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Biscuitz w Jelly




Innate(Mid or I feed) He loses 20% damage for each allied champion nearby.

i laughed so damn hard in my night class

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Dealtora,thief of elements ip:7300 rp:7300 ip+rp will increase every season since he's op.


Passive:elemental theif.Dealtora basic attack gives him 10-15-20-25-30 gold slows,bleed and poison the target by 10%.
cost:30/40/50/60/70 cooldown:20/19/18/17/16 seconds
Q:Blazing storm of ice.deals 100-150-200-250-300(25%AD+)(25%AP+)in a large area slows and burns any minion/monster/champion in it for 1-2-3-4-5 seconds slows for 20%-25%-30%35%40% burns 10-15-20-25-30 magic damage and steal 20 gold every second when it hits a enemy champion last 13 seconds.

cost:40/45/50/55/60 mana cooldown:20/18/16/14/12 seconds
W:Nature's rain.deals 155-210-320-375-400 damage thorn come up to snare champions only thorns deal 100-150-200-250-300 and Dealtora gains 10 gold every time it kills a minion or monster doubles aginst champions bigger minions and bigger monsters last 10 seconds.

E:Poison death.Dealtora calls the gods to summon a pit filled with poison.poison deals 50-55-60-65-70(100%AP+) per second steals 10 gold for each minion or monster killed.steals 15/20/25/30/35 if it kills big monsters and champions.gives Dealtora an extra 20/25/30/35 gold if insta-kills a minion/monster/champion.

cost:100/200/300 cooldown:180/140/100 seconds
R:Elemental light:pulls all enemies near Dealtora towards him and deals 300-400-500 damage and slows(30%-40%-50%),stuns(1-2-3 seconds),burns(30-40-50 magic damage for 2-4-6 seconds),poison(10-20-30 magic damage for 2-4-6 seconds),snare(2-4-6 seconds),taunt(3-6-9) and bleed(5-10-15 magic damage for 2-4-6 seconds) the target.

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The Master Commander

Xarr is a melee AD champion which can also be used as support.

Passive (Avenge) - When himself or an ally dies, the enemy unit that got the kill is slowed and is visible on the map for that duration.

Q (Quick Escape) - Xarr rolls forward and gains a short boost of movement speed for a short period of time.

W (Gas Attack) - Xarr places a gas mask on a selected ally or himself which grants the target increased armor and health. On the other hand, if the gas mask is placed on an enemy champion, it gets poisoned and stunned for a short duration.

E (Sacrifice) - Xarr switches positions with a nearby ally. As soon as he switches, the ally gets a movement speed and armor boost. Enemies near Xarr after switching are damaged.

R (Shoot Down) - Xarr calls his soldiers for help. 2 helicopters appear over target location anywhere over the map and shoot all enemies with Machine Guns dealing massive damage. Enemies are silenced and feared due to the sudden attack.

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The Light Bringer

Luminos is an AP mage.

Passive (Illuminate) - Upon death, Luminos explodes into light revealing the map for a short duration.

Q (Cursed Orb) - Luminos throws an orb of light next to him which can be detonated by activating the move again. Enemies struck by the AoE damage are also slowed.

W (Attraction) - Luminos transforms into a source of light and enemies nearby follow him for the duration of the move like insects attracted to light.

E (Light Dash) - Luminos dashes forward at the speed of light. Enemies struck are damaged and stunned. If an enemy is killed the cooldown on all his moves is reduced.

R (Big Bang) - Luminos charges up the move for a short time. He then explodes into light damaging and blinding all nearby enemies. The explosion then ceases and enemies are pulled towards him and are slowed.

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The Cyborg Soldier

Warshus is an assasin and ranged. Actually I have no idea how to classify him :P
Instead of mana he has "morale."

