Missing Karthus VU Defile Particles?

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The Reanimated

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In the Karthus VU, there were these ghostly face particles that swirled around him while Defile was active. This is also represented in the abilityís icon and the new Karthus splash art. According to the abilityís description, they represent the souls of his victims. However, the faces are now absent altogether, with the only exception being during Karthusí passive, but only if Defile was toggled off when he died. Iím not entirely sure as to how long itís been like this. My question is whether the removal of these faces was intentional due to readability issues, or if itís some sort of visual glitch. Either way, Iíd love to see them added back in-game as they were very cool looking and without them Defile appears visually bland and dull.

This is what was mentioned, "Some of you had expressed concern about losing Karthusí abilities within each other due to color similarity, and internally we wanted to make sure players could tell the difference between abilities cast by friendly/enemy Karthuses (Karthi?). We decided to kill two Teemos with one axe by adding friendly and enemy team-color indicators to Karthusí basic abilities, so they should be more distinguishable when youíve got spells flying all over the screen. Weíve also done some optimization work on Defile, as it was originally a bit performance-heavy and visually noisy given how often itís used." - RiotSeb

An earlier change can actually be compared on Karthus' champion page, between the Defile in the champion spotlight and the less busy version with with the friendly/enemy indicator on it's perimeter in the ability demos below it, reflecting what RiotSeb said. But it was apparently changed a second time at some point. I can understand if readability was part of the decision to remove the particles, but I think it was kind of over-killed in that I will often loose track of if it's toggled on or not in full-scale teamfights, due to it being so translucent, but maybe that's just me. Is there any chance in re-adding the spirits, if perhaps to a lesser intensity, for more visual flair and gameplay clarity?

If I could get a Red to confirm or deny whether this second change was intentional or not, it would be greatly appreciated.