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Zyra Jungle Guide

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READ NEXT POST. The link is the nicer guide with their guide editor, but below text copy.

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Hello, I am Darkintegral. I have been on League of Legends since 2009. This guide is to help you play Zyra as a jungle.

*DISCLAIMER: There is intentional bad humor EVERY chapter.

Zyra is a strong control caster champion and a good jungle. Zyra has many advantages:

-able to conserve hp while jungling by letting plants tank
-strong in team fight through crowd controls, plant turrets, and area of effect damage
-dragon and baron fall quickly to multiple plant turrets
-scales well into late game as a high damage ability power control champion
-classic skin is somewhat camouflage and blends her in naturally

-slightly slower jungle clear early on due to reaggroing, but very fast clears later
-reliant on blue for early clear
-you look extremely attractive*

How to jungle:

I will leave the rune, mastery, skills for later. Lets go straight to the good part.

Essential concept:
If Zyra triggers a camp and leaves the aggro radius while a plant is actively attacking, the monsters will switch to the plant.

Know that, lets get into more in depth:

How to clear camps in general:

Step 1: Plant seed in camp, as outside as possible. Stand far away as possible.
Step 2: Nuke camp and seed to bloom it.
Step 3: Kite away to reset range until switches to the plant
Step 4: Move back into the monster's attack range*
Step 5. Repeat if necessary
Step 6. If you meet Lee Sin, give him $20 and he will leave quietly

*Do not let them reset. Make sure when the plant dies, either Zyra or another plant is the camps "leash" area AND attacking the monster, or the camp will reset.

*ONLY nuke when you have a seed to transform. Disregard this tip when you are more geared.

*You will need atleast 2 seed per camp early on.

*Cover lanes while your ally is in the fountain. It is a GREAT experience boost and lets camps re spawn.

*If you have Maokai on your team, you two can have a seed party

Specific Early Game Strategies

Two optimal start place to jungle.

Wolfs first (optional): Fastest experience, but you will require team mates to help soften them. Otherwise you have too little hp and mana to kill blue golem.


1. Blue Golem first (default): provides mana and faster cooldowns for a spell dependent jungler, and unlocks the use of seed immediately after its death (instant level 2). Let the nuke kill the minions (3 nukes will kill them), auto attack the golem.

2. Wolf camp and Wraith camp: After the first plant tank dies, let Zyra tank and rest and use the second camp for dps only. Do not bother re-aggroing, waste of time. Kill the smaller guys first.

3. Red camp: Use the first plant to tank and kill of the two little minions first. Than by the second plant tank it should die with smite.

4. Twin golems: Try to have another plant up attack before the first dies and just let the tanks plant.

5. Wraith camp again: You should be level 4 and gotten the root spell.

6. Buy boots and go gank.

7. Listening to One Direction greatly increase the success rate of ganks

Other tips for later game:

-Philosopher stone and cool down boots are highly recommended for sustain and seed availability when switching camps

-Try and get a plant out before the previous dies, monsters will switch to the second

-As you become stronger through faster cool downs and damage, you will find more efficient spell combos to deal with camp;, such a root to delay their reaggro, double plants, or less spells required

-Try 4 plant ultimate on dragon and Baron, its hideously awesome

-Warwick is allergic to flowers and women. Hug him.

Early Game
General tips-

I highly recommend you reach level 4 and get boots before ganking (around the 4 minute mark).

-if ganking through boot or top lane, sneaking bush in the lanes it self its the most reliable spot (its the least likely warded)

-open with root; it ensures your primary nuke will hit

-memorize this combo: seed, grasp, seed; its the fastest double damage plant opener

-70% of the time, enemies will not move near you when you are hiding in a bush; you will have to run up and surprise them and land a skill shot root (hard)

-if you heavily damage the enemy champion, this puts your ally lane in a great position, and ultimately you did your job

-it is OK to leech lane exp if you are legitimately staking out a gank; it tends to provide decent experience

-Every Poison Ivy will lose to her Batman

End Game
End game is very fluid and dynamic, and extremely varies on the situation, so I have little to say and such a broad aspect.

You should have 40% cooldown reduction, 500+ ap, and the void staff to be a major threat in fights.

Stay back, nuke and root. You are an AP champion. You disrupt and blow up life bars.

Stay away from herbicides, fires, and large herbivores (especially cows).


Red: magic penetration offers the highest damage
Yellow: mana regeneration per level provides resource sustain through out the game
Blue: magic resist per level dampens burst magic damage
Quintessence: move speed, essential for chasing and kiting
Green: intellect


Smite is essential for overcoming tougher monsters in the jungle early game, as well as securing baron and dragon last hits late.

Exhaust is useful for setting up combos and disabling targets.

Ignite is useful for solo que and securing kills.

Mirror Image is useful for creating distractions.

Spell Tips
General tips:

Gives your opponents less reaction time.
Prevents accidental step-on, killing the seed.

-general opener: cast root, wait for root cast seed, cast deadly bloom, cast seed, ultimate (for the kill);

-never forget your passive, it will likely land at least one killing blow every game

-targets chasing you are predictable and thus very easy to root

-since Zyra can store 2 seeds, but have 4 active, 2 should be left in strategic areas, and 2 for combat

-plants attack up 8 times normally, and 12 times if haste by ultimate

-plants do no shoot towers

-herbicide is dangerous to her pets

Skill Order
-as your highest source of damage, deadly bloom is max first
-getting 2 points in rampant growth ensures you will have a seed by the next camp
-max grasping roots next as a source burst damage and longer roots
-get ultimate when available
-one plus two is three

Item Build
Explanation of item rationale in the order they are purchased:

-Cloth armor and 5 potions a necessary opener, you will need to tank camps early game to some degree.
-Philosopher's stone greatly enhances health and mana sustain, as well as provide extra gold
-Cool down boots help ensure there is a plant available between camps, as well allowing Zyra to spam abilities. It should be replace with magic penetation or +3 move speed boots when you reach max level passive
-Athene's Unholy Grail provides near unlimited mana, 90 ability power, and brings you close to 40% cool down cap with mastery and passive
-Death cap is the strongest ability power enhancer in the game, must have
-Void staff spell penetration ensure your spells deal decent damage regardless of their magic resist.
-Rylai's provide ALL your spells with slows, as well as a large health bonus
-Lichbane is synergistic with Zyra's fast casting speed
-Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, is for strength character's only

Final comment
Remember what "having fun" is always.

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Senior Member


Thanks for teh guide. It is kind of exciting to see a ranged mage that is a decent jungler. Other than Fiddlesticks (who really does kind of suck), there's not a whole lot of ranged champs that jungle.

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A Blank Infinity




-Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, is for strength character's only

I thought it was a hunter weapon?