Passive (Blitzcry) - When attacking, Cywar has increased movement speed

Q (Maxigun) - Cywar pulls out 2 miniguns and shoots at a high RoF but low damage

W (Gas can) - A poison gas canister is dropped, spreading green yellow gas in the area and dealing AoE damage. Cywar is hidden in the gas, alike the tall grass.

E (Energy snipe) - Cywar fires a thin long high damage energy beam (skill shot). If champions are hit Cywar gains morale and deals more damage at a higher AS.

R (Boom strike) - A rectangle is targeted. High damage bombs bombard the area for a few seconds.

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The Elementalist

Jango is an AP mage which can unlock any moves at any level.

Passive (Water Blessing) - Jango receives a water blessing when he gets in contact with it (Any water from the river to attacks from champions) and gains movement speed and a little health regeneration.

Q (Fire) - Jango selects a target area around him and fiery projectiles bombard the ground for a short duration damaging enemies. Enemies struck are also damaged over time alike Ignite.

W (Earth) - Jango summons a plant at target location. Enemies that walk over it are trapped as the vines entangle them.

E (Air) - Jango summons a hurricane around him which lifts him into the air and grants him great movement speed. Allies struck by the hurricane have their movement speed increased while enemies struck are thrown backwards.

R (Ice) - Jango summons a blizzard that rages across the entire field. All enemy units on the map are slowed down and damaged over time. If an enemy champion dies during the blizzard the cooldown on all Jango's moves (except this one) is reduced.

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The Stealth Reaver

Kark is a melee AD assassin champion

Passive: Sneak
Gains invisibility for 0.5 second when in enemy's vision range

Q: Pull & Strike
Kark pulls an enemy using his grapple hook and punches the foe away

W: Track Pod
Kark shoots a track pod, dealing damage and attaching an invisible ward at the enemy for a short amount of time

E: Grapple
Kark quickly shoots a grapple hook to a terrain, pulling himself towards the terrain. He then gains invisibility for 0.5 seconds

R: Stealth Mode
Kark puts on his stealth vision mask, gaining movement speed and attack speed, increased vision radius, increased critical strike chance, and the ability to see through bushes, and increases his passive to 1.5 seconds for an amount of time

Please reply about your thoughts. I love making champions xD

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Pedro, The Iron Tosser

Range, Fighter

Passive - Tangled
If Pedro attacks an enemy who is below 50% health, the enemy will be stunned for 2 seconds.

Q - Swinging Toss
Pedro throws his yo yo at a target, dealing physical damage. The attack will lift Pedro and toss him over the enemy.

W - Iron Slam
Pedro slams the yo yo at an indicated location, dealing physical damage and pushing enemies within the radius away from the location.

Pedro tosses his yo yo and tangles a target. He then pulls the target towards him. If the target is a champion, the target is stunned for 1 second.

R - World Wide
Pedro swings around with a large radius constantly with his yo yo. Enemies hit by the yo yo will take physical damage and will be launched in the air. Enemies hit by the string will be slowed for 1 second.

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Yea there's totally a whole other forum for this, "player concepts". You can DROWN in champion concepts over there.

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Fizz Striker

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I really want to see my champion on the store (Prize 7800IP 1000RP) ok lets explain

Angelus The Dragon of Justice: Ranged, Carry, Jungler. Pusher
Attack Power:-------------------------------
Defence Power:-----------
Ability Power:----------------
Passive Quick Wings: Went Angelus health drop over 15% She gains +100 movement speed and can move through units.

Q Dragon Roar: Angelus roars in a cone in front of her dealing 200 magic damage and stunning enemies in range

W Magma Tail: Angelus spins Knocking enemies in the air and dealing 180 Physical Damage enemies hitted by the tip of the tail will take damage over time

E Flame breath: Angelus will throw a fireball that deals 350 Magic damage and knocking enemies in the air

R Dragon Fury: Angelus will Throw a Fire breath in a cone in front of her Dealing 2000 True Damage to enemies in range if Dragon Fury kill an enemy The cooldown will be Refreshed and cost no mana the next time when this skill is used again