already all over the place. There should feel a need to properly use her passive.

  • Deadly Cadence also provides 5% bonus Movement Speed per stack for 5 seconds.
  • Miasma now lasts 5 seconds from 7, but its radius increases faster. Increase damage per second to balance out.

Explanations :

1) Cassiopeia suffers from the lack of mobility she possesses, for how hard it is to maintain a high and effective micro level, she should be rewarded better than simply having increased Mana Regeneration (which isn't quite enough to sustain her high end Mana thirst).

2) The spell offers too much zoning potency, and induced power with the vision it gives and the synergy with the other spells.



  • Indicate Gattling Gun's cone width/range better when activated.
  • Now gains two free missiles when putting a point on his Ultimate.

Explanations :

1) The particle, as of now, isn't very visible, and it's not very clear what the width is and what the range is.

2) He simply doesn't have an on-demand Ultimate. What that means is that, assuming both ADC hit level 6 at the same time, his raw damage is heavily weaker for the simple sake that he needs some time to actually charge his Missiles

  • Increase Hemorrhage Stacks to 7 from 5.
    1. Adjust the damage and particle to balance it out.
  • Crippling Strike's Cooldown is reduce by 0,5 per number of Hemorrhage Stack on the hit target instead of 1.
  • Apprehend now adds an Hemorrhage Stack.
  • Adjust Noxian Guillotine with the new number of Hemorrhage Stacks (would do the same damage at 7 stacks than now at 5 stacks).
  • Improve the blood trail on Hemorrhage.

Explanations :

1-5) After further thinking, I feel like Hemorrhage is not fun because it's so easy to stack rather than just unfun because it's strong (not that it's not). These changes are aimed at reducing the overall efficiency of Hemorrhage by increasing how hard it is to gain more effects from it.

6) Hard to see.

  • Moonsilver Blade will now show the amount of stacks in an active buff.
  • If Pale Cascade's orbs are up, on Moonfall activation, the orbs will gather on Diana, shatter, and spread the damage in the radius.

Explanations :

1) Quality of Life.

2) I feel that Moonfall, while being situationally great (cancelling channels), is overall the weak spot of her kit, usually not slowing enough for her to do enough follow-up damage, so two options popped : increasing the slow, maintaining a rather bland spell, or adding some kind of special interaction with the rest of her kit.

Dr. Mundo
  • Add the amount of Health Regen provided by Adrenaline Rush in the tooltip.
  • Adjust Burning Agony's Health Cost to 5/15/25/35/45 from 10/15/20/25/30.

Explanations :

1) QoL

2) While Dr.Mundo's first few clear as a jungler feels extremely painful and scary (because you absolutely WON't be able to fight the opposite jungler were he to come), it translates into a permanent damage aura that you won't even care about because you'll have high-end Health Regen to counter it. This change aims to fix both problems.

  • Each Spinning Axe has its own Cooldown.
  • Spinning Axes won't auto-refresh when attacking structures; they will bounce off like anything else.
  • Increase Spinning Axe's Mana Cost to 60 from 45.

Explanations :

1) As Draven, you have the possibility to have two Spinning Axes at the same time. However, the game counts it as having the same cooldown for both, even if it's not correct. Which results in losing both "Axes" when you should only lose one.

2) Reducing choking power in lane.

3) Putting more weighs on Draven players to make good use of their Axe and thus a better window for enemies to put him in a weak spot, especially in lane.

  • Rappel won't make you drop automatically if you hover over a target.

Explanations :

Quality of Life.

  • Add a 1% per 75 bonus AD ratio on Agony's Embrace.
  • Remove the slight delay when she enters Vision range.

Explanations :

1) Making AD Evelynn a tad more viable, while keeping AP Evelynn safe.

2) I might be mistaken here, but there seems to be a 0,25-0,5 delay when she enters the 700 vision range before she is actually revealed. She's already strong enough and hard to avoid, that's unnecessary.

  • Increase Essence Flux's base damage to 90/135/180/225/270 from 70/115/160/205/250.
  • Make Arcane Shift's missile prioritize champions.
  • Decrease Arcane Shift's teleport range to 450 from 475.

Explanations :

1)It pales in comparison to Mystic Shot and is often utterly disregarded until you have no choices left but to upgrade it.

2) Isn't it frustrating when your Arcane Shift missile hits a minion instead of the enemy champion, especially when playing AP Ezreal? Kind of.

3) Reduce its effectiveness a tad, will still be strong and still 50 range better than Flash.

  • Add a low crow sound particle going over the Fog of War when Fiddlesticks is channeling Crowstorm.

Explanations :

Crowstorm is a mechanism that isn't totally beneficial for the game's health. As a comparison, other channeled abilities like Twisted Fate's Destiny/Gate, Karthus's Requiem, Lux's Final Spark, or Zigg's Mega Inferno Bomb all have sound and physics particles that make them discernible, even through Fog of War. Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm doesn't have a sound particle when channeling, and the physic particle is only seen when the area where Fiddlesticks is is not covered by the Fog of War. While the physic particle is arguably fine like that, being counter-able by Wards, there is no sound particle to come with it, until it's too late and... CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW...


  • Fiora attempts to attack the target after casting Lunge on it.
  • Duelist won't stack on structures.
  • Riposte Rework :
    1. A successful Riposte will reduce the spell's Cooldown down to 2.8/2.6/2.4/2.2/2 seconds
    2. Mana Cost reduced to 35 from 45
    3. Duration reduced to 1 second from 1,5
    4. Damage dealt = 50/55/60/65/70 + 0,25 Total AD instead of 60/110/160/210/260 (+ 1.0 AP)
    5. Now deals Physical Damage instead of Magical
    6. Passive now grants 7/9/11/13/15 Armor Penetration instead of Attack Damage.
  • Burst of Speed changed
    1. Renamed : The Wasp
    2. Gain 20/24/28/32/36 % AS & MS for 2 seconds. Consecutive attacks on the same target increases the Attack Speed at a rate of 8%, up to a maximum of 80% and stretch the duration to a maximum of 8 seconds.
    3. Cooldown of 14/13/12/11/10 seconds, Mana Cost of 70.
  • Blade Waltz rework :
    1. 1st Movement : Fiora sweeps in a cone in front of her for 30/40/50 damage ( + 0,5 bonus AD). Lunge allows you to jump and sweep.
    2. 2nd Movement : Same as first.
    3. 3rd Movement : Fiora spins on herself, dealing 30/40/50 (+ 0.5 bonus AD). Lunge allows you to jump and spin. You can activate Riposte while spinning.
    4. 4th Movement : Fiora thrusts in a 400 range - targeted line. Dealing an additional 0.5 TOTAL AD, can critically strike. Lunge allows you to jump and thrust in the same direction.
    5. Cooldown of 90/80/70. Mana cost of 100. You have 8 seconds to do the whole Waltz. You use the skill by clicking on R, reclicking on R or Q to cast the spell. Repeat 3 times.

Explanations :

Fiora's identity is baffled at the moment, she's more a burster when she's fed than anything, which doesn't fit with the Duelist identity. There's nothing too hard playing her, few room for intense counterplay and timing needs which is what a true fencer relies on. This rework looks into fixing this problem.

1) Little Quality of Life buff removing an annoying/disruptive part of her kit.

2) Not much prowess in dueling a tower.

Riposte Rework : Heavily inspired by Raphael from Soul Caliber who can basically parry your attack then combo your ass out. It rewards good timing, execution, and feels great to use and also to counterplay (playing against).
The amount of micro required will propel her skill ceiling, it should definitely feel fresh.
As for the Armor Penetration instead of Attack Damage it allows us to grant her more late game scaling while also assuring she doesn't snowball out of control in and out lane.

Burst Of Speed changes : Again a bit inspired by Raphael's flurry moves, this has the same idea in mind than her old version, but with an increased focus over Jungling, and exhaustive duels.

Blade Of Waltz rework : You can see I took the name very literally here (and I expect people to hear their favorite Waltz music when reading this). Basically, it's a mechanically complex 4-way Ult that allows Fiora to flow through teamfights/skirmishes with grace and poise. Using Lounge at the right time here will be crucial and heavily situation dependant.

  • Seastone Trident activation resets auto-attack timer.
  • Reduce Playful/Trickster's damage to 50/100/150/200/250 from 70/120/170/220/270.

Explanations :

1) Mainly to help Fizz closing in in close combat, his attack frame being slow.

2) Fizz's damage output can be insanely high; his high mobility allows safety even though he hurts a lot. As a spell that allows him to become untargetable, I feel it should be more oriented towards the actual utility than overall damage. Just like Vlad's pool doesn't really hurt. Furthermore, it allows Fizz to waveclear too well for a Burst type mobile Assassin.

