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Another "Gripe about Latino Players Not Communicating" thread.

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Ibram Gaunt



The MissPwnage:

^ The broken sentense you hardly managed to form there was so broken that I didn't even bother to read twice. See how ignorant you are?? Going all jerky and what not over a post that had some sort of a " I hope I'm not offending you " all over it?? You Latino players are all pro at raging and that's it. Today some Spanish Teemo raged at me the whole game just because I had a skin for Katarina. Maybe you Latinos understand each other but we, the majority, don't. Riot HAS to do something about this I am also tired of all this JAJAJAJAJA HUEHUEHUEHUE LOLNUBs all over the place when I want to try and play a game, Ranked or Normal.

Yo, I'm not American or an English native as well.

I'm not Brazilian either, but since you jumped on that BR for his broken English, let me jump on yours too.

It's sentence. See how ignorant you are??

Really? You can't understand that guy's sentence? You say the man's ignorant even though he tries his best to communicate with you in a language that's not his own.
How well would you do, communicating in any other language?

Oh and by the way, your rant is incoherent and your English is quite broken too. Np though, let's just hate on random people.
They said "huehuehue"! No way they can possibly be trolling you, because of your blatantly ignorant raging bias, amirite?

Don't hate on people who speak more than one language, when you can't speak your own language, mmkay?

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Junior Member


I don’t get why this is a problem if you speak English then plz speak English in the game and if you don’t use the ping it’s their for a reason. So all the people that speaks any other language and not English just use the ping or don’t solo que and stay with a group of people that speaks your language.

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Krt Westok

Senior Member


I'm from SA and I understand your point. This is why I ask my premades to join me at Skype, so we don't have to write in spanish. Since they don't speak english very well, I'm used to answer by their name, like a translator. Even tho, some NA guys can't understand that and they answer with an aggresively way, like "Why the **** you can't speak properly english, are you moron or what, you idiot!" ... I guess everybody can be a jerk but none can point at you, right? ...

PS: I'm aware that my english isn't perfect, but at least is understandable.