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Ranked role selections

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I think as a counter to both leavers and trolls who cause people to want to leave, maybe summoner 1 should be able to choose roles that people can play? Similar to how an MMO like WoW would have a shield icon for a tank.. there could be icons for support, adc, mid, top, etc. I think it'd settle a lot of petty arguing and if someone wants to leave because summoner 1 did not choose the role they wanted, oh well, that's their wait time. Just an idea I guess.

(OR people could just sign up for the role before they join in the first place and it could match up the appropriate teams)

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The idea of picking a role you want to play could work, but you'd then have to work around if a disproportionate amount of people want to play ADC for example. If Riot was to give the Team Captain more power, they'd then need an appropriate rating system so the people who became team captains know what they're doing and have played a couple games before.

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except I don't want to have to play every game with

1 tanky dps top
1 AP solo mid
1 jungler
1 support
1 ADC bot

somtimes I want a kill lane in bot or I'd like to send a sivir mid to counter karthus.