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WWT Furious tournament! Details inside!

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Hello everyone, we are back from the dead!

We have another tournament coming up at the end of next month, on Saturday, August 25th 8:00 AM PST. There will be a maximum of 16 teams, it will be double elimination as well as all rounds being a best of 3 match-up. We will try to have as many of the games as we can streamed, so if you don't have time to play then come watch! We're hoping to have some giveaways on stream, more info later!

There will be a $15 per player entry fee as well as a $5 per substitute with a maximum of 5 players and 2 sub's per team.

The tournament details are as follows:

Tournament begins Aug 25th, 8:00 AM PST
Rounds are best of 3
Double elimination
16 Teams
1st : $200
2nd : $125
3rd : $75

These are the minimum amount of prizes we guarantee! If the tournament sign-ups fill up to max we'll be adding to the above! Come check back for roster or prize changes!

Brackets: http://www.challonge.com/wwtfurious

To sign-up:
Please make a post in our thread detailing how many players and substitutes you will have, as well as all of their in game names. Please make sure that when you signed up on our site you used an email address we can contact you at. Otherwise please post an active email on our site so we can get in contact with you.

WWT Furious Sign-up (http://wwtourneys.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=upcomingtourneys&action=display&thread=10)

Entry fee payments would preferably be sent by the team captain through paypal, to the paypal account [email]Talin11@hotmail.com[/email].
If you are in the Vancouver BC, or Moncton NB areas, give us a shout and we may be able to go with cash. See the contact info below if there's any issues.
If you're worried about our validity get a hold of us, we've got dozens of players that have won hundreds of dollars from us already that we are happy to use as references.


- All players must be level 30 on the North American server and be under 1500 ELO. If you are above 1500, please contact one of the admins listed below.
- Teams more than 15 minutes late will forfeit the match. Teams more than 30 minutes late will forfeit the round.
- No more than 5 players + 2 substitutes per team.
- Any disputes will be settled by a staff member.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be posted here in this thread, otherwise you can contact myself or FuriousJC through here, skype or the LoL client.

Skype : Fapotu
LoL IGN : IMG FuriousJC or Fapotu