Final Boss Veigar Special Interactions?

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Okay, I absolutely LOVE the new skin that is going to come out, Final Boss Veigar. No matter how expensive it is, I'm going to buy it. But Riot, I have one tiny request!
A Lulu and Veigar interaction with the skin.
NOW BEFORE PEOPLE GO ON A RANT, let me explain. It says Lulu and Veigar are friends, but they have no interactions. Most friends/crushes have interactions with special skins! Such as the Super Galaxy Rumble with Tristana. I would love to have either Veigar backing near an ally Lulu or Taunting by an enemy Lulu to trigger the Interaction.
He could say something like 'Come Lulu, be my Queen!' or, any famous quote from a badguy attempting to seduce a woman. Thank you Riot if you are reading this and thinking about this post!
Bumps would be useful <3