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worst, game, ever

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Morde, Talon (me) and Annie (Noob Annie "this is my first time playing her~<3" x.x) were taking on a team of Zyra (she nukes hard) Shaco (talk about bs half the time) and Jax (wanna be tank).

Practically, the whole game, me and Morde were carrying Annie in the game, and we all had around 13 kills. Morde and me 3 death while Annie had 12. We destroyed all their turrets except for one and both enhibitors... By that point, we had a several windows to kill them, but this one pissed me off the most.

We just scored and ace at their base, Morde has Jax as a ghost and no minions, and Jax had like 9 life bars on him. No minions, but with Jax and Morde having a shared total of around 2900 health, we could have taken the turret...


I tell him to kill the turret with us, his respawns?

"Oh, we got this, there is no way they can win~<3 Im going to start half-assing this game."

Game goes on, another several chances start slipping though our fingers because of Stupid Morde and Noob Annie. Then all of a sudden, Shaco starts hitting us for massive damage because he has mandreds, and Zyra is nuking us for **** load of damage, and in team fights they were kicking out asses with their nukes (all except for Jax, who only survived because Zyra and Shaco saved his butt half the time).

Morde and Annie start going "wtf" as the game has no lasted for about 60 minutes. Here is how the last few minutes go about after the last ace of the game.

Morde (the Jack who cost us the game): "Don't sweat this, we stll have 4 turrets, and enhibitor, and they only have 1 turret and a nexas left, we got this."

Talon (me): Better check those numbers again, we're aced and they are ganna kill our turret....

Morde: "So they get one turret, whats the big deal?"

Annie: "Why is Zyra doing a load of damage?"

Morde: "Because she is built, and you aren't.... where are your items? those items suck for Annie?"


Me: "An ace does that... shoulda finished the game when I told you too... thanks for the loss pal..."

they win, gg us, and THEY THEMSELVES ASK, all three of them, and I quote

"you should have one that game, why didn't you attack us when you had Morde, Jax Ghost, and 2 allies while we were aced?"

Morde ended up costing the game because he wanted to see them squirm.....

why do I always get stuck with ********s like that in LoL games? expecially on 3 on 3?

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thx for keeping us up to date

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Angela Anderson

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To further drive the point home: no one really wants to read this. We all encourage you not to post these kinds of things. Try posting something more appropriate to the forum next time, or not posting at all.