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3v3 lvl 10-20 tournament

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Tournament "Friday Night Fights, Middle weights"

Round 1 Friday night 600pm/1800 EST, each team will play two other teams

1 loss and 1 win you go to 2nd chance braket,

2 loss and o win your out

0 loss and 2 wins you go to main braket

Round 2 Saturday noon EST, Each team will play in the braket order

lose, and your out

win you go on to next round

both 2nd chance and main braket will play until there is a winner for each braket

Round 3 Sunday noon EST, two remaining teams from each braket play

Best of 3 wins

-To register you and all your team members must have a profile on lolpros.webs.com (its free) and post to the tournament page with teams information

-All team members must be between lvl 10 and lvl 20 upon start tournament, for early step up matches, lvl will increase as we get close to the finnal matches.

-each team is aloud 5 back up players that also must be registered on site and listed as a team member in the team registration

-each team will declare 3 champions that they may not use as well as the other team may not use when registering there team.

-all the same rules governing LOL apply

-any team that cannot produce all members of there team upon time to start the match forfits, no exceptions.

- all results will be posted on lolpros.webs.com

-first 32 teams get to play.

- this will be every friday, and will re-occure every month on every friday of the month.

-step up matches held every friday, once a month the top four teams of the month will play for a slotted spot.

-Every six months, all the teams that made the top 32 will play, must be lvl 30 by this time.

-Winner of that gets a $1000.00 prize ( held in dec, invited teams only!!!

-@~~~~~~~Register on the Blog and Chat page on lolpros.webs.com~~~~~~~~~~@-


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Still Open to all for free, winner gets a chance to go to the UC tournament in DEC to win $1,000.00 prize