Tryn, BotRK and Vlad all make the same noise.

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I'm not sure if any other champs make the same noise but its the sound that Tryn uses his rage bar to get health back. Its like a snarl in the distance that echoes for a bit. It bothers me knowing that the sound is reused 3 times and probably more.

For Tryn i felt the snarl like natur of the sound was perfect for a man like him but as i heard it on vlads Q it felt a bit weird and even worse when i noticed Blade of the Ruined King made the same noise.They sound really similar and i hope its not just me that hears it.

The issue i have with it is it kind of feels lazy and repetitive. Since i play alot of AD champs and Tryn it sort of pulls me out of the feel of the game.