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  • Grog-Soaked Blade is now Remove Scurvy's passive. Activating Remove Scurvy removes the passive portion.
  • New Passive : Plunder : Gain 2/4/6/8 bonus Gold per kill. Killing with Parrrley doubles the effect.
  • Add an indicator on the minimap showing the location where Gangplank used Cannon Barrage on.
  • Cannon Barrage will now put an additional 10% slow per cannonball you get hit by, up to a maximum of 65/75/85%.

Explanations :

1) Doesn't feel overwhelming as a passive in comparison to similar passives, given Brand's as an example. Also it makes sense thematically ! :

2) To get back in the "pirate-y" feeling, I thought of the old "Bankplank" joke and thought it could be interesting to see this actually put in. Not only does this give a better laning phase, but it also allows you to really choose whether you want to use Parrrley for harass (losing tons of gold in the process) or for farm (lose lane because they'll all in you and gg).

3) Simply to indicate allies that may be looking somewhere else on the map that something is going on near them (as an example).

4) The Ultimate in itself doesn't offer much floor potency, there's a 25% slow and if you get hit by a maximum of 5 bullets before getting out of it, you're extremely unlucky. I feel that if the slow could ramp up like that, the overall might of the spell would be on point.

  • Increase Perseverance's Cooldown to 8 seconds from 7.
  • Reduce Demacian's Justice Cooldown at earlier levels to 140/110/80 from 160/120/80.
  • Increase Courage's bonus Armor/MR to 25% from 20%.

Explanations :

1) Perseverance allows Garen to be sustained easily and stupidly fast. It makes Garen very hard to move off of the lane for the risk you take to do it in most cases.

2) Let's compare it to a similar execution ultimate : Darius's. Not only does Darius' Guillotine has lower Cooldowns at all but last level, it also has a refresh potency and deals TRUE damage instead of Magic (thus reducible) Damage. Now what does Garen's Ultimate has that Darius' Ultimate doesn't ? Pretty much nothing but no Mana Cost (woo). They both scale on different things, Garen's on missing HP, and Darius' on Hemorrhage stacks. Just now, which one seems more reliable ? Furthermore, Darius's Ult has an AD Ratio whilst Garen's has no Ratio at all. This is the first step in making Garen's Ultimate feel better.

3) Allowing him to get some more damage while still being sturdy. Further promoting the juggernaut archetype.



  • Barrel Roll will start slowing enemies in the radius immediately, the slow grows with time. Instead of when it explodes.
  • Explosive Cast cast range reduced to 1000 from 1150

Explanations :

1) It's pretty hard to exploit the optimal damage of the Barrel Rolls, not only because Ulting someone on it is extremely hard to achieve as well as probably a waste of time, but it's also pretty easy to get out the radius.

2) I think that power of this spell is overboard, it's not about the damage really, but the simple fact that you can make someone come to you from so far away is pretty overwhelming and doesn't reward proper mastery well.

  • You now lose 1 stack of True Grit every 0,5 second when out of combat.
  • Time considered to be out of combat reduced to 2 from 3.

Explanations :

As a close range burst type Champion, Graves should have the adequate tools to properly go in and out of fights without losing all his strengths at once (cooldown and passive).

  • Reduce Devastating Charge's Cooldown to 22/20/18/16/14 from 24/22/20/18/16

Explanations :

Pretty freaking high Cooldown for the duration and effectiveness of the spell. If we compare it to Rammus's Powerball, it has an average of 10 more seconds of Cooldown for about the same overall potency.

  • Apex Turret Energy Beams' damage reduced to 175/225/275 from 180/240/300.
  • CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade's Mana Cost reduced to 80 from 85.
  • CH-3X Lightning Grenade's damage can now proc multiple times on the same enemy Champion.

Explanations :

1) The Apex Turret is more often than not the most obvious choice to take when you use your Ultimate. The damage is insane, the turret is sturdy enough to resist direct attacks for a while, and you can hide behind it with a Zhonya/Seraph etc. I think the comfort zone this ability provide is a bit too high. So I reduced the damage by a mere ~22% to begin with, it's still a 250% damage boost that splashes, slows, and is wider.

2) Not the best tool to trade in lane, not the most reliable either. A slight move to making it a bit more forgiving to use.

3) I don't quite understand why it wasn't like that in the first place. It makes it so basically no one uses it because you lose either 600 + damage that you would have from the rockets, or the (still insane) damage of the Apex turret + slow/comfort zone. It still deals less damage than the Rockets, and probably still less useful than the Turret, but at least maybe it will be considered sometimes now.

  • Ionian Fervor reworked: 10% CC Reduction for each enemy champion around Irelia, from 10/25/40% (1-2-3+ champions).
  • Reduce Ionian Fervor's radius to 1000 from 1200.
  • Show Ionian's Fervor's radius when hovering over the passive.
  • Increase Hitten's Style Mana cost to 40/45/50/55/60 from 40 at all levels.

Explanations :

1-2) As of now, it feels like Ionian Fervor is mainly made to escape ganks with ease, and just making her a nigh unstoppable force in teamfights, where she only has to stick to someone and not drop him/her unless Death ensues even if the other members of the opposite team are quite far away. Now, this change is aiming towards the latter part mostly : if the opponents are stacked, it will reward you more, if they aren't it will reward you less, which is logical at some extents. Also, in the process, it makes her a little bit more vulnerable to ganks, her already having a good survivability initially.

3) Quality of life.

4) Hitten Style is quite spammable for the power it grants. True damage and sustain in the top lane is something taht everyone dreams of as it's usually bruisers that can harass well.

  • Zephyr is on a static Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Explanations :

The main idea here to to create a deeper hole between the risk and the profit of using Janna as a whole. A bit like Blitzcrank, you'll have to choose when is the right moment to use Zephyr, because after using it you lose a bunch of Movement Speed, making you more vulnerable. As of now, Janna is a support that can remove aggression from her AD carry or herself with no big deal. What is weird now is that she's still able to go on the offensive side with ease and still do greatly. She corrects situations that would be highly disadvantageous with a bit too much ease.

Jarvan IV
  • Cataclysm duration tuned down to 2,5 seconds from 3,5.
  • Cataclysm now slows for 40/50/60% inside and a little outside the walls.

Explanations :

1-2) This is in the use of Cataclysm that we'll discern great Jarvan IV players from good Jarvan IV players. But seriously, this change would make his ultimate feel awesome because if you use it correctly, it will make it harder for people to escape it.

  • Adjust Grandmaster's Might passive portion's damage to 80/160/240 from 100/160/220.
  • Remove the 25% reduced Area of Effect damage on Counter-Strike, replace it by 25% Tenacity.
  • Increase Grandmaster's Might Magic Resist buff's AP ratio to 0,3 from 0,2.
  • Show when you're gonna get your Third Attack for Grandmaster's Might visually (for everyone).

Explanations :

1) I feel like this damage contributes heavily to Jax winning many lane match-ups currently. On the other hand, it should also feel more powerful late game. Jax fits - should - more into the melee carry category, this change also works towards that.

2) Again, being more resistant to casters and bruisers isn't what melee carries are good for. However, they are good to be elusive to them, and that's what this change is aimed towards to.

3) This little buff also pushes Jax players towards an hybrid itemization like it used to be while not being totally squishy either since Counterstrike got his AoE damage reduction removed.

4) QoL for everyone.

  • Reduce the increased damage to Shock Blast from Acceleration Gate to 35% from 40%.
  • Increase Shock Blast's AD Ratio to 1,3 from 1,2.

Explanations :

1-2 ) It deals a huge damage. But it's not the problem. What is the problem is that you don't feel as relevant if you use the basic form of Shock Blast.

  • After 0,75 second, you can reactivate Flame Chompers to set off the explosion prematurely.

Explanations :

It's extremely silly to expect that anyone would stay in the explosion range after a whooping 5 seconds. If they don't get hit by the snare they won't get hit at all.

  • Q/Q2 Changes :
    1. Reduce Inner Flame's damage to 70/115/160/205/250 from 80/125/170/215/260.
    2. Increase Inner Flame's AP Ratio to 0.65 from 0.6.
    3. Soulflare's detonation damage will be proc'ed after 1,25 second down from 1,5.
    4. Reduce Soulflare's initial AP ratio to 0,25 from 0,30.
    5. Increase Soulflare's final AP ratio to 0,7 from 0.6.
  • W/W2 Changes :
    1. Decrease the duration of Focused Resolve/Renewal to 1.5 seconds from 2; adjust damage tics to go every 0,5 seconds from 0,66 to compensate.
  • E/E2 changes :
    1. Lower Defiance's ally radius to 600 from 700.
    2. Reduce Inspire's Movement Speed bonus to 30/35/40/45/50%.

