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Not really strategy, I guess(about WW)

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Sir Cowdog

Senior Member


There was a thread in general yesterday(before the patch/downtime spam) about how to play WW better. Some people giving advice about what order and what level to take down the creeps, golem, and lizard.

Just wanted to come in here and give props to them, although I don't remember the names and can't find the post now. I followed the order of kills they listed, took down golem at level 2, followed by lizard. Because of this I was able to buy up some early items and gank out of the jungle like a madman.

Had the best game with WW I've ever had. 8 kills(with a double in there), no deaths, 3 assists. Enemy team surrendered right at the 25 minute mark. Final score was 15 to 1, 4 enemy towers down, none lost on my side. 3 game winning streak so far.

Moral of the story: Wraiths(smite the big one) -> wolves -> golem -> lizard ->????? -> Win!

Never had a piece of advice give such a dramatic increase in effectiveness before. Had to say something. Peace, and GG!