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Viktor Tips

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Jageun Yeou

Junior Member


So I've been playing Viktor and I enjoy him a lot. I do plenty of burst damage and I don't have any issue in 1v1 fights, but I've noticed that in teamfights I feel like my cooldowns are working against me. Not to mention being new to him still I don't always land a perfect E skill every time either.

I'm just looking for some tips/hints on team fight strategies, maybe item recommendations or a rotation of some sort. I'm still learning but I'm sticking with him and I'm doing better each game, so any experienced Viktor players want to send some help my way to speed up the process?

Thanks guys

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Senior Member


Drop your ult on a fight. Then drop W somewhere, hit E, and laugh. Your ult is scary. Viktor's a burst champion with all the CDs that implies, so you're done when you've put out your burst, at least until E comes off CD.

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And if you can trap the enemy (if they are losing) with a W to slow them and possibly stun them you can help your team pick up a lot of extra kills.

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vinco vici victu



Your W is a Aoe deny. Drop it to seperate the enemy team, or protect your own carry from being target.

Your W also have stacking slow, sometimes dropping w just to chase someone can be very effective, even if you can't land the stun.

Your W is an extremely effective tool to keep the enemy at bay. Allowing them to be constantly grasped by your E range.

Your E at casting range is a instant cast, making it much more easiler to land.

Your E reaches a max distance of 1700~1800 and gives you vision. Extremely useful as a scouting tool and objective stealing-dragon,buffs...

Your Q have a relative short range. If you are playing upagainst someone that outranges you, wait for them to use their main range spell before attacking q. Don't worry about minion argo, shield makes sure you win that trade.

Viktor have one of the best auto attack timer as a mage.And Q also resets your attack timer (Orianna is the best)- auto,Q,auto,

Your ult can be used as an interuption to many mage abilities. That 0.5 silence is extremely important when you are trying to burst down a single enemy.

Combine with Rylai, Your utility in a teamfight sky rockets. I dare to say it might even rival Anvia. However your ult has a very long cd.


If you know how to land your E properly. You can push and harass at the same time, or harass and not push.

Your core items should be : boots, Augment, Rylai.
Fizz and Kass technically suppose to counter you. The key to beating them is landing your W.