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Archangels AND Manasuma?

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So, I have a crazy question for everyone. Have you tried pairing Archangels and Manasuma with Strength of Spirit?

I run an outside-the-box jungle build for Eve when I use her, anymore, and I tried a few practice games last night, going (of all things), mana crystal + HP potions. Thanks to masteries and runes (and lots of Q/E spam), and my methodology, I was able to stay just ahead of the 2-man lane exp curve, and I had boots and Manasuma by 14:00. With Q spam and more jungling + a few ganks, I cranked my AD, farmed like hell, and got Archangels by 23:00, putting my AD and AP around 150+. This gave me a lot of respectable power, especially after I threw a Sheen onto me. As an added bonus, my 3/3 in Strength of Spirit gave me stupidly good HP regen (for not having any HP/5 items), and I never had any mana problems. I basically used my E every time it came up, and never ran dry. Ever. When my AP (thanks to ramping up my max mana) overtook my AD, I upgraded to Lich Bane, and started working on a Frozen heart for survivability, maxing my CDR, and more mana.

Thing is, I can't think of many other heroes that pairing both Man and AA on would be effective, apart from Eve. Since her Q is on such a short CD, it's basically like having a second, faster auto-attack, making the damage sources quite evenly split (this also means, incidentally, that it's hard to build resistance items vs. you).

But it's a very *duh* combo. AA gives you mana on spell cast, lots of mana to start with, and more AP based on mana %. Man does the same thing, but for AD. They both buff eachother with max mana gain.