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Create your own champion!

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Junior Member


This Champion would be like a body building sized male that wields 2 pickaxes. He would be melee.
Penetrating blow
HIs passive would be an armor penetraing that scales with his level.

His first ability "Q" would allow him to throw one axe (skillshot) and upon impact reduce the enemies armor slightly for throwing the second axe (also skillshot) which would have a largly increased critical chance. This would function slightly like rumbles I believe "E" move as far as rapid fire and skill shot design.
The second move "W" would be him spinning his axes underhand together and spitting up coal/dirt at his oppenent from the terrain under him this would function like Annie's cone fire or Miss fortunes ultimate (depending on his in game balance I had the idea that the coal/dirt would become coal/dirt dust when impacting enemies and cause blindness similar to Grave's smoke bomb move.)
His third move "E" would be another skill shot and would be more utility then damage dealing.he throws a pickaxe at a distance pinning the enemies armor/clothing to the ground just "holding" them in place like a snare (not stuning or fearing or taunting) time would be based off its level ofcoure.
Now for the bread and butter the ultimate (Gas Pocket) "R" He hammers the ground in front of himself with both pickaxes causing the earth to fracture up to the center of a circle radius of AOE damage selected within a resonable distance to himself. Any enemy caught in the fracture would be come feared or stunned then once the fracture trails to the center of his designated circle of AOE the whole terrain within the circle fractures all over releasing gas within the circle throwing enemies up in the air.
All though he sounds possibly over powered its very skill shot oriented and more utilty then damage inducing but if built proper could deal serious damage

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Senior Member


Hensharo, The cursed samurai.
He would of course be a samurai.
But instead of wielding a sword whenever he attacked he would hit you with the sheathe with the sword inside it.

Cursed blade:Hensharo gains more lifesteal the lower health he is.

Crippling dash:Hensharo decreases his movespeed by 10% to begin charging a dash that the longer is charged the more it slows.

Trickery:Hensharo splits into 3 images. If you attack the wrong one he becomes stealthed for 1 second. If you attack him he gets stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Barbed dagger:Hensharo throws a dagger at his target dealing damage over time and leaving a blood trail on the ground.

Curse of the ancient sword:For his next attack Hensharo gains 200% lifesteal, Bonus damage, And bonus movespeed. If he does not strike an enemy and the buff runs out Hensharo takes a large amount of damage for he cannot sheathe his sword until it tastes blood.

Muramasa champion.
His stuff would cost health.

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naked girl that shoots things out of her boobie

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Junior Member


Shadower, the Sword Master
ATK ================
DEF =====
MGC ==
DIF ===========

Passive-Parry,Whenever Shadower is battling a Melee champion, every 2 hits from the opponent, Shadower can parry the next attack.

Q-Lungewhirl- Shadower lunges to the opponent, dealing Physical damage and then spins dealing physical damage around the area.

W-Phantom Aura- Shadower bathes himself in a aura increasing his critical chance, attack speed, and movement speed for a period of time.

E-Blade of Shadows- Shadower locks on to a enemy target, and strikes the target and silences the target for a period of time.

R-Blade Fury- Shadower locks on to a enemy target and slashes them foward 20 times dealing physical damage.

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Lead Death

Senior Member


Alright I know what you're thinking

"Generic Knight Champion? BORING! I must downvote this instantly!"

BUT DONT TOUCH THAT BUTTON! instead move just slightly to the right, and hit the green one when I show you

........................................................................... this! 552312 (at this moment you may zoom into the attached thumbnail"

Yeah thats right! A kick ass knight that takes names! The TK on his armour stands for
--what else? but "The Knight"

He's also got super deadly spikes on his shoulderpads to let his enemies know that hes a badass.

ohh ohh wait.. dont forget his awesome thunder sheild! Imbued with a picture of lightning to make it protect more, not like he'd even need it. He's so strong and tough nobodys ever going to damage him anyway...

