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In Queue ban of a player

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A68: top
eztea: top
eztea: nop

Kiziaru: mid
CalebH94: mid
eztea: i have pick before you<3

A68: then i guess we have 2 top
777TITAN777: ez
Kiziaru: same >
A68: cuz i called it
777TITAN777: dont be that guy
A68: its first call
eztea: lmoa
eztea: lmao

777TITAN777: A called it
eztea: act like i care
eztea: i have 2nd pick

777TITAN777: dont be a ****** dude
eztea: so i get what i want

A68: if hes gonna be the ******* to pull that "i have first pick" ill duotop and report
A68: no skin off my *** lol. theres no ELO at stake
eztea: no i wont duo top
eztea: i have first pick
eztea: so i got top
eztea: before him

A68: guess ur sitting in base then
A68: cuz im picking my top anyway
CalebH94: Trio top. I'm going top too
A68: ^
eztea: sounds good
CalebH94: lol
CalebH94: trio top, one bot, one mid

So this happened today, and it seems to happen every day at least once or twice. Some jerk only cares about himself and won't be a good teammate in character select.

I am suggesting this new option because there is nothing worse than a player doing this BEFORE a game has started. It creates huge animosity towards that player, and many of the others begin to retaliate by ruining the game.

Then there is the fact that if I leave, he wins and can go annoy another team. Meanwhile I would have to wait when I did nothing wrong except leave a bad situation. I could stay in game, and more than likely lose because he forced bad picks on our team. So either way I am the one that is punished for this players bad behavior. That shouldn't happen.

Here is my suggestion:

During character select, the team can vote to have someone else kicked, causing the game to end but the player kicked has to wait 5 minutes, while the other 4 players are put back into queue.

It would require 4 votes of yes to remove the player, so that this would only be possible if the entire team voted to have a player removed.

Any chats could be saved for review by the tribunal so that any misuse of this power can be dealt with as well.

I really think this would help things in queue. It would make the character select process better because any angry players would be weeded out early before they can ruin the rest of the players game experience. It would also report players for the tribunal process, making it even more likely that bad players are identified. This would only add another safeguard against mean and selfish players, and promote teamwork, which is what the whole tribunal process is supposed to be about.

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I put this in the wrong forum. Can it be moved? It should be in the tribunal forum please.