Explanations :

Q/Q2 Changes : It's all about rewarding proper management of her spell, if she's able to snare someone in her Q2 detonation, Karma should feel great about it. Furthermore, her overall early game is extremely potent, with good harass, extremely high survivability. and overall trading potential. As a support, she's also able to zone too well while her job would normally be to poke and protect.

W/W2 : 2 seconds is a lot of time. You're going to get in their face, overextended, for 2 whole seconds, because you want your snare down. In teamfights, it's nigh impossible to keep the bond up, except if you're the focused one of course.

E/E2 : This spell is amazingly strong. It makes Talisman of Ascension jealous, envious, angry. It makes bad teamfights go the other way around, while it also allows for stupidly strong engages to be made. It eclipses her other Mantra'ed spell versions. If the rest of the kit is buffed, the power of this spell needs to drop a tad, and I'm being gentle with it here.




PENDING FOR TESTS / Rehaul in works

  • Increase Shunpo's Damage reduction to 15/18/21/24/27% from a flat 15%.
  • Reduce Bouncing Blade's Mark AP Ratio to 0,10 from 0.15
  • Sinister Steel's damage is now Physical instead of Magical

Explanations :

1) Katarina has a lot of extremely bad matchups in mid lane, when you're against, let's say a Lissandra, your overall lane presence is near to null and you don't have much options available, even farming is extremely hard. When those situations happen, having the option the endure more pain is greatly welcomed.

2-3) Katarina has quite a lot of burst when she really should be a high/fast DPS Champion based on great chains of events.

  • Decrease Base Health Regen to 6.5 from 7.
  • Decrease Range given by the active portion of Righteous Fury to 375 from 400.
  • Increase Base Range to 150 from 125.
  • Righteous Fury resets auto-attack timer.
  • Kayle will attempt to attack the closest unit instead of going for her target when Righteous Fury ends.
  • Increase Intervention's Mana Cost to 100/50/0 from 0 at all ranks.

Explanations :

1) Since she can Heal herself with Divine Blessing, it makes a lot of sustainability. She's too safe for the impact she has on a game.

2-3) Giving her a better breathing room when she doesn't have her E on, whilst also removing some extra power she doesn't really need. Granted her slow already allows her to catch on almost anybody.

4-5) Some quality of life changes to remove the confusion created with the whole switch of passive/active on this spell.

6) It's currently denying any effort to make her empty Mana at early level to be able to outrade her eventually. People like Zed, Annie, LeBlanc, Darius, Garen, Kennen, etc. Suffer a lot because of that simple fact : they can't do **** about her at level 6, even if they worked hard for it, in most cases.

  • Add a 0,5 Bonus AD Ratio on Thundering Shuriken.
  • Decrease Slicing Maelstrom's Cooldown at later ranks to 120/110/100 from 120 at all levels.

Explanations :

1) I really liked the diversity that Kennen had back when he was played as an AD bottom, I feel this addition could balance the fact that he lost some range and damage.

2) When you have a Kennen on your team, you heavily focus on him being able to Ult consistently well to have suffisant damage and lock down, which is why less downtime will serve him well considering how much risk he takes doing that.





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  • Add an indicator to Ethereal Chains, similar to the one with Orianna's Ball, that shows when the Chain is about to break.
  • Increase Ethereal Chain's delayed damage AP ratio to 0,7 from 0,5.
  • When LeBlanc use the 2nd part of Distortion, she DASHES back instead of BLINKING back.
  • Reduce the distance needed to break Ethereal Chain to 850 from 1000.

Explanations :

1) Quality of life change to help LeBlanc players to see when their spell is gonna break.

2) Making it rewarding to hold the bond 'til it's over as well as helping her late game a little bit.

3) Currently, LeBlanc can harass you a bit too safely, it allows her to avoid turret shots very well so she can safely choke you under tower. It also disrupts targeting of some spells don't have the time to be casted. She can just pressure too well with it.

4) While I agree the spell is probably the less efficient because it's the hardest to land, if it does land it is even more of a struggle to get away. Flashing usually won't help unless it hit you at max range. So there's not much you can do to get away.

Lee Sin
  • Reduce Resonating Strike (Q2)'s range to 1100 from 1300
  • Reduce Dragon's Rage knockback range to 1100 from 1200
  • Tempest/Cripple will now go on Cooldown directly if the targets affected by Tempest died before he could use Cripple.
  • Cripple will not apply Sight/True Sight anymore.

Explanations :

1) It would be the same maximum range as Q1, which means max range Q's aren't as easy followed up upon, basically nerfing his engage potential, and allowing people to escape him easier.

2) Would fit the max range of Sonic Wave (Q1), nerf his ganking and late game pick-up power.

3) Big big Quality of Life change. Those situations are very annoying, especially while jungling.

4) This is one of the few abilities in the game that negate some Champions. Akali, Twitch, Wukong, Shaco, etc. All these Champions rely on Stealth to work (especially Akali), and the simple fact that Lee is on the other team make their life impossible. The only thing that holds True Sight in his kit is Lore. Do we really want Lore to enact or not which Champion can be played or not vs Lee Sin ? It doesn't even need to give normal Sight. It's just so free, whereas Q is a single target skillshot.

  • Attempt to attack the target Leona goes on with Zenith Blade.

Explanations :

Quality of life. It's particularly frustrating when you arrive and then stun a minion instead of the enemy champion.

  • Increase base Movement Speed to 330 from 325.

Explanations :

1) It would bring her more up to par with other initiation mages (they have 335 MS), I didn't want to bring it as high either because she has probably better roaming potential than them and it could lead to her becoming FotM in the long run.


  • Reduce Lightslinger's duration to 2 from 6.

Explanations :

Lucian is all about being a high mobile, short term high damage carry. There is literally no reason for him to hold onto that passive for so long.

  • Remove Wild Growth's AoE persistent slow.

I feel that Lulu's Ult is more than anything recognize for the Health bonus and the giga knockup, the slow is there and significant while not feeling right at the same time and potentially make the skill overwhelming. So, make the ability for what it's great at, and discard the rest.[/CENTER]

  • Light Binding will emit a sound if it hit someone under the Fog of War.
  • Re-clicking on Lucent Singularity after casting it will make it detonate on arrival.
  • Decrease Final Spark's AP ratio to 0,7 from 0,75.


1) Quality of Life.

2) It adds to the decision between Burst/Harass potency and Zoning potency, also helping higher latencies users alot.

3) Decreasing a bit the immense power potential that it represents fast enough, also coupled with passive buff.

  • Seismic Shard's bonus Movement Speed will activate as soon as the spell is casted rather than when it hit the foe. However, reduce bonus Movement Speed to 12/15/18/21/24% from 14/17/20/23/26.
  • Brutal Strikes' tooltip gives the amounts of stats the spell provides.
  • Increase base Mana Regeneration to 6,75 from 6,4

Explanations :

1) As a disrupter, Malphite's job is to zone out the carries or help his own carries. In the first point, Malphite has the big advantage of being very hard to kite, which create a hole in teamfights, because he immediately removes at least a person from the fight by simply getting on him and hugging him to death.

2) Just to help people find these values easier.

3) Malphite starves way too much early, forcing him to get early Mana Regeneration in most matchups and overall making for a pretty weak laning phase.

  • Add an active timer to Voidlings.
  • Voidlings will still attack enemies with Malefic Visions even if Malzahar dies.

Explanations :

1) Quality of Life buff to help the interaction between Malzahar and the Voidlings and overall understanding of these critters.

2) Further increasing the interaction between E and Voidlings.

  • Saplings have an active life timer.
  • Increase Magic Resist per level to 1,25 from 0.
  • Increase Twisted Advance's Cooldown to 14/13/12/11/10 from 13/12/11/10/9
  • Reduce Vengeful Maelstrom's damage reduction to 15% from 20%

Explanations :

1) Quality of life.

2) Putting on par with other tanks, maybe allowing him to top/mid more often too.

3) I feel that Maokai can stick to a target way too well now with the two slows, plus the low CD high range snare (which deals more damage now too).

4) Since the Maelstrom now follows Maokai and costs less, this shouldn't mean that he's invincible. Which he almost is at the moment. Ease of use should bring a lesser impact or vice versa.

Master Yi
  • Critical Strikes on Alpha Strike will add 50% bonus damage rather than 60%.
  • You can now activate Wuju Style (E) while in Alpha Strike
  • Reduce Highlander's duration to 8 from 10.

