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Create your own champion!

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When Sabrina was 5 she was abandoned. She was sent to a cave along ways from the town because she was too young. As Sabrina was walking she went into a a whole new world called Jumba. She saw a cave and a beautiful moth came, and as Tweeks and Sabrina grew togther they learned how to see the whole world of Jumba. Sabrina now shows little kids how to control there powers and will always have a friend that will stay along.

Press Q: (The Moth Arrow)Sabrina sends a moth to strike a minion, each time you upgrade it turns with one more moth.
Press W: (Moth Arms) The moths turn into Sabrina's arms and can easily stun and kill a champion.
Press E: (Tweeks) Tweeks Turns into a big fury moth and destroies chapions for 20 seconds.
Press R: (Moth Queen) Sabrina turns into moths and is unkillable for 10 seconds.

Friends:Teemo and Rumble

*thx for reading this! Make sure to see Phony another Jumba Champion!!*
*from the Jumba collection*

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An old compatriot of Lucian before he lost his wife, Zuriel was known for his uncompromising behavior towards cleansing the land of its pestilence. Unlike Lucian his presence only instilled fear for under his watch nothing was safe, and only his mission was sacred. Then abruptly, he disappeared. It was said that finally found an opponent who overcame his immense resolve and had perished. But now he is back, his eyes now on the league of legends. All champions beware, for innocence does not exist in the eyes of Zuriel the zealot.

Zuriel is a transform character, switching between a monstrous melee character and a quick nimble ranged character.

He also disregards the mana system for his own resolve, which slowly increases to a max of 2000 in his human form and decreases in his monstrous form.

Passive: unyielding will ( all stats feed of off Zuriel's resolve increasing 1% for every 500 pts of resolve he has and decreasing 2% if his resolve breaks)

Q: human:cleansing shot - Zuriel fires off a shot from his stake gun, dealing ad damage plus additional damage for every stack of penance on the opponent.
W: human:Blood Penance Zuriel leaps toward a target, slicing them with a stake causing them to bleed for a short while.
E: human:Purification - Zuriel lets out an aura which crushes opponents and lifts up allies, opponents are slowed and placed with a penance stack, opponents gain movement speed.
Q: monster:Reaper's blade - Zuriel lashes out with monstrous claws dealing damage, and dealing additional damage for every stack of sin
W: monster:Deny the heretic - Zuriel digs to a target, and slings them backward a short distance, stunning them.
E: monster:sower's seeds - Zuriel's back pops open releasing a cloud of spores which confer sins onto enemy units, sins can stack up the three times and fall in three waves, also slows slightly

R: Martyrdom: Zuriel uses an ancient relic of the faith to switch between forms, while in monstrous form he loses range but gains 15% critical strike chance

Zuriel has stats close to characters such as ashe and would be a marksman/fighter

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Screem In Terror

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Passive: Each third time Venom requires an upgrade, he is able to research, or evolve one of his abilities like Kha'Zix.
Q: Toxic Gas - Venom throws a green canister that explodes, causing low damage over time and slowing your opponents in a certain field.
W: Splitter Saber - Venom can throw one of his swords, and when hitting it's target, explodes into many other swords that shoot out and damage enemies around the target.
E: Cobra's Strike - Lunge at your opponent, dealing massive damage, slicing your two toxic blades swiftly.
R: Toxic Rage - Venom is given a poison overdrive and he exudes green gas. This ultimate lasts for 12 seconds and increases the damage and effects of his abilities. He is also given plus 5 movement speed.
Research Abilities - (note: an ability can only be researched once)
Q: Toxic Gas - The canister gains spikes, and when it hits the floor, deals more damage and silences it's opponent for 3 seconds.
W: Splitter Sabre - As the mini swords hit their targets, they deal poison damage.
E: Cobra's Strike - When you hit your target, you gain plus 5 attack speed for 3 seconds.
R: Toxic Rage - The poison gas you exude slows opponents close to you.

Venom is dressed in black and bears a gas mask. The mask has tubes that connect to the container on his back. His veins are green with poison. Toxic Rage induces them and the tubes to grow neon green.

I'm 14 and I hope this character will be created. It kind of resembles Katarina.

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LockJaw (Born of the swarm)

Passive- Swarm Instinct
LockJaw can sense invisible units

Q-Ooze shot
Shoots ooze in a straight line damaging and slowing all enemies hit.

