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Warwick help on twisted treeline?

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John Cussack

Senior Member


hey, id like to consider myself a pretty good player, including with WW ( 18ish kills 4ish deaths X amount of assists, of course this is normal games since i just hit 30) but this is only on summoners rift, where i know my jungle order and have my entire early game planned out to the second

on twisted treeline im completely clueless with him, what am i supposed to do early game? do i still jungle (i sure hope so, god forbid a warwick lane) and if so where do i start and what order would you recommend?

im assuming my item build wouldn't change much right?

thanks in advance for any and all help

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Junior Member


I'd be inclined to start by going across the top of the jungle. You are less likely to be bothered there, as the middle jungle can get to be a high traffic area if ganks are on their way.

because the distances are so short, bping is less of an issue, so after doing top, BP, buy something then go to the mid jungle, get the first creep camp, then get lizard then go gank. Cross back, get the second mid creep camp, then try gank top?

On TT you naturally go cross lanes and encounter people in the jungle more often than in SR, so you just have to be a bit more flexible I think. But by the same token, the small distances make being flexible more of an option, so it all balances out.