Ranked Queue banning phase freezes for me

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  • I got into a ranked queue with a friend (we were on Skype) and proceeded to pick the bans
  • I was top of the queue, so once I picked my first ban the client showed that the enemy teams ban picker had timed out. The weird part is he never got picked a random, it just stayed saying it was their turn to pick,
  • After a while everyone in the chat (& my friend on Skype) was asking if i was a troll for letting our ban go to random select. On my screen it still said we were waiting for the enemy team to pick his ban. :S
  • My friend was then telling me over Skype that my first pick had also been picked randomly. It was as though my client was froze, but at the same time wasn't because i could still read all the chat.
  • I then wrote in the chat what was happening, apologised and tried to exit out of my client.
  • Upon trying to exit, the client said an error had occurred and when i tried to click send to riot the client just froze.
  • Once i finally got the client back open it told me that i had a 34 minute ban penalty for leaving during champion selection (which technically i did, but I obviously had no choice).
  • I am now too scared to attempt to queue for ranked again, in case this problem arises again.

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I'v had had a very similar problem to yours since season 3 began. I'v sent in a request for help to riot asking for help. The only advice the support team could give me was to a complete re install by uninstalling league of legends, pando media booster, and adobe flash player, and then finally re installing league of legends.I suggest trying it for yourself. For me, it seemed to have fixed it for a day, but the problems came back. I'v tried asking for more help from riot support, but I have yet get another response. Don't worry your not the only one with this problem, I'm hoping riot will come through and solve this error, or at least recognize when the client crashes and doesn't charge us time or league points for their client problems.

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This is happening to me now, did anyone ever figure out what's going on?