My take, and logic behind the story of Gnar

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Gnar has two other siblings,a mother, and a father.
They all live peacefully in a hut/cave.Some people think Gnar lives in a village, but i disagree because the drawing would've shown more people other than Gnar and his family.
The monster that attacks Gnar's family looks similar to vel'koz because of the large eye and tentacles. Therefore i think that the monster was one of the watchers because a lot of people found evidence of vel'koz being a watcher(although he isn't}. Gnar either kills the watcher or seeing the error of it's ways the watcher leaves, but regardless i believe Gnar is pissed and goes on a murderous watcher killing spree(when he gets older and stronger}, thus they imprison him in ice. Now that the watchers are gone their magic has weakened and Gnar was able to break free.

You are welcome to disprove this.