Explanations :

1) A bit too strong, feels like an overpowered version of the old AP Yi if you're unlucky enough to get Crit'ed by it.

2) QoL

3) I don't think Yi should be as great of a chaser than he is now. He's more the elusive, gracious, fast-killing teamfighting Champion and the duration is just insane, you should feel rewarded for being able to increase the duration with kills/assists.

Miss Fortune



Rehaul Inc
  • Increase auto-attack range to 150 from 125.
  • Increase Siphon of Destruction's Cooldown to 7 seconds from 6.
  • Adjust Health cost of Siphon of Destruction to 18/33/48/63/78 from 24/36/48/60/72.
  • Improve the Visibility of Siphon of Destruction.
  • Children of the Grave's Ghost will attempt to attack the closest target if not prompted otherwise.
  • Children of the Grave's Ghost has an active life timer.

Explanations :

1) Allowing Morde a bit more range should help him farm better in between E cooldowns, especially under tower.

2-3) As the primary harass ability, it should not deplete Mordekaiser from his Health before he can really help against it. If you want to farm/harass optimally with him, you kind of need a lot of regen to start with which make him even more vulnerable to ganks. As the potency is high late, the health cost should be a bit higher. A bit higher Cooldown too to compensate for the early game buff.

4) Quality of Life.

5) Removing the fact that with the re-moving system, the Ghost is unresponsive.

6) Quality of Life.

  • Reduce Base Movement Speed to 330 from 335.
  • Increase Attack Range to 475 from 450.
  • Black Shield now lasts 3.5 seconds from 5.
  • Increase Tormented Soil's range to 1000 from 900.
  • Dark Binding's nerfs :
    1. Root duration reduced to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 from 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3.
    2. Hitbox reduced to a rational state.
    3. Range reduced to 1200 from 1300.
  • Soul Shackles changes :
    1. 45% of the damage will be dealt on the first portion, the other 55% will be dealt in the second portion from 50/50.
    2. Increase Stun duration to 2 from 1.5.
    3. Increase Slow to 25% from 20%.

Explanations :

1) Considering how safe she is in lane, even when she decides to aggro, I feel that being slower would also imply taking more risks overall. Of course it also moves a nerf to her Ult, but we'll get to that below.

2) Compensation buff for her having her Movement Speed reduced. Will allow her to be able to trade with some autos now perhaps.

3) Increasing the mind challenge and forcing a better casting timing to use it optimally. Be wise.

4) Granted she's all about long range tear downs before going in, I feel that since Dark Binding is less strong now, she could use a more extended control over where she wants to place her Soils.

Dark Binding nerfs : As we all know, not only it is extremely easy to land the spell, but it also offers a gigantic range, moves seemingly fast, deals a freaking lot of damage, and snares for 3 whole seconds at level 5 - wait didn't Fiddle's Fear, and Rammus's Taunt got their duration reduced because they were at 3 seconds ?? And they were not quite as spammable or powerful.

Soul Shackles : First of all, you should be way more rewarded to be able to hold a spell to its fullest. Also, if you whiners notice, the lost 0,5 of CC from Dark Binding is now onto the Stun + the slow got increased. Have a nice day.

  • Increase Tidecaller's Blessing's Cooldown to 12 from 11.

Explanations :

A little change that will be enough to make her more "clutch". She has an incredible lane presence which translates into a strong late game showing for sure. While her Mana Costs are high, she's not limited enough by it, neither is she through her Cooldowns.

  • Siphoning Strike's duration decreased to 3 seconds from 10.
  • Spirit Fire also removes half of the Armor Reduction amount in Magic Resist (10/12,5/15/17,5/20)
  • Increase Siphoning Strike's Cooldown to 10/9/8/7/6 from 8/7/6/5/4.

Explanations :

1) The skill is greatly forgiving as it is now. With that change, you actually need to manage it better in order to stack it instead of being able to hold onto it forever, making it unrewarding for your opponent if he's able to force you away from the Creep you were gonna kill.

2) Would increase the potency of the spell, the potency of Fury of The Sands, and make the spell feel more effective overall.

3) Since its petty mana cost, and the immense damage potential it represents, I feel like since most Nasus players will get max CDR anyway, tuning down the initial Cooldown of the spell wouldn't be too much of a problem.





  • Umbra Blade shows the additional damage value in its tooltip.
  • Differentiate Banshee's Veil from Shroud of Darkness.
  • Adjust Paranoia's Cooldown to 160/140/120 seconds from 180/140/100.

Explanations :

1) Making it easier to find that one value while playing.

2) Quality of Life.

3) Paranoid offers huge advantages to Nocturne's team and to Nocturne himself. The first Cooldown value isn't that valuable because Nocturne is limited in range and effectiveness/tankiness for its availability.


  • Ice Blast is now a lobbed skillshot. AoE Radius of 250. Range of 600. 1000 missile speed.

Explanations :

Maybe it's just me who likes Champions to be tricky and all, but I feel this kind of change would make Nunu more challenging/interesting to play. Also empowering his Jungling.

  • Reduce Undertow's Mana Cost to 50 from 60.
  • Reduce Vicious Strikes' Cooldown at later levels to 16/15/14/13/12 from a static 16.

Explanations :

1) As getting Mana on Olaf is the last thing you want (unless you really like Trinity for some reasons), I deem that this ability's cost makes Olaf's laning phase pretty hard to go through without several and frequent recalls. In some matchups, you will prefer going/have to go with Undertow first and will be forced to spam it a lot to survive while being able to farm. Being Reckless isn't the only option. Call the under-tow.

2) In the late game, Olaf would normally be able to excel in teamfights due mainly to his Ult, but also because he's gonna get hurt, and hurt = good for him apparently. Anyway, the main problem at that point is to be able to actually sustain the continued damage you take, and your opponent will surely kite you extremely easily. And you're not rewarded enough for landing an Axe as the mobility creep is strong with the meta.

  • Put Command : Attack on a static Cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • Remove Command: Attack reducing damage per subsequent target hit.
  • Allow Command: Protect to be used on allied minions.

Explanations :

1) The current Cooldown allows Orianna to deny aggression by being able to trade back damage at all times, thus having a very safe laning phase and an overwhelming dueling potency.

2) As this spell has poor base damage, ratio, and low speed now, it'd be nice that it does more than 24 damage at level 1 and 72 at level 5. Her autoattacks are better. I understand this spell is used as a positioning tool, but it's not Command: "Attack" not Command: "Position" : it's supposed to hurt a bit. Morevover, it's you who will push the lane if you direct your Ball through Minions so it doesn't necessarily advantage you.

3) Would allow another form of relocalization of the Ball, and a better ergonomy/profit of the damage portion of Command: Protect.

  • Increase Spear Shot's Mana Cost to 50 from 45.
  • Decrease Aegis of Zeonia's Cooldown to 12/11/10/9/8 from 13/12/11/10/9.

Explanations :

1) The spammability of this spell allows him to take a fast dominance upon a lane for a meager Mana Cost.

2) Allowing Pantheon to be more of a threat in later fights. Increasing the amount of time he can have his passive up and thus being inherently tankier.

  • Increase Magic Resist per level to 1.25 from 0.
  • Improve Attack frame when using Devastating Blow.
  • Reduce Devastating Blow's duration to 5 seconds from 10.
  • Paragon of Demacia's Mana cost decreased to 50/60/70/80/90 from 70/75/80/85/90.
  • Allow Quicksilver Sash to remove Diplomatic Immunity completely.

Explanations :

1) Increasing her resilience a bit. Something she's totally vulnerable to even if that makes little sense if we compare her to Champions with a similar role. (Akali has 1,25 scaling Magic Resist as an example)

2) If we compare similar abilities, both Blitzcrank's Power Fist and Nasus's Siphoning Strike feel more responsive.

3) Making it mandatory to activate the spell at the right time. Increasing mind challenge.

4) This very Mana cost is what holds Jungle Poppy back a lot. Her base Mana being pretty low, even with Blue buff she isn't up to par with other junglers. As for laning, that would help her farm under turret a bit better and have more presence overall.

5) As a Poppy player will generally use his Diplomatic Immunity on a Tank or a Support, it is not very likely to be cancelled, these two roles not really looking into buying a Quicksilver Sash. The point here is to give the possibility to be able to reduce the potency of the spell that is the only one that you can't right now. On the other hand though, if you make 5 people buy Quicksilver Sash(=8200 gold) just to counter your ultimate, I think it's enough of an exploit.

  • Increase Radius of Blinding Assault when in Valor form by 50/100/150.
  • Heightened Senses will provide a larger area for Quinn form, whilst its duration is increased to 3 seconds (from 2) in Valor form.

