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Need advice regarding defeating Darius

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Onime no Kyo

Junior Member


i found a perfect counter to darius


if its ad darius i suggest ad sion

-ad Sion will have lots of health due to you enrage passive if you last hit from beginning of the game
-Sion ult which gives him(level3) 75% attack speed and 100%life steal will make 1vs1 simple
-if he tries to run, use your stun finish him off
-your shield could be used to make sure those blood stacks don't kill you

if he goes tank darius
then go ap sion
shield+stun spam should either shut him down or feed you

this is what i do, works for me

kog mow also wrecks him

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Senior Member


I play Fiora top in TT quite often, and I don't have that much trouble with Darius. I usually use the tactic Zilly stated, and it usually works. If he's conserving his Q, however, then try to bait him out of it, trying to stay just out of range. The moment he uses it, jump on him. If everything else fails then just ban Darius next time. Also, I ALWAYS start cloth + 5 health potions, giving me excellent sustain and being able to trade hits with him as long as he doesn't have his Q up.

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Build Frozen mallet the HP pretty much is his ulti and your auto's beat his an you have a slow so he cant escape.

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Junior Member


try banning him -.-

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Mavrik V



The only champions that could counter Darius are LeeSin and Jax, because they are the only champions without any weakness to exploit. Darius has more damage than Jax 1-5, so the best you could pull off is an even lane (outside of jungle ganks). LeeSin could beat Darius in lane, but he won't, because any self-respecting LeeSin will be in the jungle. Udyr could probably pull off an even lane as well, but it won't be easy. The champions that specifcally have the chance to beat Darius are ones that have at least two of these three requirements:

- Ranged poke
- Self-sustain
- Hard CC/mitigation

Jax has 2 of those, Udyr has 2 of those, and LeeSin has 3 of those. I'm sure there are more viable champions, but keep in mind this is just the laning phase. Darius has power all game long, in both utility as well as damage output. So a champion like Nunu might beat Darius in lane, but then be destroyed by Darius after midgame regardless.