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How to improve ping?

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Shotgun Heavy

Junior Member


At the title says, I'm wondering how I can improve my ping for LoL. In other games I play, such as TF2, I usually have a ping of around under 100 on the servers I play on. When I play LoL, I usually always have 140 ping, which to be honest, is fine. Sometimes I get lucky and join a game for LoL and have under 100 ping, but it isn't very common. Now I have around 160 ping for some reason, and the slight delay is a bit of a nuisance.

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Hi Shotgun,

If you go to http://pingtest.net you can get an idea of what your ping is truly like. If this is a low number, there may not be anything you can do unfortunately.

I'm getting around 160-180 ping ingame, yet speedtest is giving me 39 ping. This is because I'm halfway around the world however (UK), and there's not much more I can do apart from go to the European servers :-(

If your ping is high however, you can try:

1) If wireless, try going wired
2) Make sure there's no programs downloading or uploading anywhere on your network, as this can cause issues