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Poppy Ult

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Crs Mischief



Just got out of an ARAM, I had Poppy. I bought Poppy a while back, played her 3-4 games, but soon after quit because she just wasn't my style. But in my last ARAM, I went over and ulted Nunu, getting ready to team fight. I honestly didn't think anything of it when I went over to pwn his face, and I realized my ult didn't go off and I got dropped in a second. Then I realized, his Banshee's Veil ate my ult. I was literally speechless. I think this needs a fix, and I don't even like Poppy. As far as I know, there isn't even an animation for when she ults someone. She gets her yellow bubble and that's it. I don't see why the BV absorbs the spell. It doesn't specifically debuff or anything.