W-Tunnel and emerge
LockJaw tunnels underground(Rocks move on the surface giving out his position) for a few seconds and gains a speed boost, when he reemerges knocking up enemies for .5 seconds

E-Swift Jump
LockJaw hops on an Champion for a brief time, if it is an allied champion LockJaw will block projectiles(All projectiles lose there affect) but do a proportion of the damage to LockJaw. If its and enemy champion LockJaw will disable there auto attacks.

R-Summon the swarm
In a chosen area LockJaw will raise the swarm which will stun enemy champions and heal him per the damage dealt in the circle.

If there is anything you would like to add please do.

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League Champion

Descrpt: Guardian of Darkness
Basic:A Basic sword melee attack

Q-25 sec cooldown: His Sword turns black and the
Center turns red
+Attack Speed
+Attack Damage

W- sec cooldown:Summons 3 Black minions with
500 HP and 60 attack damage

E:-45 Sec cooldownThe area around him turns black
and causes all nearby
enemys to take slowness and 50 Magic Damage

Ultimate-50 sec cooldown: Veren becomes twice his size
his sword turns black, his eyes turn red
and he gains 1000 HP and unlimited mana and %5 sec
cooldown reduction

Advanced Info:
Works on: Abillity power
Starting HP:1000
Starting MP:600
Starting Damage:40
Starting abillity power:60
Starting Movement speed: 350
Starting attack speed: .6
Starting Armor:60
Passive:Makes current attacker to be stuned for 0.5 seconds
then slowed for 3 seconds
Apearance:A tall Hooded person with glowing white eyes
A Banished guardian of Zerourath a god of darkness
(Riot can make up the rest)
Creator: (Login)Diamire (Sumoner name)Sheranoth
Request:Please if you do look at this Champion
and if you make him please unlock him to me.
(Email) [email]andrewlikesmc@gmail.com[/email]

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SidewaysPresent; The Shape Master
Specification: Tank
Lane: Jungle

Passive: Fabricate: Upon using one of SidewaysPresent's abilities, they regain 40% of their health back, as well as changing forms, which comes with a temporary, specific buff dependent on which Spell was just used for 20 seconds. In return, all sources of cool down are reduced by half (40% cool down reduction is not possible), and all abilities go on cool down for 3 seconds after using any ability. The heal of this buff has a 45 second cool down.

Q: Front Line: (Passive) Luck Barrier: SidewaysPresent ignores 5% of all damage
(Active) Upon Activation, SidewaysPresent takes the form of a moving wall, which, upon contact, will slow and knock back (Only once). Along with this, you will gain 20 seconds of increased armor and magic resist (15/25/40). (15/17/19/21/25 second CD) (30/50/70/90/150 Magic Damage)

W: Void Blast: (Passive) Luck Engine: SidewaysPresent starts with 5% tenacity
(Active) Upon Activation, SidewaysPresent, implodes into a ball of darkness, expanding 0.5 seconds later, removing all crowd control effects, and knocking back anyone in range and slowing them. If target hits a wall, they take extra damage.
Along with this, you gain 20 seconds of extra movement speed, and the passive goes on cool down. Movement speed (+20/30/40). (15/17/20/25/30 second CD, reduces by one second for 1000 health) (20/30/40/50/70 Physical Damage, +5% of max health extra damage)

E: Ribbon: (Passive) Luck Aura: Champions nearby SidewaysPresent, including itself, gain +5 to all stats excluding lifesteal and spellvamp, critchance, mana and health regeneration.
(Active) Upon Activation, SidewaysPresent will fire a bundle of ribbons. Upon contact with an enemy champion, they become stunned, while being dragged toward SidewaysPresent. Upon contact with an ally champion, the ally and any nearby champions have the option to use the ribbon as an escape route. Along with this, you will gain 20 seconds of a team buff, which amps the passive to +15 to all stats (Others still excluded) (10/14/17/20/24) seconds CD) (Deals 50/80/100/150/200 Physical Damage)

R: Armageddon (Active) Upon Activation, SidewaysPresent increases in size significantly, and knocks up with each step. Knock ups last 0.5 seconds each, and become more frequent with each level up (Max at 6,11,16: 2 knock ups, 3 knock ups, 5 knock ups) Movement speed is lowered by 65% during use, and all tenacity is removed. In the event that an enemy is knocked up for more than 0.5 seconds, they suffer from fall damage upon decent, which is 5% of their maximum health for every second left up. SidewaysPresent cannot proc this alone under any circumstance. Along With this, you will gain (+500/750/1000) health, and (+20/40/80) armor and magic resist. Knock ups do no damage themselves.