Explanations :

1) It just feels weird to cast this spell while in Valor form, because you have no distinct control as to what it will hit or not, the radius is way too small for that purpose, and that could help the fact that he's just a squishy Melee Carry; he'd be a bit less vulnerable.

2) It's just about logic: if I'd be some sort of falconer, and I would ask my falcon to explore the surroundings, he'd for sure have a great view of these. On the other hand, if I'm a falcon close to the ground, how the hell am I supposed to see that further ? I just have more attention to details longer, because I'm a darn falcon. Either my logic is flawed, or the raw design of this concept is (or maybe both for what I know).

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  • Increase Base Attack speed to 0,632 from 0,625.
  • Tremors does half damage to minions.
  • Reduce Tremors' Mana cost to 100 from 120.
  • Improve Tremors's graphics to show the radius clearer.
  • Puncturing Taunt no longer reduces enemy Armor on use.

Explanations :

1) Will give Rammus the possibility to do more when he successfully hook up a target than just taunt it. Also helping his jungling, and potentially allow him access to the top lane. Now people can say Rammus has an easy access to damage, I reply that Malphite does too and he has more Base and per level Attack Speed.

2) This is mainly to allow Rammus to lane more. This spell does great damage, so if you try to use it in lane to damage your opponent, you'll push your lane dramatically fast which isn't really a thing you want in most cases.

3) As the main ability that makes Rammus a threat in teamfights, it shouldn't cost him that much. It especially applies again to lane Rammus.

4) Quality of life.

5) Doesn't feel really needed in his kit, just a surplus of unneeded power that further promotes a non-interactive passive (which I'll probably change at a later date), he already has a good taunt and a knock, he's an Anti-AD, and shouldn't really be able to confront all types of adversaries the same way.

  • Dominus' damage portion scales off of 0,2 bonus Attack Damage instead of 0,1 per Ability Power.
  • Reduce Slice and Dice's range (on both casts) to 425 from 450.

Explanations :

1) Since I don't really see how Renekton could possibly take an item that would give him Ability Power and since his late game is very dull, putting a little AD ratio will make him a bigger threat in teamfights, and actually really make people want to flee him when his ultimate is activated. Also, Nasus.

2) The spell allows Renekton to escape too easily, chase too easily. It's overall very powerful and also very forgiving, especially since he's very sturdy at base.

  • Empowered Savagery doesn't grant % bonus AD anymore.
  • Increase Battle Roar's damage to 60/90/120/150/180 from 50/80/110/140/170
  • You cannot cast Bola Strike while leaping.

Explanations :

1) He's still too good and fast at assassinating people. This isn't much in itself, but promotes a greater counterplay window.

2) Little buff to compensate the 1) nerf. Also, Riot stated that they wanted Rengar to become more of a quick skirmisher rather than an assassin master, but his AoE damage remains low whilst his single-target damage is still incredibly high.

3) It leaves close to no counterplay options, because you can't move for 2 seconds which is more than what Rengar needs to kill you. He should at least have to predict your movements.

  • Broken Wings will only go towards your cursor and not a mix of go to cursor and go in front of you.
  • Reduce the recasting times on Broken Wings to 3 seconds from 4.
  • Increase Ki Burst's radius to 275 from 250.
  • Reduce the range of Valor's dash to 300 from 325.
  • Valor doesn't stop Riven's movement.

Explanations :

1) Pretty annoying and confusing mix, not only for new players but also for experimented ones.

2) Give less momentum time before you have to use the ability again, will reduce the induced fear Riven offers in lane.

3) Making it a bit better in teamfights, and also making the animation time a bit more forgiving.

4-5) Reducing the ganking/chasing power of Riven. Valor and Broken Wings have the capacity to travel 560 units now instead of 585, but she will not be paused anymore after using Valor which kinds of bring the changes flat in most cases.

  • Show in tooltips the modified values when in Danger Zone.
  • Decrease FlameSpitter's range to 575 from 600.
  • While in Danger Zone, Flamespitter will also increase the spell's range to 625.
  • Reduce Electro Harpoon's hitbox size by 10%.
  • Increase Electro Harpoon's range to 1200 from 1000.
  • Overheat duration dropped to 5 from 6 (20 heat loss per second).

Explanations :

1) Quality of Life.

2-3) Will make it even more valuable to maintain a proper amount of Heat and less of an annoyance in lane for your opponent, even if he's not aiming at you.

4-5) Making it a bit harder to hit, but also allows Rumble to use it as a proper gap closer and poke ability.

6) While you may want to use the added damage after a full spell rotation, it most of the times bite you in the end, because being unable to do anything but Autoattack for a whooping 6 seconds in teamfights is pretty bad for a mage.

  • Increase Overload's cooldown to 4 seconds from 3.5.
  • Reduce Overload's Mana ratio to 0,6 from 0,65.
  • Increase Rune Prison's snare duration to 1/1,25/1,5/1,75/2 seconds from 0,75/1/1,25/1,5/1,75.
  • Adjust Spell Flux's cooldown to 15/14/13/12/11 from 14 at all ranks.

Explanations :

1-2) Having a med-high burst attack on a potentialy 1.5 second cooldown at level 3 is pretty silly.

3) Will feel more rewarding since the Cooldown is high for the duration it has.

4) A lower cooldown will increase its potency alot, and synergize more with Ryze's other abilities, especially since the Magic Resist reduction doesn't stack.



  • Reduce Jack in the Box's Cooldown at later ranks to 16/15/14/13/12 seconds from 16.
  • Clone will properly show any buffs/debuffs the real Shaco is currently affected by.
  • If Shaco dies when the Clone is still up, it will follow the killer until destroyed or duration ends.
  • Add an Active timer to Hallucinate's clone.
  • Clone will reproduce every spells the real Shaco will use. They won't deal damage.

Explanations :

1) Making the spell a more reliable tool especially later in the game, also a better upgrade possibility when jungling.

2) Quality of Life buff helping Shaco being more Deceiving and survive longer later in the game. Allow more possibilites overall.

3) Mostly for fun, but it could help Shaco have more power in teamfights most notably since a part of him will stay after he's slain (and he's slain pretty fast I must say).

4) Quality of Life.

5) Would decrease the easiness to find the real Shaco.

  • Increase Magic Resist per level to 1,25 from 0.
  • Increase Vorpal Blade's Cooldown to a static 5 from 6/5.5/5/4.5/4.
  • Shadow Dash will also Taunt and damage Minions and Neutrals.
  • Reduce Shadow Dash's Energy Cost to 100 from 120.

Explanations :

1) As for the other very old tanks, Shen kept his no scaling Magic Resist which was fine back in the time because of the lesser Champion / Item pools, but isn't as arguably good nowadays.

2) Just too much lane control and DPS for a strong tank.

3) Would help his Jungle potency a lot. Also would create another mind challenge when using Shadow Dash so you hit the smallest amount of Minions possible so you don't push the lane and don't receive additional unwanted damage.

4) Since Shadow Dash's hitbox was drastically reduced, Shen suffers from not actually being able to trade and teamfight effectively now. He cannot even do a full spell rotation, except with a level 3 passive and don't even think about Trading in lane

  • Added : Decrease base Armor to 20 from 22.

Explanations :

Coupled with her passive, she has the highest base Armor out of any Champions (as well as the highest Magic Resist), which allows her to soak a lot of damage early until she can just walk on her enemies.




Meaningless changes until Rework comes up
  • Rework Feel no Pain: Sion has 33% chance to reduce 30/40/50 damage each time he is hit by an auto-attack, increasing up to 66% at a rate of 3% if he's hit back in a 3 seconds period.
  • Death Caress also slows enemies who hit Sion under its effect by 10/15/20/25/30 %.
  • Triggered version of Enrage will give Sion 3 Health Points per kill at all ranks from 1/1,5/2/2,5/3 but caps at 750 (need 250 minions).
  • Enrage has no cost.

Explanations :

1) Would increase his Jungle and Solo top capability.

2) Will increase his overall potency, especially since Sion lacks of a proper gap closer, his stun being just long enough for him to walk up to the target. He's too easily kited and for a melee bruiser/carry that is not what you expect.

3) Just like Nasus, Sion would have better profits in teamfights because of his ultimate and raw strenght if he's solo top, but is kind of held back because you want as much Health as possible as fast as possible.

4) Not really a thing that matters, only refrains Jungle Sion more than anything.






Pending for Tests

  • Cannot cast Infuse on Manaless or Full Mana allies.
  • Remove the delay before Wish grants its effect after being casted, or indicate in the tooltip.

Explanations :

1-2) Quality of Life fixes.

