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Camera Change Suggestion

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So, as we all know, many people who play with their screen locked (myself included) often have the issue of not playing well, due to the HUD covering up champions, blocking sight for skill shots, etc.

My suggestion? Increase the amount you can zoom out by.

There. How hard would that be? By zooming out a little further, it eliminates 90% of the problems most people face. Most people, especially on Purple, find that they can't land skillshots or see champions coming towards them because their skill HUD and face/map HUD. With the this, if Riot makes you able to zoom out so that you can see just around your area of sight at maximum zoom, I feel that many players who play with their screen locked would have a LOT more success.

I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this before, I'm sure I'm not the first, but if anyone else agrees, or disagrees, please leave a comment below.

I've heard talk of Riot discussing plans of maybe altering the camera angle, as well. Bird's Eye View is what I'm personally hoping for.

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they already stated this won't happen since it'll give players with faster PCs an advantage.

however, it would be preferrable to giving 1 side (blue) a constant advantage.

but w/e... riot is a riot.