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ECC Poland Recap

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M5 make me ill. At that level of play, sportsmanship is important and they have NONE of it. Their consistent lack of respect to teams they are playing against is immature, and pathetic. Any skill they have on the fields of justice is eclipsed by their negativity and over-all bad attitudes. I personally can not wait untill they are no longer a factor in pro level play anymore. They need to have some kind of sanctions put on them by the trny sponsors to TRY and deter the kind of immature behavior that has become their hallmark. Those of us who enjoy watching these events need to make our voices heard and send a clear message to M5 that their consistent "QQing" is neither wanted or warranted and will not be tolerated.

Where was the negativity and the immaturity and the pathetic-ness, you idiot?

Read Krepo's first post.


Tell me. Does that sound like the M5 you're describing, which happens to not exist?

The words you're using to describe M5, a team composed of better players that will individually always outclass you (and me) apply to you rather nicely.

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Tswizzle SF

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This summarizes my response