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New Balancing Version of Hide and Seek (Rules and Game Play) v.0.1

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Very Moist Pubes

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Hide and Seek
Hello People, There may be rules already out there but this is a post of hide and seek where i think people are not getting well with the other versions of hide and seek. So this version was made to balance and to have rules to be fair to all people to playing H&S.
General Play Rules
People new to hide and seek read the forums as i give it out to you.
-The Game is in total 40 Minutes.

- Seekers Must kill the hiders 5 times each at the given limit of time. If failed to do so,then seekers must surrender at the time. However, if the seekers do not kill each hider once under 20 minutes, the seekers also has to surrender.

-Seekers at the start of the game will have to come out at 2 minutes. No more, no less.

-Players are to not hide in the bases while active. If a player from the hiding team is A(way) F(from) K(keyboard), then that players deaths shall be added on to the player with the lowest deaths on the hiding team but additionally each hiding player will be able to die 6 times before being declared out. If the person is from the seeking team, then he will be able to capture a point from the windmill.

-This game MUST be played in draft mode. Do NOT play this game is tournament draft mode. Just trust me.

**These Away From Keyboard Rules Apply only to ones for sure that are AFK for the rest of the game. Do not do any of the following if for sure the player is going to come back.

***Another option is to surrender for the seeking team, because capturing the windmill will not just be a interference of the game, but also a likely chance that the seeking team will lose already since its only one person trying to find 5 people.

Rules for the Seeking Team
-You must be out of the game when you reach your limit of 5 deaths.

-You must back to your base when you reach 500 health or 20% of your hp.*

-Clairvoyance, Exhaust, and Ignite cannot be used when both of the hiders have the same of the listed spells.

-There must be a tank on your team or build as a tank. If both seekers are squishy, it wont be played fair.

-Kassidin is banned.

-Do not camp at their base.

Rules for the Hiding Team

-No champions on the team are to be used listed:
-Le Blanc

-You are only able to use ONE cc skill on them. Picking one cc skill means you will not use another cc skill of ur choice. ie.) i'm Lulu and i decide to use my Glitterlance against them.That means i wont use my whimsy or Help! Pix! on the seekers but myself.

-These are the items that are allowed to use:
-Aegis of the Legion
-Tear of the Goddess*
-Chalice of "Harmony"*
-Augment: Gravity
-Banshees Veil
-Boots of Mobility,Swiftness,Mercury Treads,Ninja Tabi.
-Catalyst the Protector*
-Eleisa's Miracle
-Locket of the Iron Solari
-Force of Nature
-Frozen Heart
-Randuin's Omen
-Soul Shroud
-Spirit Visage
-Shyrelia's Reverie
-Quick Silver Sash
-Odyn's Veil

-*You must not build into anything more than the marked item.
-Any item building into the complete item are allowed to be bought.

-You may not build any item that isn't listed ( includes damage items )

-Never Capture a Point.

-Do not Auto attack.

Anyone who fails to do the following will be penalized one point of life. If a wrong item is built, you have to sell it. Anyone that completely trolls the game by not following any of the rules will be blacklisted (For people who don't follow the rules at all with be listed on the blacklist and will notify people who shouldn't be playing hide and seek.)


If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Only comment below if you actually played my style and shared it with the other people you are playing with.


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black list Michael31198

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Junior Member


http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2359773 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2359773)

i think that rules more blance than your rules .

and this rules make more fun

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Junior Member


[Please black list the following summoners. They all picked Shaco ( Jean34000 ) eve (MaliciousMoron) and Teemo ( Mastodonte123) Thanks.
they ruined the game and made it impossible and irritating. Thanks

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We can't have gold per 5 items? I know it isn't the best idea but why not? Or the crucible?

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To be honest hide n seek sucks, u cant play a decent game were there are no trolls, just play with a lee that killed seekers intentionally and he reported us for being rude to him after he ****ed our game.

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Redeemed In Fire

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