  • A sound will be emitted if Nevermore hits someone under the Fog of War.
  • Increase Ravenous Flock's AP Ratio to 0.35 from 0.2
  • Decrease Ravenous Flock's base Damage to 45/65/85 from 50/70/90.

Explanations :

1) Quality of Life buff.

2-3)My problem with Swain is that he's thrown in a "AP tank" category that is extremely hard to justify against. Yes he has a relatively strong showing in lane, but his scaling is off compared to other mages and he's forced to rely on his sustain to maintain a high level of DPS, which isn't really satisfying if you won your lane hard.

  • Increase Dark Sphere's Cooldown to 5 from 4.
  • Scatter the Weak will deal 10/15/20/25/30 % more damage if you hit your enemy with a Dark Sphere.
  • Reduce Unleashed Power's Damage per Sphere to 75/120/165 from 90/135/180.
  • Reduce Force of Will's Range to 850 from 925.

Explanations :

1) Her lane control is just too phenomenal. Couple that with a gigantic burst and CC potency and you cannot do much to win trades or lane.

2) Makes sense since technically you won't be likely to hit your Dark Sphere THEN move to propel your Sphere on your enemy has it's very hard to do and the angle will almost always not be good enough for it to be successful.

3) There is no counterplay for all the damage it can deal. Too much damage.

4) I feel the range of this spell creates two very apparent problems : a) it makes her spell chaining clunkier, by that I mean that Scatter the Weak's range is only 700, so Force of Will has 225 more which means you can't throw a Sphere at max range and Scatter it away (not that you should for obvious reasons, but now it's gonna be less of a grudge) b) it allows her to harass very effectively in lane because you usually land 2-3 Q's for sure if you do land W (which isn't that hard)

  • Improve the blood trail particle on Noxian Diplomacy.

Explanations :

Hard to see as of now.


Rework inc (maybe?)
  • Reduce Dazzle's range to 600 from 625.
  • Dazzle now deals damage without taking in consideration how far the target is away : 60/105/150/195/240 (+ 0,6 AP ratio).

Explanations :

1) Reducing both the defensive and offensive power. Making it more risky to try and engage with Dazzle, as well as less easy overall.

2) The damage versus travelling distance mechanism was great back in the time where we were seeing random duo in bot lane. Mainly AP Sion and AP Taric bot was pretty frightening. However, that "meta" is over since almost four years, and this spell has lost its effectiveness.

  • Toxic Shot can be toggled off.
  • Noxious Traps have their own mini-map icons.

Explanations :

1) Having it forced toggled makes it so Teemo can't hit his opponent when he's under his turret. Teemo already has low base Movement Speed and very low auto-attack Range, so he will already take 1-2 turret shots if he tries to attack his opponent most of the time. Anti-fun.

2) Seeing where you have your Traps placed to create more strategies and avoiding to confound your Noxious Traps for Yordle Snap Traps (if you see what I did there).

  • Decrease the Range in which Souls will spawn to 1200 from 1900.
  • Souls won't spawn unless you have vision on dying enemies.
  • Dark Passage's shield will be granted to whoever takes the lantern + Thresh when lantern is picked or returned.
  • Flay slow portion removed.

Explanations :

1-2) While I agree that Souls just shouldn't spawn everywhere on the map because it would cause an "overload" of elements on the ground, it also has an unfortunate downside : it ruins ambushes. What I mean is, if a minion of yours die in your surroundings when you and your team are hiding in a bush to gank or bait baron for instance, the enemies will know that you're nearby.

3) His kit is overfilled. He can do way too much to either peel, chase, disrupt, etc. The shield part is the less necessary part of his kit that doesn't reward clutch plays as much as the rest of his kit does.

4) Not needed at all.

  • Rocket Jump will properly match the model's location with the hitbox location.
  • Rework Explosive Shot :
    1. Now Reads : Activating the ability will make the next shot add a DoT and Grievous Wounds to the enemy, if the ability kills the unit, it will explode and deal AoE damage around it.
    2. Damage over Time of 60/70/80/90/100 (+ 0,7 AP) Magic Damage.
    3. Grievous Wounds lasts 3 seconds.
    4. AoE deals 50/100/150/200/250 (+ 0,2 bonus AD) Magic Damage.
    5. Cooldown of 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. Mana cost of 50 at all ranks.
  • Reduce Range gain per level through Draw a Bead to 8 instead of 9. (136 at lvl 18 instead of 153).

Explanations :

1) HUGE Quality of Life that has been asked for for years, literally.

2) The current design of the spell makes you push your lane if you want to get minions (basically what you want - need - as an AD carry ).

3) She's a bit too safe for her insane DPS later in the game.



  • Remove the AD reduction part of Mocking Shout (probably will replace by something later).
  • Increase Mocking Shout's range to 450 from 400.
  • Reduce Mocking Shout's Cooldown at later levels to 14/13/12/11/10 from a static 14.

Explanations :

1-3) I've never really felt that the AD reduction thing was right on a snowbally Champion like Tryndamere. Most of the time you'll be able to kill targets in a matter of ~1.5-2 seconds each. It only really served to magnify your lane's showing which is already strong, and eliminated otherwise bad matchups (e.g. vs Riven).

Twisted Fate
  • Wild Cards now has a 0,4 bonus AD ratio.
  • Decrease the duration of Destiny at later ranks to 6/7/8 from 6/8/10.
  • Increase Pick-a-Card (Red)'s AoE range to 150 from 100.
  • Destiny's Sight/True Sight only lasts 1 more second after using Gate.

Explanations :

1) Giving a more valuable farm and poke tool for those who still play AD Twisted Fate.

2) The induced power is too high, the cooldown is low, the Mana cost as well.

3) It's the most underused card of the three, and while its power is at the right place in my opinion, its accessibility isn't quite there which makes it really hard to hit multiple targets with it (which is the main difference with the other cards).

4) It counters Champions like Akali, Shaco, etc. a bit too well as well as giving Vision on everyone for a very long period of time. If that's the use you want to have, hold it longer.

  • Add a 5% per actual Deadly Venom stacks slow on Venom Cask.
  • Reduce number of Deadly Poison stack to 5 from 6, adjust damage and E accordingly.

Explanations :

1) Will create a difference between good and great Twitch players, because great Twitch players will wait that the enemies actually have Deadly Venom stacks on them before using Venom Cask. Will also bring more of the old Twitch in his new kit.

2) He lost a lot of his sheen with a quick succession of nerfs lately, allowing him to ramp up his DPS faster can make him a bit more fearsome again.

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  • Improve Particles.
  • Show Pheonix stacks in an active buff.

Explanations :

1) Just doesn't feel great overall, outdated.

2) Quality of Life.

  • Reduce Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser's Mana Cost to 100 from 120.
  • Terror Capacitor reorientation :
    1. No longer grants a shield on activation.
    2. Now applies Fear in a 325 radius around him, making enemies turn and be slowed by 30/35/40/45/50 % for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds.

Explanations :

1) Lowering down his mana starvation level a bit.

2) This sort of mechanism gives Urgot a strong and reliable kiting skill, a way to reposition briefly if he swaps someone and is in danger, and a way to redirect enemies under the fire of his E's and Q's. The shield wasn't really helping a lot and the slow on Q's was negligible in most cases.

  • When you successfully pop out the maximum amount of Blighted Quiver stacks, lesser Living Vengeance will proc.
  • Reduce the time it takes for Chain of Corruption's tendrils to reach other targets to 2/1,75/1,5 seconds from 2.

Explanations :

1) Would add reliability to his only steroid, especially in teamfights where there may not be any minions near.

2) Kind of the Brand syndrome here. By that I mean that against an organized team, this ability will probably never reach its full potency. It also forces your team to pick someone like Amumu, Galio, or Sona to hold people together for best effectiveness when you don't really want a tank/utility character when you already have an utility carry.

  • Reduce Night Hunter to 20 Bonus Movement Speed from 30, but add a + 5 MS for each affected enemy Champion.
  • The time it takes for Silver Bolt stacks to be removed is lowered to 2,5 seconds from 3.
  • Vayne will attempt to attack the target she used Condemn on.

Explanations :

1-2) Providing a tradeoff between Mobility and DPS, since Vayne has no steroids, she requires the high mobility to be effective and not caught too easily either.

3) Will make it easier to avoid the huge amount of damage, thus reducing the induced power, and the zoning potency.

4) Quality of Life.

