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Leona and Diana

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Making this thread just to speculate on the relationship these two would have long and short-term. I want the communities input on how they think they would interact, just for shiggles (and also because i love them both), cause we can. Not fishing for reds, but feel free to add to this thread too.

So personally I think despite the mural in Diana's sneak peek, the two of these wonderful ladies could actually have been on fairly good terms.

While the Solari don't officially support Diana at all, I don't think Leona falls into this. She isn't one to follow convention just because others told her to. In her lore she clearly DEFIED the convention of the rakkor warriors because she felt it was right. So despite being Solari, I doubt she blindly follows their faith. Were it not for Diana slaughtering the eff out of the elders (no matter how justified she or others may think she was), I think Leona would have been fairly accepting of Diana's differing views and acceptance of the Lunari. Perhaps if Diana were willing to apologize (in a grand way, not just IM SO SOWWY) these two could form a wonderful relationship.

From Diana's perspective, I think she is at the point where she would just slaughter anyone shiny and orange. But she WAS open minded. Her first inclination might have been OMG LOOK AT THIS SOLARI BIATCH, MUST STAB AND CUT AND STUFF, but isn't there room for her to take a step back and be like "Hey wait, this Leona chick isn't judging me for worshipping the moon at all...?"

Anyways, wanna know what you guys think of how interactions between these two would go. And here's hoping if they make an animated series in LoL, there is at least one episode of badass Leona/Diana teamup ownage.

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