But dont forget the piece de resistance.. his Sword! apply named "Death Sword" and rightly so, it's so sharp being struck with it could cause death.. or even worse 0.o

Anyway yeah so thats my character, his abilities would be..

q: stab (stabs your with his sword)
w: sheild (sheilds)
e: roll (rolls foward)
r: slash (Slashes with his sword)

On a serious note: A cool strong traditional champion like that would be pretty nice. It'd give us a break from these vine plant women and dark fissure dudes and little rat people to have a good well reconized champion of old join the feilds of justice.

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Senior Member


Druvin, the Slightly Retarded Brother

Q-Druvin tries to throw his axe like Draven, but he forgets to let go of the axe and propels himself clumsily on his target, causing damage and a stun.

W-Druvin has been hardened by years of being picked on, he gains passive Armor and Magic Resist.

E-Druvin tries to spin like Darius, but he drops his axe, causing damage to anyone hit by the axe and a short snare to anyone hit by the rope tied to the axe that prevents Druvin from losing his weapon.

R- Druvin goes in a ****** rage, frustrated that everyone prefers his brothers. He gains armor, magic resist, his attacks deal AoE damage and he ignores unit collision.

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Senior Member


your mom
passive: uglyness:when a enemy sees your mom then his magic resist gets lowered by 99%
Q: sit on them, minions: kills all minions on the map
W: sit on them, monsters: kills all monsters on the map
E: sit on them, champions: kills all champions on the map
R: sit on them, all: kills all enemies on the map


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Boris, the sharp.
Passive- Every 10 autoattacks he drinks out of his bottle to gain a slight stat boost and to upgrade his abilities.
Q- Knife Throw- Causes a fast knife to go in a straight line, which causes bleed damage if he drank his bottle.
W- Insult- Causes enemies to take (mental) damage and if he drank his bottle, it will taunt them for 2 seconds.
E- Knife Cloak- He covers himself in knives, going to steal mode for a few seconds, causing damage both when he pops into stealth mode, and when he pops out.
R- Flurry- Boris grabs many knives, and goes on a throwing spree, every other knife that he hits will cause a slow, and a knife that he threw after drinking his bottle will cause it to ministun.

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I'm still waiting for Angus

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alright heres mine

name Tri'ad

it might look a little like http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100512082413/bleach/en/images/a/ae/Resurrecci%C3%B3n_Segunda_Etapa.png


Health ~ 485
Mana ~ 522
Move Speed ~ 340
Armor ~28
Spell Block ~ 95
AD ~ 20
AP ~ 80


Passive:void shield: when Tri'ad's health drops below 20% a shield of voidal energy blocking 14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50%of incoming damage for 5 seconds

Q: voidal attack

In a target line Tri'ad hurls a spear of dark energy dealing 80/120/160/200/240 (+AP). Additionally at LVL.5 this move will deal splash damage equal to half the damage normally dealt
Cooldown: 10.12
Cost: 45 mana

image of voidal attack: http://images.wikia.com/bleach/en/images/a/a7/Lanza_del_Rel%C3%A1mpago.jpg

W:void warp
Tri'ad summons a void in a target area blocking that area. If Tri'ad casts this again within 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds Tri'ad will warp back to the void with increased health and mana regen
Cost: 180 mana

image of void warp: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSYjNFM_7EuC8GpOvLgs13rBhRvgnj299_X9v5SSzhEMsA51Cnf

E: voidal syphoning
in a short range Tri'ad slashes his claws covered in leeching void energy at an enemy dealing 65/87/109/131/153 (+AD) damage and healing Tri'ad for 5/10/15/20/25% of the damage dealt
Cooldown: 18.7
Cost: 55 mana

image of voidal syphoning: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqLy3iLJnFCmhFTAABrxu2XXcj-TA-fMUcpSNwz7AHjn-kLHKjWA

R: Sucumming to the void
Channeling his void energy Tri'ad gains 50% lifesteal and spell vamp. Additionally upon activation Tri'ad deals 230/290/350 (+AP) (+AD) in an area around Tri'ad
Cooldown: 129.99
Cost: 289 mana

image of sucumming to the void http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/218/f/e/ulquiorra_resurrection_by_mmagpl-d45nl5z.png

thanks for seeing