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AD Cho - viable ?

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Well, with the current FOTM being that of tanky-dps, I`ve came up with an idea and gave that a try wich in non-ranked games worked pretty well, however I`m not sure it will work on ranked.

This is the ad Cho`Gath, and since everybody expects him to be built as a tank often I got raged at for not using that, but late game, with some feeding his is very powerfull.

First of all since he can naturally build tons of hp, you can spare the hp/def itens and go straight to AS/AD itens. In my experience it gives you an edge since its unexpected. As a tank, Cho lacks initiation, wich causes Amumu for example to be top tier whislt Cho is bottom tier, but people forget that he is one of the best burst dmg dealers in game and naturally got a passive skill that increases his dmg output a lot.

I go 21/0/9 for my masteries and get apen/crit chance reds , as/hp regen yellows and cdr/m regen blues, quints flat hp is always the best choice imho.

The boost damage from vorpal is essential, so I tend to keep it up with rupture, my skill set is more often than not - rupture, vorpal, rup, vorp, rup, feast, scream, rup, vorp, rup, feast, vorp, scream, vorp, scream, feast, scream, scream.

I start with a dagger and a health pot just in case (since your passive lets you stay in line forever as it combos with rupture) and farm farm farm and farm

When you get level 6 its party time if you`re lanning a squishy, land rupture and feast the hell out of him. If not, I like getting 6 stacks and then going back to buy the first itens.
If you got an early kill, awesome, I build as much as i can from Phanton Dancer. IMHO, its one of the best itens in game, it gives you much needed as, and extra crit chance, while also giving you dodge, wich is great, and also some extra movespeed also good since Cho has low base movespeed. Also get boots, now, thats where u get to choose, go for the basics, heavy CC - mercs, heavy AD, ninja tabi for more dodge, they run like chicken from u feast ? boots of swiftness, you`re rolling ? bersekers ....

The second iten is a must - Atma`s Impaler - some def, extra crit chance along with phantoms and the final cherry 2% of your life as damage. You should be buying this on Cho always as he is probabbly the hero that most benefits from this item in game.

By this point the game should be over already, if its not, well choose your next item accordinly, they were dumb and didnt get mardreds ? Frozen mallet to boost Atma`s,
They went for ad too ? lifesteal to keep you alive while hitting since you got more life than anyone already and will just keep healing it, (my personal favorite to take down ad carrys on 1x1 is starks), extra survivability, some def item.

Now, its essential to avoid death at all cost after you`ve stacked feast, since that will lower the damage from atmas and your survivability.

Give it a try, feedback will be awesome. Sorry in advance for typos, or anything, this my first thread, so remember before downvoting.

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Captain Netz

Senior Member


Im not able to check the numbers but with your theory a hybrid chogath would deal more dps than an all attack damage chogath. Vorpal goes up with ap and goes off every attack so im thinking attack speed > Attack damage > ability power. If you find an equilibrium between the three you could deal some massive damage and splash with vorpals. Also because your oging to be upfront as a damage dealer it will be way easier to land your abilities unlike the ap for which has to stand back and hope their rupture hits.

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I've seen a few attackspeed Chogaths, they're not bad. I do it once in a while in normal games to mess around, it's really fun. Basically I put one point into Q and W while maxing R and E and getting items that increase my attackspeed. I like Stark's Fervor and Guinsoo's Rageblade. Nashor's Tooth is also pretty good, and zeals into PD or Triforce is also good.

I run a similar build on twisted treeline where I open ruby crystal into Frozen Mallet. It's pretty effective with a team that has a single-target stun and a support char.

Good luck!