  • Baleful Strike also stores 2 AP per Assist.
  • Baleful Strike caps at + 300.
  • Baleful Strike Mana cost decreased to 40/45/50/55/60 from 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Baleful Strike's damage reduced to 60/100/140/180/220 from 80/125/170/215/260.
  • Baleful Strike Cooldown reduced to 6/5,5/5/4,5/4 from 8/7/6/5/4.
  • Change the particle of Primordial Burst so it's less similar to Baleful Strike's (or other way around)
  • Decrease Primordial Burst AP ratio to 1,0 from 1,2.

Explanations :

1) Will reduce the need to steal Kills from your allies in order to get as much AP as possible without leaving Veigar sad.

2) Removing the feeling that you need to farm in your lane until you get + 1000 bonus damage.

3-4-5) Allowing Veigar to properly choose whether he prefer to farm and/or harass. Doing both is impossible as of now and just one isn't enough.

6) Quality of Life for both Veigar and the enemies.

7) This spell is meant to take down Ability Power users, but it also almost instantly kills other people that don't even necessarily use AP.

  • Reduce base Mana Regen to 6.5 from 7.

Explanations :

Vel'Koz has the ability to keep farming AND harassing enemies for an exhaustive amount of time before running low on Mana. He regens Mana extremely fast, and it shows even moreso when he's played as a Support. If you want such spamming potential, you should work for it; it's a bit overwhelming at the moment, even taken he's relatively squishy/

  • Using Abilities will reduce Blast's Shield Cooldown by 1 second each.
  • Blast Shield can stack with itself.
  • Reduce Assault & Battery's range to 675 from 800.

Explanations :

1-2) I feel that, even if Vi's abilities are made for strong and swift plays, she actually doesn't have much room anymore to execute them. That kind of change aims at a better control/feeling of her passive which will possibly allow her to 1) have a safer jungle route 2) execute clutch plays more often 3) brawl for a longer time *wanna box babe?

3)Coupled with Vault Breaker, she has a 1525 range initiating potential (now 1400), if we take in account that she can go VERY far with the spell itself, it just made its accessibility for power ratio too high hence the nerf.

  • Reduce Death Ray's Mana Cost to 60/70/80/90/100 from 70/80/90/100/110.

Explanations :

His range limitations on his Q makes him almost mandatory to Max Death Ray, which is at the cost of a heavy Mana starvation.

  • Swap Tides of Blood and Transfusion spell icons (subjective point).
  • Augment base Movement speed to 340 from 335.
  • Transfusion retires 3 Flat Movement Speed at every use, up to 5 stacks (-15 MS).
  • Tranfusion is 6% less effective per stack.
  • Transfusion damage part's AP ratio increased to 0,7 from 0,6.
  • Transfusion healing part's AP ratio increased to 0,45 from 0,25.
  • Tides of Blood removes a stack of Transfusion per use.
  • Improve Tides of Blood particle to reflect how many stacks there are better.
  • Tides of Blood is 6% more effective per stack of Transfusion.
  • Tides of Blood doesn't cost Health anymore, but doesn't provide bonus Healing/Regeneration anymore.
  • Tides of Blood AP ratio increased to 0,50 from 0,45.
  • Hemoplague removes all stacks of Transfusion, but you gain them back when the damage portion procs per number of enemy Champion affected.
  • Hemoplague's damage is 3% more effective per stack of Transfusion used.
  • Reduce Hemoplaque increased damage to 10% from 12%.
  • Improve Hemoplague particle.


1) Very personal opinion here, but I feel it'd fit better.

6) Quality of Life.

11) This spell can currently increase all incoming damage for up to 300% over 5 seconds (12% increase per person per second)... Says it for itself.

12) Quality of Life, to actually make the spell feel powerful.

The rest of the points are tied to his new mechanism. Basically, I felt it would be quite funnier to play Vladimir, because you would have to manage your new resource : Transfusion. Thematically, my points hold tight : he gets more Blood, he goes slower, less Blood, he goes faster. Now for the design reason, that would actually fix the biggest part of Vladimir's toxicity which is his high harass potency for the low risk that comes with it. He's not the hardest Champion to play either, even if his Range isn't that great. He's powerful, tanky, has lots of sustain, and utility. In brief too many strengths, not enough weaknesses. This little rework will reduce the Transfusion harass potency, and the damage output in general unless you focus more on building AP.

  • Reduce Thunder Claw's Cooldown to 90/80/70 from 100/90/80.
  • Increase base Armor to 22 from 20.5.

Explanations :

1) While the spell has a good damage potency, it will almost never be completely reached unless you have an "AoE CC team" which inputs the need to have that sort of team to use Volibear effectively, and since his damage is magical and falls off rapidly, it just adds to the idea of getting Magic Resist against such team composition. Thus increasing the time he can cast his ultimate will allow him to reach a better damage output.

2) Slight buff that will reduce a bit of the damage he takes through his jungle routes, will help him soak a bit more damage as he seems really squishy early, even with his passive.

  • Reduce Eternal Thirst duration of Stacks to 3 seconds from 4.
  • Hungering Strike will also hit the Neutrals/Minions with the Health to damage portion of the spell, up to 300 damage.
  • Rework Blood Scent : Passive : same as current toggled version. Active : Warwick senses the target's blood, activating half of the passive portion's bonus Movement Speed even if the target is above the health threshold, lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown of 12 seconds. 600 Range. Passive is unusable on spell Cooldown.
  • Reduce Blood Scent's Movement Speed bonus to : 16/20/24/28/32% from 20/25/30/35/40%.

Explanations :

1) Reducing the induced power of the spell while also giving room for your opponent to better avoid that damage income, thus also reducing Warwick's sustain. It will encourage kiting Warwick rather than fight him toe-to-toe.

2) Increasing his jungle capability and speed.

3-4) Increasing his ganking capability, especially making ganks possible before level 6 while not pushing the ability over the top and not allowing Warwick to gain a permanent Bonus speed.

  • Increase Decoy's damage to 100/150/200/250/300 (+0,2 bonus AD) from 70/115/160/205/250 (+0,2 AP).
  • Decoy will keep the buffs and debuffs the real Wukong has.
  • Decoy will properly follow Wukong's current movement pathway.
  • Highlight all enemies who will be hit by Nimbus Strike.

Explanations :

1) Since Decoy isn't really a reliable damage tool and since its Cooldown is pretty high, why not making it a threat ? It will also create more play options, and actually make your opponents pay for attacking the wrong one.

2-3) Quality of Life fixes. These problems are main issues to think about when you want to play Wukong since you don't necessarily want to have Buffs afterwards, and you can't totally rely on Decoy.

4) Quality of Life.

  • Mana Surge won't double its effect against Champions anymore.

Explanations :

Xerath is able to keep farming and harassing through it whilst practically never going low on Mana because his passive allows him to get a quarter of his Mana back early against a Champion, but isn't quite as meaningful late game anyway since you're gonna get Athene probably.

Xin Zhao
  • Reduce Three Talon Strike's AD ratio back to 1,1 from 1,2.
  • Increase Crescent Swipe's damage to 100/200/300 from 75/175/275.

Explanations :

1) The main reason of it is that the new passive gives him 15% Armor Penetration which increases Xin Zhao's damage, thus increase TTS's damage already. The second reason would be about the raw strength of this ability being very high now.

2) Tuning up a weaker part of his kit since I tuned down a stronger one.

  • Increase Last Breath's Cooldown to 80/60/40 from 80/55/30.

Explanations :

The upkeep of this spell makes it quite overwhelming to play against Yasuo. An increased Cooldown allows for a greater opportunity for enemies to get through his overall safety.


