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Fiddlesticks Support yes or no?

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You skill build depends on opposing comp but he is viable there. Maxing dark wind + fear with a point in drain makes him annoyingly poke-oriented. It works really well with champs that tend to zone enemy champs away from minions like MF; dark wind damage is unimpressive on 1 hit but pretty devastating with 2-3 hits, which you can often get. Save fear for if they try to stun-all in you, such like Alistar or Taric stunning you then you can answer with fear + drain. Fear peels for your ADC pretty hard too.

Fiddle starts being relevant in team fights with upgraded spellthiefs, Zhonya's, and wards. More is good of course, but as long as you have sorc shoes + zhonya's you are very disruptive in team fights.