Note: 'It' does not have a resource bar.

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Clyde- The Spy | Primary- Support(Tank) Secondary- Mage(AP)
-True sight
- 50 armor (+10 each level)
- 100 max health (+50 each level)
Q= "Stealth Ward"
50 mana Duration: 30/60/60/90/120 sec (limit 6) (hold up to 3) (Readys a ward every 10 sec)
Passive: +10 mana per sec
Active: Grants a stealth ward
W= "Tele-Shield"
100 mana 16/14/12/10/8 sec cd (Ally) 8/7/6/5/4 sec cd (Enemy)
On ally cast:
Active: Everybody in area gets a shield that absorbs 100/120/140/180/250 dmg +(armor of ally) +(ap) (last 10 sec) when ally has shield, the ally gets a buff (lasts 5 sec) that allows the ally to teleport to a nearby ward (can repeat up to 3 times) if teleport successful, ally gains double movement speed.
On enemy cast:
Active: Deals 50/75/100/200/300 +(ap) and slows targeted enemy's movement speed by 50%
E= "Vision Ward"
100 mana (limit 6) (holds up to 2) (Readys a ward every 15 sec)
Active: Grants a vision ward.
R= "See the World"
500/400/300 mana
Active: Grants vision of the whole map for 20 sec. And revels all enemy wards and disables them for 10 sec. No cd.

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Hi im S

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q- next aa is aoe extra damage and slow

w- land mine that explodes and knocks back enemies nearby

e- active kurt is adept at passing over terrain and is able to pass through natural terrain

r- kurt becomes stealthed for the next 6-8-10 seconds next 3 aa are true damage spread shot

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Panzer, the Zaunite Tank

Primary role: Tank
Secondary role: Marksman

Passive: Shock Troop
Panzer gains 1 Armor for every 4 AD.

Q: Mow Them Down
Panzer channels and activates it's minigun, dealing 100/140/180/220/260 (+0.5 AD) damage to each enemy in front of it for 2 seconds. Minions and Monsters receive double damage.

W: Ramming Speed
Panzer charges forward, travelling 800 units at double base move speed in a single direction and dealing 80/100/120/140/160 (+0.25 AD) (+1 Armor) to everything in it's path. Upon impacting terrain, Panzer stops, destroying the terrain if it is artificial.

E: Concussive Shell
Panzer fires a special shell that explodes on contact with a champion or minion, dealing 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.6 AD) damage in an area and stunning the target for 1/1.15/1.3/1.45/1.6 seconds.

R: Stinger
Panzer channels for 3 seconds, bombarding a target 500 unit wide area with 6 highly destructive explosives for the duration. Each explosion deals 200/250/300 (+1 AD) damage.

I have no idea how to make any of this balanced but we need a LITERAL tank in the game so yeah.

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Primary role:Support
secondary role:Tank

Lore: Four is a giant with four arms. no one know's his name so they nicknamed him Four for obvious reasons. Four inhabits The Shadow Isles and is obsessed with bloodshed. Four is a support so you should get tanky and support items.

Passive:Bloodshed: every minion killed adds 3 attack damage and every Champion killed adds 5 attack damage.

Q: Grab: Four reaches out to grab an enemy champion and pulls him/her/it to him dealing damage and slowing them for four seconds if you press Q twice he will hit them with his other 2 arms hitting them forward also dealing damage.

W:Smash: Four smashes the ground getting enemies in the range to go air born, damaging and stunning them for 3 seconds.

E:Extra Arms Four has spikes on his elbows BUT they're aren't really spikes! they're actually smaller arms that dig into the ground and grab an enemy's legs and holding them for 5 seconds and slowly dealing damaged due to the arms squeezing the enemy.

R:Blood-rage:Four gets into a blood-rage which greatly improves attack damage, attack speed and HP for him and all allies near Four for 10 seconds.