I don't even
  • Improve Ghouls' A.I.:
    1. Sometimes they won't instantly respond on Summoning.
    2. They stop any action when someone goes in a bush, and the re-triggering is too long.
    3. All Ghouls are now controllable, but will still act as they currently do if not prompted otherwise.
  • Yorick now has an invocation circle around him. Radius of 700.
    1. Yorick, his allies, and his ghouls gain major bonuses inside the circle under multiple circumstances.
    2. While in the Circle, his Ghouls lose 75/100/125/150 Health per second.
      1. Therefore, Healing effects CAN now extend their lifespan.
    3. Ghouls have 20 bonus Movement Speed in the Circle.
    4. If his Ghouls go out of the Circle, they rapidly lose Movement Speed and Health (20% MS/second, 2x HP loss/second)
    5. You lose control on Ghouls if they exit the Circle. You can re-catch your Ghouls in your Circle and they will gain their bonuses back.
  • Omen of War.
    1. Also have 50% bonus Attack Speed.
    2. Cooldown increased to 10/9/8/7/6 from 9/8/7/6/5.
    3. Each Attack gives 2/3/4/5/6 bonus AD to people inside the Circle (including Ghouls) (Does apply on Neutrals & Minions) up to 10/15/20/25/30 AD (the bonus lasts until the Ghoul is dead). The buff can apply on the Ghoul.
    4. Mana Cost increased to 50/55/60/65/70 from a static 40.
  • Omen of Pestilence.
    1. Also have 20% bonus Health.
    2. Persistent Slow Aura removed.
    3. Each time the Ghoul Attacks, it will steal 5% Movement Speed and give it to everyone in the Circle, up to 10/15/20/25/30% (including Ghouls). (Does apply against Minions & Neutrals). The bonus lasts 2 seconds. The buff can apply on the Ghoul.
  • Omen of Famine.
    1. Mana Cost increased to 60/65/70/75/80 from 55/60/65/70/75.
    2. Cooldown increased to a static 10 from 10/9/8/7/6.
    3. Each time the Ghoul Attacks, it will Heal for 35% of the Damage dealt to anyone inside the Circle (Including Ghouls). Does apply against Minions & Neutrals. The buff can apply on the Ghoul.
      1. Yorick also heals for 35%, down from 40%.
  • Omen of Death.
    1. Gives half stats to Yorick during Revenant (if it's in the Circle)(not during Reincarnation).
    2. Cooldown increased at later levels to 120/110/100 from 120/105/90.
    3. The Revenant in Omen of Death has reduced Health : 50/60/70% from 50/75/100%
    4. The Revenant in Omen of Death has adjusted Damage : 50/60/70 % from 45/60/75%.
  • Ghouls' Movement Speed recalibrated to 305/340/385/420 from 300/340/390/443.
  • Yorick's Base Health Regen per 5 lowered to 8 from 8.5.
  • Yorick's Armor per level reduced to 3,4 from 3,6.
  • Ghouls will see their model size decrease by 5% for every 10% Health loss (they are also bigger on cast).
  • There is now a 1 second global Cooldown.

Explanations :

The above rework serves three big purposes :

First of all, it makes Yorick's Ghouls feel more important and on the same chapter, makes Yorick feel more like a "necromancer".

The second part here is to open him more build and role pathways. With this line-up, he'll be able to Jungle and Support efficiently, without having to give up much Top or Mid potential. He's really more a teamplayer in a late game where he would just slow and ult the carry anyway.

The third and most important part is that you have to think of what you want to achieve with your ghouls, they can do a lot of things, but will you be able to optimize that potency in a given situation ? That should remove a lot of the "boredom" that enters when you play Yorick. As an opponent, you'll be able to feel good for killing the Ghouls as they are more key elements of Yorick's kit.

  • Add a 1% Current Health Cost per bounce to "Let's Bounce !" (=4%)
  • Increase Stretching Strike's AP Ratio to 0,6 from 0,5.
  • Decrease Elastic Slingshot's AP Ratio to 0,6 from 0,7.

Explanations :

1) Just because he shouldn't get free sustain from such a high disruptive spell.

2-3) Removing a bit of the awkward "burst" damage to send some more in the DPS, because that's what Zac is about you know.



  • Reduce the cast animation time of Hexplosive Minefield.
  • Reduce Bouncing Bomb's Range to 800-1350 from 850-1400.
  • Increase Satchel Charge's AP ratio to 0,5 from 0,35.
  • Hexplosive Minefield will last 6 seconds, down from 10.

Explanations :

1) The spell is highly unreliable as a damaging tool as the Animation time is long and the trigger time adds to it.

2) The annoyance of this spell can make the old AP mid Raka go hide in fear. It can be dodged for sure, but it also zone you out from your own minions as you would get hit by the radius otherwise. Usually, when you're against a mage with AoE spells, you'll try to make him choose between trying to hit you or farming/pushing; Ziggs doesn't really care about it he can do both at the same time.

3) If you use this spell offensively, you just ruined your only escape, thus I think that it should at least feel better to use it offensively if you have to make that choice. If you can lead your enemies into it when they try to rush you, it should feel worse for them as well.

4) The zoning potential is extremely high, so high that you can basically cut the way off of people around objectives (mainly at blue passage) which forces people to waste precious seconds running around or get a load of damage by walking into it.

  • Increase Heightened Learning bonus XP gain to 10% from 8%.
  • Show explosion radius of Time Bomb actively on the target (both allies and enemies see it).

Explanations :

1) The problem with his passive is that it's highly unnoticeable and you don't take as much advantage from it as you would in the past. Basically, it'll be sure you have a level advantage at the end if all goes well.

2) Quality of Life.

  • Reduce Attack Frame.
  • Seeds now have an active life timer
  • Increase Rise of the Thorns' per level damage to 25 from 20.
  • Stranglethorns' damage will be dealt when the vines retract, rather than 0,5-0,75 second after casting (so basically 0,5-0,75 more).
  • You can now Lifesteal/Spellvamp from Zyra's plants.

Explanations :

1) She has higher range than most mid, and it the missile is fast and reliable when she already has a good amount of farming and harass tools. On a comparison, Morgana has a bit more AD per level, the missile is about the same speed if not slower, but Morgana has 125 less Range...

2) Quality of Life.

3) For the actual challenge it represents to hit targets with that ..thing.. it should reward a bit more. If we take Kog'Maw for example, he has 100 + 25 per level whereas Zyra currently has 80 + 20 per level. Personally, I feel Kog'Maw's passive is EASIER to gain an optimal profit with, you can move and you even go faster; it's an instant damage. On the other side, we have Zyra with a very hard to hit passive that does less damage, you can't move, and it's linear instead of in a radius.

4) Zyra offers an incredibly high amount of Utility AND damage. Not only can she snares, hard slow, zone out people, knockup, but she can also deal incredibly insane amounts of damage with just a few items. Her plants are probably the biggest offenders for that huge damage output, but I decided to target Stranglethorns because its accessibility is great, its damage is too bursty and because I just don't understand why it would deal damage almost right away.

5) Playing against a Zyra if you're not someone like Caitlyn is extremely annoying, because if you try to deal with the plants, you're automatically getting hurt a freaking lot. It feels unfair at a point because the only available counterplay is to run away from them. Also, it's literally the only thing with a Health Bar that cannot be sustained on in the game.

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Additional content, Q&A, explanations, etc.

why did u do this
Well, I was looking at my Champion section in my other thread, and I said to myself : why not try and make a big list of changes I'd like to see for every Champion? First, it was for fun, to show to my friends afterwards, but it soon became a serious thing. As I wish to join Riot maybe one day, as a Gameplay Analyst, this is a trial I send to myself ; to see if what I can bring to the company is appreciated by myself, my friends, and for sure, the community (and maybe Rioters if they check the thread!).

I know these proposed changes aren't perfect, in a game that is in a constant evolution, reaching close to perfection is nigh if not impossible, but if they appear good enough for the community and I, that's one step forward for me, my self-esteem, and another thing to add to my resume perhaps .

It took me a bunch of time, around three months to be exact ; I developed ideas with every patch, every champion, and tried to explain my points as good as possible.

Thanks for asking anyway, that's a totally legitimate question to ask over an exhaustive work like this.


Brief explanations about Diminishing Returns and how it affects Armour/Magic Resistance stacking

Armour and Magic Resistance are subjected to a diminishing returns effect.

The equation to calculate the amount of damage reduced is :

(x / (x + 100)) * 100, x being your amount of Armour or Magic Resistance.

See the following ugly chart :

Amount of Armour/MR-------------- % Damage Reduction

50 ------------------------------------------------- 100/3
100 --------------------------------------------------- 50
150 -------------------------------------------------- 60
200 -------------------------------------------------- 200/3
250 -------------------------------------------------- 500/7
300 -------------------------------------------------- 75

You may have noticed that the more resistance you add, the lesser the jumps between values are, thus the cost to efficiency diminishes the higher your resistances are.

Health isn't subjected to diminishing returns, thus is probably a more reliable defensive tool in most cases than stacking Armour or Magic Resist.


Item Changes

Atma's Impaler
  • Send it to 1.75% of Health to Damage.

Explanations :

The only person that could still pick that and look good is tankplank or Garen, and even then, it just feels meh.

Executionner's Calling
  • Keep the 2 Gold per 5 value from Avarice Blade.

Explanations :

It's an early game item according to stats and a late item according to the Unique Passive. If it keeps the Gold Per 5 items, it will allow you to build your other items faster to compensate for the gold you could have invested better.



Feel free to hop on my Stream, I can answer your questions about this thread, and in general offer good insights :

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Is there TL;DR version ._.

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Originally Posted by Crimsonprodigy View Post


Is there TL;DR version ._.

Well, if you want, you can skip the Explanations and read the proposed changes only, and then if you need clarification, you check the Explanation for the Change you don't utterly understand.

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