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I love playing with newbs

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in low level games, you see such great things. Not low level PVP games, but in bots, because there are no low level players in PVPanymore.

Here are some of my favourite things to see that make me think awww little nooblet <3

Building no items
You know, walking into lane with nothing because they dont know how to buy.

Building individual items
Whats that? Annie with a recurve bow, 2 daggers and a pickaxe? fantastic. What about another annie with 3 mana crystals and 2 blasting wands? Its always annies who seem to do this, come to think of it

Building tank, first item
Master Yi, banshees veil, first item. Or Annie, again, with a frozen heart first item.

Vigourously enforcing whatever rules they believe are the right ones
because they read it on a guide somewhere
"no, you need to go top"
"no I'm mid, Im a mid champ"
I'm still not sure if these are smurfs or not.

Low level non-smurf summoners with expensive champs/skins
I know my first champ i bought after Ashe was Shyvana, and I started playing with the Riven patch, so maybe its not too strange to see a level 10~ playing Ezreal. But the skins are a little unnerving for someone so new to the game. I played with a PFE a couple weeks ago, CDR, manamune, and brutalizer. for all 10 games in their history.

but the best thing is...