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kassadin - few questions

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Junior Member


Hi LoL community

i've been playing kassadin for sometime now, and was wondering about few things:

1. my 3 opening items are: sapphire crystal and 2 health pots
then my 3 main targets are
catalist -> RoA
and the strive to DFG/archangel/void staff/zhonya
and defence item if needed banshee or frozen heart

is it good choice of items?
got other recommendations to max damage at the beginning and to get better results?

2. secodnly - RUNES.
having hard times with those... i read lots of combos with those: HP/movment speed/Mpen

at the momment i am using :
Marks - Magic penetration
Glyphs - plain AP
seals - plain AP
quin - Magic penetration

is it good choice of runes?
or can someone tell me if there are other runes who could boost me better
than those i've chose?

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Deaths Envoy

Senior Member


personally, i like to run with Magic regen/level seals because it helps out kassadins early game alot, for glyphs i like to go with flat magic resist (magic resist/level is good as well) but i know alot of people like to get cooldown for their blues. As for quintessence i like to go with flat HP so kassadin isn't very squishy until the catalyst is built.

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I'd go either mejai's or RoA. I'd rush mejais if i were getting it. having it by level 6 when you can really start racking up kills is crucial. and if you do that... it will be too late for roa.

as for runes i like:
Mag Pen Reds
Mp gen Yellows
CDR Blues
HP Quints