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Create your own champion!

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I want to see just how imaginative people can be
just create a champion and list all of his/her/it's abilities

ill start xD

Silverfang; the master of trickery (a lizard/chamelion champion)

passive: hidden. when silverfang becomes lower than 20% hp, he becomes immediately stealthed for 10 seconds

Q: whiplash. silverfang lashes his target with his tail, dealing damage and reducing their movement speeddarting bite. silverfang dashes forward. if he hits an enemy, he deals damage and gains movement speed.

w: darting bite. silverfang dashes forward. if he hits an enemy, he deals damage and gains movement speed.

e: allies. all minions and neutral monsters within a short radius of silverfang gain massive attack speed for a short time and help silverfang. (attacks who he attacks)

r: tunnel. silverfang chooses a target location and tunnels under the ground to that spot. when he emerges there is a big aoe erution that deals damage.

I hope u guys have as much fun as i did

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Innate(Mid or I feed) He loses 20% damage for each allied champion nearby.

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passive: each time you get first blood, your HP is increase by 1000, AD increased by 200 and armor + mr increased by 500

Q: Newbie punch:
deal 5000 (+100 per AD) true damage to the target

instantly teleport to a location and stealth for 10 minute

E: I-got-ur-turret-n***a
deal 20000 damage to all enemy turret in sight

R: time-to-stop-newbies!
after channeling for 2 second, deal 30000 true damage to enemy nexus

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Isnt there an entire forum dedicated to this? Pretty sure there is.

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I don't know her name ... but she'll be a telepath and telekinesist ^^

passiv : spirit invasion
when she hits someone, she knocks him back; can knock one champ only every 12 seconds

Q : projection
move the target to the wanted location. The target takes damage if hit by a wall depending on the distance travelled and is stunned.

W : hidden ressources
passiv : increases her defense and RM
activ :buffs an ally or herself, giving MS and AD

E : mental protection
shields the ally or herself and gives immunity to slows as long as the shield is active

R : spirit burst
in an area of effect, deals magical damage to all enemies while decreasing their AP and AD and buffing the allies AD and AP in the AoE

don't know if it would be good or not ... but I like projection ^^

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T-Rex with a dynamite on his back.

Passive: Ticking time bomb. The dynamite is set to blow every 5 minutes, killing Dyno himself and dealing 100 * level true damage to champions around him within 300 range, and half damage withing 500 range. Dieing by the passive counts as suicide even if Dyno is taking damage from enemy champions.

Q: Stubby arms
Dyno realizes natural selection gibbed him of his upper body might and lashes out in fury, biting enemies in front of him within an area, dealing physical damage.

W: Hungry time
Dyno realizes he forgot to eat dinner and chases the target selected, if Dyno lands the first hit on the target, he tear a chunk of the target's flesh, causing the target to bleed. Bleeding gives Dino vision of the target for the next three seconds and deals damage over time.

E: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
Tired of having no arms, Dyno swings himself full 360, knocking back enemy champions and creeps, dealing physical damage and slowing them for 2 seconds.

R: **** the Ancestors
Dyno, tired of being evolutionarily disadvantage, calls upon the powers that killed his Kin, channeling a Meteor Storm for 2 seconds in his immediate area. This will cause Dyno himself to die at the end of the ultimate duration, detonating his dynomite. If his Channel is interrupted, Dyno will not detonate unless his 5 minutes are up.

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WiIl Smith



R: spirit bomb - the ultimate clutch in the universe. No matter how badly he is beaten, if spirit bomb is used, he wins. Takes 50 minutes to charge it though

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Scumbag Lemon

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You do know that there's an entire board for this stuff, right?


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Bunny Killer

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Sandman, the Supreme Dreamer

passive: Nap Time
while standing still Sandman increases hp5 and mp5 generation. increases effect the longer standing still.

Q: sand attack
throws sand at the enemy, lowering their accuracy.

W: sleep
puts an enemy to sleep, stunning them for 4 seconds. breaks if they take damage totaling greater than 15% of their health.

E: Dream/Nightmare
When used on an ally summons a Dream which protects them from damage. multiple attacks on the ally increase the effectiveness and duration of the Dream, increasing the protection it gives for each attack. can have multiple Dreams protecting the same target.
When used on an enemy summons a Nightmare which attacks the enemy. If the enemy stays within range of Sandman the Nightmare grows and gains increased damage and duration. can grow twice. can have multiple Nightmares attacking the same target.

R: Lucid Dream
Sandman becomes a superhero, leaning to fly and gaining increased movement speed and ignores unit collision for 12 seconds. Can be activated again to teleport after channeling for 3 seconds. Can teleport up to 3 times. teleports are about half as big as TFs is now.

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Put this on the champ concept forum a few days ago but...

Gus, The Guy who doesn't want to be on a T-Rex

A mounted, very disruptive tanky AP champ. Uses a rage resource (max 100) that is only generated through ability use and is consumed by ultimate.

Passive - Mad Dino:
The T-Rex tramples everything in his path, dealing very light true damage to all nearby enemies every second and ignoring unit collision. If Gus is stationary for more than 7 seconds the T-Rex throws him off of itself and eats him, killing him instantly (does not occur while standing in the base).

Q - Violent Leap:
The T-Rex lunges forward in an attempt to knock Gus off of it, dealing medium magic damage (+ low AP ratio) and knocking all enemies struck backwards. Medium cooldown. Generates 15 rage.

W - Enraged Roar:
The T-Rex lets out a frustrated roar, slowing all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds (deals no damage). Medium cooldown.
Generates 10 rage.

E - Rampage:
The T-Rex tries to run fast enough to make Gus fall off of his back, increasing movement speed drastically and increasing trample damage from Mad Dino by (medium AP ratio) Long cooldown.
Generates 3 rage per second while active

R - Desperate Fling:
The T-Rex opens his jaws and grabs all enemy champions in a cone in front of him, then flings them behind him to try to hit Gus off of his back. Deals medium damage (+high AP ratio). Consumes 100 rage.